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ORDINANCE NO. 128. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH AMENDING <br />SECTIONS 16- 21- 22- 25- 2£- 28 -29 -30 OF <br />ORDINANCE NO. 15 OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, BEING AN <br />ORDINANCE PROVIDING A SYS- <br />TEM FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF <br />THE PROPERTY WITHIN SUCH <br />CITY, AND FOR THE LEVY AND <br />COLLECTION OF TAXES UPON <br />THE SAME FOR THE USE AND <br />BENEFIT THEREOF. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol. <br />tows: <br />1 Section 1. Section sixteen (16) of <br />Ordinance No. 15 of the City of New. <br />port Beach is hereby amended so as <br />to read as follows: <br />Section 16. As soon as it is com- <br />pleted the assessment book, together <br />with the map book and statements, <br />shall be delivered to the Clerk of the' <br />City of Newport Beach, who shall im- <br />mediately give notice thereof. and of <br />the time and place where and when <br />the Board of Trustees will meet as a <br />Board of Equalization to equalize the <br />assessment. by publication of said no -' <br />tice thereof in a newspaper of general <br />;circulation, published and circulated <br />{ in the City of Newport Beach, by one i <br />(1) publication. <br />In the mean time the assessment <br />book small remain on file in the office <br />of the Clerk for the information of <br />)all persons interested therein. Prop- <br />erty which has been once described in <br />the assessment book need not be again <br />described, but any person desiring <br />property situated in the City of New- <br />port Beach to be assessed to such <br />I person may have his name inserted <br />with that of the person to wham such. <br />property has been assessed. <br />Section 2. Section twenty -one (21) <br />of Ordinance No. 15 of the City of <br />Newport Beach is hereby amended so <br />as to read as follows: <br />Section 21. The Clerk of the City <br />of Newport Beach shall be Clerk of <br />the Board of Equalization, and shall <br />record in a book Rept for that purpose <br />all complaints. corrections, modifi. <br />cations, changes and orders made by <br />Ithe Board, and. during its sessions, of <br />as soon as possible after its adjourn -I <br />jment, he shall enter upon the assess - <br />ment roll all corrections, modifications,' <br />changes, and orders made by the <br />Board, and on or before the first Mon <br />lday of September in each year lie shall <br />deliver the assessment roll so correct- <br />ed to the Board of Trustees and ac -, <br />{ company the same with an affidavit <br />i thereto annexed subscribed by him <br />substantially as follows: "I, <br />. do hereby swear that as <br />Clerk of the Board of Trustees of the <br />t <br />City of Newport Beach, sitting as a <br />Board of Equalization, I have kept <br />correct minutes of all the acts of the <br />Board touching alterations in the as. <br />sessment bock; that all alterations <br />agreed to or directed to be made have <br />been made and entered in the book <br />and that no changes or alterations <br />have been made therein except those <br />The Board of Trustees on the first <br />Monday of September in each year <br />shall, by a resolution passed and <br />adopted by them, fix the rate per <br />contain and levy the same as a tax <br />upon all taxable property within the <br />City of Newport Beach for municipal <br />purposes to carry oil the various de -' <br />(d) That all taxes are, payable to <br />of the City of Newport <br />the Tax Collector of the City of -New' -� <br />�part.ments <br />B each for the current year. designat- <br />port Beach at his office in the Cifv <br />�ing the number of cents on each one <br />Hall In said City, and that tine office <br />dollars of property levied for <br />of the Tax Collector tvi❑ he open be- <br />;hundred <br />each fund, but, such levy or rate shall <br />tween the hours of three P. Al . and <br />not exceed in the aggregate the limit r <br />six P. M. of each business day for <br />lallowed by law; provided, no tax shall 1. <br />the purpose of receiving payment <br />Ibe levied upon or collected from prop -1 <br />,thereof. <br />,erty exempt from taxation or which) <br />Section 4. Section t¢romty- -five (25) <br />!is not taxable for municipal purposes.. <br />of Ordinance No. 15 of the City of , <br />At the same time and in the smue <br />;Newport Ideacll 18 hereby allended so <br />manner of fixing the general tax levy- <br />.,,s to read as follows: <br />the Board of Trustees shall levy and <br />Section 25. On file first Monday in <br />annually collect, until all bonded in. <br />I <br />Docmnber of each Scar at six O'clock <br />debteduess of the City of Newport <br />P. M. of that day 211 taxes on Pei so al j <br />rBeach is paid, or until there shall be <br />1 preperl3- not previously paid Slid one. <br />a sump in the treasure of said City set <br />I <br />half Wall taxes on the real property <br />)apart for that purpose to meet all <br />then unpaid, shall be delinquent and <br />sums coming due far principal and <br />I the Tax Collector shall then add as a <br />interest on any unpaid bonds, a tax <br />. ,malt;. ten net cent. -ef the amount of 1 <br />;sufficient to Pay the annual interest <br />the delimment tax, and thereafter col- <br />on all unpaid bonds and also such part <br />E <br />lect the same for tine use of tine City <br />of the principal thereof as shall be. <br />of Newport Beach. And if said tax <br />come due before the time for fixing <br />!and penalty be not paid prior to six, <br />'the next general tax levy. The taxesi <br />o'clock P. M. of the last Monday of <br />i <br />herein required to be levied and cal -I <br />(April next thereafter he shall add as <br />i <br />lected for the payment of interest and l <br />Is further penalty an additional five <br />principal of bonded indebtedness shall! <br />;I per Cent. (5'/a) of the amount of the <br />be in addition to all other taxes levied <br />- — -- - -- <br />for municipal purposes, and shall be <br />delinquent tax; the remaining one -� <br />collected at the. same time, in the <br />half of all taxes on real property shall'`` <br />1 <br />same manner, as other municipal taxes <br />` be delinquent on the last Monday of <br />are collected. and be used far no other ` <br />April in each year at six o'clock P. M.! <br />purpose than the payment of bands I <br />of that day, and if not paid the Tax <br />and accruing interest <br />Collector shall add as a penalty ten�'1 <br />Section 3. Section twenty -two (22) <br />per cent. (10%) of the amount there- <br />. of Ordinance No 15 of the City' of <br />of and thereafter collect the same for <br />Newport Beach is hereby amended so <br />-the use of tine City of Newport Beach. <br />r <br />' as to read as follows: I <br />Section 5. Section twenty-six <br />Y- (26) <br />Section 22. On or before the sea <br />- of Ordinance No. 15 of the City of{{ <br />and Monday of September in each <br />Newport Beach is hereby amended so <br />� <br />!year. the Clerk shall deliver- to the <br />as to read as follows: <br />r Marshal. as ex-officio Tax Collector; <br />Section 26. On the first Monday in <br />,and the are of the words "Tax Cap <br />Ordinance <br />June of each year the Tax Collector` <br />shall deliver in the Board of Trustees, <br />I, <br />1 lector" hereinafter in this <br />I shall mean and be construed as mean- <br />by filing the same with tine Clerk of <br />ing the Marshal of the City of New -I <br />the City of Newport Beach, a complete l <br />port Beach in such ex-officio capacity.' <br />delinquent list of all persons and <br />the assessment book and charge the <br />property then owing taxes and at the <br />Tax Collector with the amount of taxes <br />same time shall return tine assessment <br />I <br />due as shown thereon, and take his re- <br />roll. In tine list so delivered shall be <br />ceipt therefor; the Tax Collector shall <br />'set dotn in numerical and alphabet, <br />thereupon Publish a notice once a week <br />cal order all matters and things can - <br />for two (2) successive weeks in a <br />stained in the assessment book and re -' <br />newspaper of general circulation, <br />latng to delinquent persons and <br />printed and published in the City of <br />property. 1 ' <br />Newport Beach, the first publication of <br />Section 6. Section twenty -eight (28) <br />which notice shall be within tell (10) <br />of Ordinance No. 15 of the City of <br />days after the second Monday in <br />Newport Beach is hereby linendcd so, <br />September and which notice shall <br />as to read as follows: <br />'specify�in substance: <br />Section 23. After the settlement <br />(a) That the taxes on all personal <br />prescribed in the preceding section, <br />property secured by real property and <br />to -wit, Section 27 of Ordinance No. <br />, <br />15, has been made, the Board of Trus -, <br />• one-half of the taxes on all real prop. <br />1 <br />erty will be due an8 payable from and <br />tees shall direct the Clerk to charge. <br />after the date of the first publication <br />the Tax Collector with the amount of {, <br />of said notice, and will be delinquent <br />taxes due on the delinquent list with,:: <br />1 <br />on lire first Monday in December next <br />the Penalties added thereto. together. <br />thereafter at six o'clock P. M. of that <br />With the sum of fifty cents (.60) on; ' <br />and unless paid prior thereto ten <br />each lot, piece or tract of land sepa- <br />,day, <br />per cent. (10 %) of the annount of said <br />rattly assessed, and on each assess. <br />i <br />unpaid tax will be added to the <br />ment of personal property so dean- <br />amount thereof as a penalty, and if <br />quent, and forthwith deliver said listr <br />said one -half be not paid-prior to the <br />to the Tax Collector. <br />hour of six o'clock P. M. of the last <br />Section 7. Section twenty -nine (29) : <br />Monday of Aprih next thereafter all <br />of Ordinance No. 15 of the City off <br />additional five per cent. (5%.) of the <br />Newport Beach is hereby amended so <br />amount thereof will be added as it <br />as to read as follows: <br />'further Penalty. 9 <br />Section 29. On or before the see-, <br />l-(b) That the remaining one -half oil <br />end Saturday in June of each year the <br />the taxes oil all real property will be l <br />Tax Collector shall publish the del!m 1117 <br />delinquent on the last Monday of <br />quent list, which shall contain the : <br />`April next thereafter at six o'clock P. <br />names of the persons and a descrip -�- <br />API. of that day, and unless paid Prior <br />tion of the property delinquent, andi <br />�theretb ten per Celli. (10;11) of the <br />the amount of the taxes and costs duel <br />amount of said unpaid tax will I add- <br />opposite each name and description, <br />ed to the amount thereof as a pun alty. , <br />with the taxes due on personal prop -' <br />(c) That all taxes may be paid at <br />en'ty added to the taxes due on real <br />the time the first installment is due <br />estate where the real estate is liable <br />and payable. _ .._ <br />therefor, or where the same taxes are) <br />1 <br />_ <br />' <br />due from the same person. lie shall-i <br />append to and publish with said delin -I <br />quent list a notice to the effect that' <br />p <br />Z! <br />r <br />i, <br />c,' <br />