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r <br />I <br />Y <br />a <br />a <br />_ <br />- <br />Section 1. It having been deter- <br />- -- <br />Section 5. The Board oP Trahtess <br />ORDINANCE NO. 725. <br />mined and declared by Resolution No. <br />oP the City Of Newport Beach hereby, <br />5S of the City of Newport Beach, <br />passed, adopted and approved by the <br />orders the submission of the propo- <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />vote of more than two - thirds of all <br />Isition of incurring a bonded indebted - <br />NEWPORT BEACH, A MUNICI -; <br />tho members of the legislative branch <br />ness in the sum of $125,000.00 for the <br />PAL CORPORATION OF THE <br />of said City, to -wit: the Board of Trus- <br />Purposes set forth in said Resolution <br />SIXTH CLASS, INCORPORATED <br />tees thereof, that the public interest <br />JNo. 58, and In this Ordinance herein- <br />UNDER THE LAWS OF THE <br />and also the public necessity demands <br />before mentioned and described, be- <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, ORDER- <br />the acquisition and construction <br />'ing the acquisition and construction <br />Hof <br />ING THE SUBMISSION TO THE <br />u. <br />the City of Newport Beach of a mu- <br />said municipal Improvement, to- <br />QUALIFIED VOTERS OF THE, <br />nicipal Improvement, to -wit: a jetty <br />wit: said Jett y, to the qualified voters <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH THE I <br />of the Cit Y of Newport Beach, and for <br />composed of stone and of adequate <br />PROPOSITION OF INCURRING A <br />dimensions, extending from the shore <br />that purpose an election Is hereby. <br />BONDED DEBT FOR THE PUR- <br />of the Pacific Ocean at a point on or <br />called to be held at and within the <br />POSE OF THE ACQUISITION AND <br />near the Westerly shore of the en. <br />City Of Newport Beach on Monday, <br />CONSTRUCTION IN THE CITY OF <br />trance of Newport Bay into the wa- <br />the 25th day of September, 1916, <br />NEWPORT BEACH OF A MU- <br />ters of the Pacific Ocean, approximate- <br />which day Is hereby fixed as the date <br />NICIPAL IMPROVEMENT, AS <br />y two thousand feet, and the <br />on which said election shall be held; <br />SET FORTH IN RESOLUTION <br />acquisition of all necessary real prop - <br />necessary <br />the said election shall be a special <br />P <br />NO. 58 OF SAID CITY, TO -WIT: <br />ert upon which to construct and <br />election and shall be held separate <br />A JETTY COMPOSED OF STONE <br />mai ntain said Jetty, In order to <br />from all other elections and at said <br />AND OF ADEQUATE DIMEN- <br />the objects, and <br />special election no other question than <br />SIONS, AND ALSO THE ACQUI- <br />carry out purposes <br />powers of the City of Newport Beach, <br />the incurring of said indebtedness for <br />SITION OF THE NECESSARY <br />the cost of which municipal Improve - <br />Bald purposes shall be submitte d. <br />REAL PROPERTY UPON WHICH!, <br />ment will be too great to be paid out <br />Section 6. At the special election <br />TO CONSTRUCT AND MAINTAIN I <br />of the ordinary, annual income and <br />called to be held and provided for by <br />SAID JETTY, AND CALLING A. <br />revenue of the City of Newport <br />Section 5 of this Ordinance, there <br />SPECIAL ELECTION FOR THAT <br />Beach: <br />shall be and is hereby submitted to <br />PURPOSE; RECITING THE OB- <br />It is hereby determined that the <br />the qualified voters of the City of <br />JECTS AND PURPOSES FOR! <br />Board of Trustees of the City of New- <br />Newport Beach the proposition of in- <br />WHICH THE INDEBTEDNESS IS <br />port Beach propose to Incur a bonded <br />curring a bonded debt by the City of <br />PROPOSED TO BE INCURRED,! <br />debt to pay the cost of said municipal <br />Newport Beach In the sum of $125, - <br />THE ESTIMATED COST OF THE <br />improvement, to -wit: said jetty, and <br />'000.00, with which to pay the cost of <br />PROPOSED PUBLIC IMPROVE- <br />the necessary real property upon <br />the acquisition and construction of <br />MENT, THE AMOUNT OF THEj <br />which to construct and maintain the <br />the hereinbefore mentioned and de- <br />PRINCIPAL OF THE INDEBTED-1 <br />same, and to issue and sell bonds of <br />scribed municipal improvement, to- <br />NESS TO BE INCURRED THERE - <br />the City of Newport Beach to pay the <br />wit: Bald Jetty, the said municipal <br />FOR, AND THE RATE OF INTER• <br />cost of the acquisition and construc- <br />Improvement being necessary and <br />EST TO BE PAID ON SAID IN-1 <br />tlon thereof. <br />convenient to carry out the objects, <br />DEBTEDNESS; FIXING THEI <br />It is further declared that the use <br />Purposes and powers of the City of <br />DATE ON WHICH SUCH SPEC-1 <br />of the word "Jetty" hereinafter In <br />Newport Beach. <br />IAL ELECTION WILL BE HELD, <br />this Ordinance shall mean and shall <br />Section 7. The manner of holding <br />THE MANNER OF HOLDINGI <br />- <br />be to <br />,such election and the voting for or <br />SUCH ELECTION AND THE VOT- <br />construed mean the said mu -' <br />nicipal Improvement and the whole! <br />against incurring said indebtedness <br />ING FOR OR AGAINST INCUR -! <br />thereof, Including the <br />;shall be as follows: The proposition <br />RING SUCH INDEBTEDNESS, <br />necessary real <br />upon which to construct and; <br />of Incurring a bonded debt and Iseu- <br />AND <br />AND PROVIDING THAT IN ALL <br />,Property <br />maintain said Jetty; all as set forth j <br />the bonds of the City of Newport <br />PARTICULARS NOT RECITED IN <br />and defined In said Resolution No. 58' Beach <br />for the acquisition and con - <br />THIS ORDINANCE, SUCH ELEC- <br />and as described in this Section of <br />struction of said municipal improve - <br />TION SHALL BE HELD AS PRO- <br />this Ordinance. <br />I <br />went, to-wit: said Jetty, in the sum of <br />VIDED BY LAW FOR HOLDING <br />Section 2. The objects <br />;$125,000.00, shall be submitted to the <br />MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS IN THE <br />and pur- <br />for <br />qualified voters of the City of New. <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />poses which theIndebtedness Is <br />proposed to be incurred is to pay the <br />(Port Beach, by printed ballot, and the <br />cost of the acquisition and construc- <br />ballots used at said special election,! <br />! <br />Whereas, on the 14th day of August, <br />tion of said municipal Improvement, <br />except as otherwise provided for In <br />1516, at a regular meeting of the legls- <br />In the City of Newport Beach, to -wit: <br />this Ordinance, shall be prepared, <br />lative branch of the City of Newport <br />said jetty, for the purpose of straight- <br />Printed, furnished and distributed as <br />Beach, to -wit: the Board of Trustees <br />ening and deepening the channel of I <br />Provided by law for preparing, print- <br />c.P said City, by a vote of more than <br />Newport Bay at the entrance thereof, j <br />Ing, furnishing and distributing ballots <br />two- thirds of all the members of said <br />and to protect the said entrance from; <br />at municipal elections in the City of <br />Board of Trustees, there was passed, <br />the waves, currents and tides of the! <br />Newport Beach; each ballot shall <br />adopted and approved Resolution No. <br />Pacific Ocean, In order to render and i <br />have printed on the back thereof, the <br />58 of said City, being a Resolution de- <br />make the entrance of the said New-! <br />words: <br />termining and declaring that the pub- <br />!port Bay safe, adequate and navigable <br />Municipal Ticket Bond Election <br />lic Interest and also the public neces- <br />!for the purposes of marine <br />City of Newport Beach <br />sity demands the acquisition and con- <br />commerce) <br />and travel, the said Newport Bay be- <br />and on the top of the face of the ballot <br />struction of a municipal improvement <br />Ing a navigable arm of the Pacific <br />the following instructions to voters <br />in the City of Newport Beach, to -wit: <br />Ocean, located partly within and con- <br />shall be printed: <br />a jetty composed of stone and of ade - <br />tiguous to the City of Newport Beach. <br />Instructions to. Voters: <br />quate dimensions extending from the <br />Section 3. The cost of the acqui- <br />To vote in favor of the proposition <br />shore of the Pacific Ocean at a point <br />sltlon and construction of said mu- <br />stamp a cross (X) In the voting. <br />on or near the Westerly shore of the <br />nicipal improvement, to -wit: said <br />square at the right of the word "Yes" <br />entrance to Newport Bay into the wa- <br />Jetty, is estimated to be $125,000.00, <br />following the proposition to be voted <br />ters of the Pacific Ocean, a distance of <br />and the amount of the principal of the <br />upon. To vote against the proposition <br />approximately two thousand (2000) ; <br />Indebtedness to be Incurred therefor <br />I stamp a cross (X) In the voting square <br />feet, and including the necessary real <br />is the sum of $125,000.00, which sum <br />,at the right of the word "No" follow - <br />property upon which to construct and <br />Is and will be too great to be paid out <br />ling the proposition to be voted upon. <br />maintain said jetty- <br />of the ordinary annual Income and <br />All marks, except the crass (X), are. <br />Iforbidden. <br />The said municipal Improvement <br />revenue of the City of Newport <br />All distinguishing marks' <br />being necessary and convenient in or- <br />Beach. <br />;or erasures are forbidden and make] <br />der to carry out the objects, purposes <br />Section 4. The rate of interest to <br />the baliot void. If you wrongly stamp,; <br />and powers of the City of Newport <br />be Paid on the said principal of the <br />tear, or deface this ballot return It to <br />Beach, the cost of which municipal <br />indebtedness of $125,000.00, which It <br />the Inspector of Election and obtain <br />:. mprovement will be too great to be <br />is proposed to be incurred, is hereby <br />another. <br />paid out of the ordinary annual In- <br />fixed at five (5) per cent per annum, <br />There shall be further printed on <br />come and revenue of the City of New- <br />and the said interest at said rate <br />the Pace of each of said ballots the Pol -I <br />port Beach. <br />shall be paid semi - annually. <br />lowing: <br />Now, therefore, at this, a subse- <br />Proposition <br />quent meeting of said Board of Trus - <br />Yes <br />tees of the City of Newport Beach,' <br />Jetty Bonds $125,000.00 <br />after the passage, adoption and ap -. <br />No <br />proval of said Resolution No. 58: <br />i Section 8. For the purpose of said <br />The Board of Trustees of the City <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol. <br />_.. <br />