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ORDINANCE NO. 123. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OFI <br />NEWPORT BEACH AMENDING' <br />SECTION t OF ORDINANCE NO.i <br />89 OF SAID CITY, BEING AN OR -I <br />DINANCE FIXING THE COMPEN- <br />SATION AND TIME OF PAYMENT'. <br />OF THE RECORDER OF THEI <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />-u- <br />i The Board of Trustees of the City <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />Section 1. Section 1 of Ordinance <br />No. 89 of the City of Newport Beach <br />is hereby amended so as to read as <br />follows: <br />Section 1. The Recorder of the City <br />of Newport Beach shall receive as <br />compensation for all services perform - <br />ed by him as Recorder the sum of <br />$26.00 per month, the same shall be <br />paid monthly out of the salary fund I <br />of said city, and at the same time and <br />In the same manner as the salaries <br />of other officers of the City of New- <br />.port Beach are paid. <br />Section 2. That portion of any Or. <br />dinance of the City of Newport Beach <br />which shall provide a different salary <br />for the Recorder of the City of New. <br />port Beach than as provided for in <br />Section 1 of this Ordinance, or shall <br />provide differently as to the time and <br />manner of the payment thereof, Is <br />hereby repealed. <br />Section 3. This Ordinance shall <br />take effect and be in force thirty days <br />after its final passage and in the mean <br />time it shall be printed and published <br />once in the Newport News, a weekly <br />j newspaper, printed, published and <br />circulated in the City of Newport <br />Beach. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />No. 123 was passed at a regular meet - <br />(Ing of the Board of Trustees of the <br />City of Newport Beach at a regular <br />meeting thereof held on the let day of <br />May, 1916, and on said day approved <br />by the President of said Board of <br />Trustees, the same being passed by <br />the votes of the following named mem- <br />bers of said Board of Trustees: <br />Ayes — Trustees S. R. Jumper, Glen <br />Helms, G. P. Wilson, H. A. Robinson, <br />John C. McCain. <br />Noes —None. <br />Absent —None. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />No. 123 is approved by me this 1st <br />day of May, 1916. <br />S. R. JUMPER, <br />President of the Board of Trustees, <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Attest: C. M. CREGO, <br />Clerk of the City of Newport Beach. <br />I,C.zi•�rc Clerk of the City of I(iwport Beach,do hereby certify <br />that the forgoing ordinance is a true and correct copy of an ordinance <br />of the Citv of Newfiort Beach, numbered 123 and entiteled " Amending section <br />1 of ordinance 89 of said Cityq being an ordinance fixing the compensation <br />Find time of payment of the Recorder of the City" and that said ordinance <br />has been printed and published according tolaw. <br />Clerk of h® City of ewpor Beach, <br />