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ORDIN.1NCE 124 <br />An ordinance of the Cijry of Newport Beach establishing the office of <br />Manager of the Municipal Gas Distributing System,prescribing his duties <br />fixing the amount of bond and form thereof, the term of employment and <br />the compensation to be paid. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach, do ordain as follower <br />SECTIONI. <br />The office of manager of the Municipal Gas Distributing System is here- <br />by created in and fot the City of Newport Beach. <br />SECTION 2. <br />The Board of 'Trustees may appoint a competent person to fill the office <br />hereby created by Section 1, and the person so appointed shall dischargelt <br />the duties thereof during his incumbency. Any person appointed to said office <br />shall serve onl;; during the pleasure of the Board'of Trustees, and may at any <br />time by a vote of the majority of the members thereof be removed and thereupon <br />the employment and compensation of any person in said office shall immediately <br />cease. <br />SJ902 2f 3. <br />Any person appointed to fill said office so long as he shall discharge <br />the duties thereof shall receive a compensationfor his services the sum of <br />$80.00 per month payable monthly out of the Gas Distributing System Funds <br />and at the same time and in the same manneras other salaries of the City of <br />Newport Beach are paid. <br />SECTION 4. <br />Every person appointed to fill the office of Manager of the Municipal <br />Gas Distributing System of the City of Newport Beach shall, before such person <br />enters upon his duties thereof,execute to the City of Newport Beach a bond <br />-. to be approved by the Board of Trusteesof the City of Newport Beach with two <br />sufficent sureties in the penal sum of $500.00 conditional for the faithful <br />performance of his official duties as prescribed by this ordinance, together <br />wiyh such other duties as the Board of `rustees may from time to time by <br />resolution prescribe, and require of him to be performed, which bond shall be <br />filed with the Clerk. <br />SECTION 5. <br />It shall be the official duty of any person appointed to fill the said <br />office, so long as such person shall remain in said office, to *ake charge of <br />manage and control all clerical work appertaining to the gas distributing <br />system of the City of Newport Beach; he shall open and neatly and correctly <br />keep a complete set and system of books, showin)z all receipts and expenditures <br />in the acquisition and constuction of said system, andin the maintenance, use <br />and operation thereof. He shall make out all statements of gas used by consumers <br />collect all money belonging to the pity of Newport Beach, by virture of the use <br />and operation of said system, and shall deposit the same as often as once each <br />week with the 'Treasurer of the Uity of Newport Beach and shall demand and re- <br />ceive from the Treasurer duplicate receipt for all money„osited, signed <br />by the 'Treasurer, one of which he shall retain, and immediately file the other <br />with the clerk of the City of Newnort Beach. N o payments to the Treasurer or <br />settlement with him shall be deemed complete untilone of said duplicate= re- <br />receipts shallbe filed with said Clerk. <br />The said person shall also take charge of the said gas distributing <br />system including the installation, maintenance, repairs, and operation of all <br />apparatus and appliances owned by the City of luewport Beach for receiving gas <br />and supplying and furnishing the same to consumers, and the registration of <br />the quanity of gas used, and shall at all times be responsible for the prompt, <br />efficient and economiccal management and operation of said gas distributing <br />system. <br />The Said person shall personally investigate all maters of complaint <br />sKtd:xgasxt±Xtxa in"Xz:k>a4xrwkxaka1i made to him in writing concerning said <br />gas distributing system, and shall promptly rectify anjr just cause of complaint <br />and shall further investigate, pass upon, and approved or disapprovelt each and <br />every claim madeupon the City of Newport Beach concerning said gas distribu- <br />ting system including all demands for gas furnished or for material or labor <br />used and employed therein or otherwise. <br />The said person shall, prior to the hour of meeting of the Board of <br />Trustees of the City of 1Jewport Beach on the first ;,Ionday of each month, make up <br />and sign a full and detailed report concerning said gas distributing system for <br />the preceding month, which report shallset forth and show all moneys received <br />by him, and the general source thereof, the date of each settlement withthe <br />Treasurer, and the amount deposited, the total amount of a:as received, the <br />total amount consumed, the total amount of mono,. paid outfor gas, the total <br />amount of money received for gas consumed, the amount of money due the City of <br />Newport Beach for gas consumed, the names of consumers who are delinquent more <br />than thirty days in the payment for gas consumed and furnished, the amount of <br />money expended or for which. the City of Necmort leach has become obligated, and <br />a statement showing for what said money was expended or for what the said City h <br />has become obligated. The said person shall also immediately prepare and at all <br />times keep revised up to date a full. true and correct inventory of all proper - <br />