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L. W. Brisp chosen as temporary chairman, cal <br />for nominations of a <br />president and a secretary, <br />being balloted upon resulted in the election of L.iff, <br />Briggs, as president, and Harry H. Williamson$ as <br />secretary. <br />The Commission then proceeded, by drawing lots, to <br />designate one of their number, Mr. Harry H. Williamso <br />to retire at the close of the present calendar year, <br />two of their members +'Messrs L. W. Briggs and Eugene <br />Fenelon, to retire at the close of the second calen <br />dar year, and two of their members, Messrs H. C. <br />Sloan and J. P. Greeley, to retire at the close of <br />the third calendar next succeeding the date of these <br />'minutes.. <br />After discussion the following resolution was <br />adopted: <br />Whdreas: It is considered imperative that the advice <br />and council of the City Attorney and City Engineer <br />be available to the Commission at their regular meet- <br />ings, and <br />Whereas: If is extremely doubtful that the said attor <br />ey and engineer could attend said meetings at any <br />other times, <br />XCW, THMMFME BE IT B38CLVEDO that the regular meet - <br />ings of the Planning Commission of the City of Newpor <br />/ Beach, shall be held on the first Monday of each cal-' <br />endar month at 61oalock P. M., at the Newport Harbor r <br />Yacht Club, the intention being to hold discussion <br />during the dinner hour and hold a short business sees' <br />ion between the.close of the dinner hour and the con - <br />vening of the City Council at 7 :30 o•elock P. M. <br />The secretary was instructed to request the editor of <br />the Newport News to announce the 'date of regular meet' <br />ings, the name and address of the secretary and to - <br />request that all persons desiring to bring any pro -` <br />posal to the attention of the Planning Commission <br />should send such proposals in writing to the Secretary <br />Harry H. Williamson. <br />After further discussion the meeting adjourned to <br />June 7, 19260 at 6 :00 P. ti. <br />Harry, H. Williamson, <br />^_ -= Secretary. <br />