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Old Newport Boulevard West Coast Highway Modifications <br />Requesting Department: Public Works Category: Streets and Drainage <br />This project involves widening the westbound side of West Coast Highway at Old Newport Boulevard to accommodate a third through lane, <br />a right turn pocket and a bike lane. Old Newport Boulevard will also be realigned to maximize the right turn pocket storage length and <br />improve roadway geometrics. Additional right -of -way from Caltrans will be required. Staff submitted a funding application to OCTA under <br />the current Measure M2 call for projects. If successful, the City will be required to participate with a 25 percent funding match ($90,000) for <br />the design of this project. Plans and specifications will be prepared by a consultant. Construction will be performed by a private contractor. <br />Location: <br />Intersection of Old Newport Boulevard and West Coast Highway <br />FY 2012 -13 <br />Design /Environmental $360,000 <br />Right -of -Way, Land Acquisition $0 <br />Construction $0 <br />Other $0 <br />Design /Environmental $360,000 <br />FUNDING SOURCE <br />FUND NO. <br />PROJECT NO. <br />REBUDGET $ <br />BUDGET $ <br />General Fund <br />7013 <br />C2002060 <br />$0 <br />$90,000 <br />Measure M Competitive <br />7284 <br />C2002060 <br />$0 <br />$270,000 <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />$0 <br />TOTAL <br />$0 <br />$360,000 <br />PROJECT TOTAL 1 $360,000 <br />26 <br />