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/Y- <br />ORDINANCE NO. 133. <br />tom of the bathing suit and the knees <br />AN ORDINANCE THE CITY OF <br />Hof the wearer thereof; provided, how - <br />NEWPORT BEACH REGULATING <br />ever, this section shall not apply to <br />THE WEARING OF BATHING <br />persons engaged in or in good f``jjith <br />SUITS IN AND UPON THE <br />about to engage any swimming <br />STREETS, SIDEWALKS AND <br />.in <br />meet, contest. or exhibition, when <br />OTHER PUBLIC PLACES WITH- <br />such meet, contest, or exhibition is <br />IN THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />held by regularly organized club! so- <br />BEACH, AND PROVIDING A MEN- <br />ciety or organization and shall have <br />ALTY FOR ANY AND ALL ViO- <br />the approval of the Marshal of� the <br />LATIONS THEREOF. <br />City of Newport Beach in writing duly <br />_ <br />signed by him.' <br />The Board of Trustees o� the City <br />Section 3. Every act done in vidla- <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fnl- <br />tion of this Ordinance shall be avA' <br />lows: 4 <br />constitute a misdemeanor and any <br />Section 1. It is hereby declared <br />. person sound guilty of any such niis- <br />unlawful and a violation of this or- - <br />demeanor by a court of competent <br />dinance for any person to go or be <br />shall be punished bY.-d <br />upon any public street, sidewalk, ave- <br />,jurisdiction <br />fine of not exceeding fifty ($50.00) <br />nue, or alley in .the City of Newport <br />dollars, or imprisonment not exceed - <br />Beach, clad or attired in a bathing <br />ing ten (10) days, or by both such fine <br />suit or costume except at such time <br />or imprisonment in the discretion of. <br />or times when such person is about <br />the court. <br />'to bathe in the Pacific ocean or New. <br />Section 4. This Ordinance_ shall <br />Port Bay, and is on his or her direct ° <br />take effect and be in force thirty days <br />and immediate way to the place of <br />after its passage, "and in the mean <br />bathing from the place where such <br />time it :hall be printed and published <br />person became so clad or attired, or <br />once in the "Newport News'" a- <br />.is returning from bathing by a di. <br />weekly newspaper, printed, published <br />rect and immediate way to the place <br />and circulated in the City of Newport, <br />where such bathing suit oT costume <br />Beach. <br />is to be removed;_ provided, however, <br />1`he, above and foregoing Ordiilaaee <br />that this section shall not apply to <br />was passed at a regular meeting of <br />any person, male or female. who shall <br />the Board of Trustees of the City of. <br />have upon and wear on the .outside <br />Newport Beach held on the 4th. day <br />j of such bathing suit or costume a. <br />of June, 1917, by the vote.of the fol- <br />1 coat, cloak. bath -robe, or ulster, yob- <br />lowing named members thereof, to- <br />'scoring the body o.such person frJm <br />wit; <br />the the knees. <br />Ayes— Trustees H. A. Robinson, J. <br />Section 2. It is hereby' declared -to <br />J. Scllnitker, Geo. P. Wilson, J. C. MC. <br />be unlawful and a violation of this <br />Cain. J. P. Greeley. <br />Ordinance for a person to appear in <br />Noes — Trustees: None. <br />any public-place in the City of New- <br />AIbsent'T ustees: None. <br />port Beach, including the beach or <br />The abnd foregoing Ordinance <br />dv <br />shore of the Pacific Ocean or the <br />No. 133 is approved by me this 4th <br />shore of Newport Bay, wearing or clad <br />day of June, 1917. ' <br />only in a bathing snit or costume, the <br />" H. A. ROBINSON, <br />length of the skirt of 'Which shall be .. <br />President of the Board of Trustees, <br />I more than ten (10) inches above the <br />City of Newport Beach., <br />J knees of the wearer; and the skirt <br />Attest: ., C. M. CREGO, <br />of every bathing suit worn in the City <br />Clerk of the City of Newport Beach. <br />of Newport Beach shall be of such a <br />By J. ROYAL LEMON. <br />length that there shall not be more <br />L(� Deputy <br />than ten (10) inches between the hot. <br />0 <br />I,J.Royal Lemon,Deputy City Clerk of the City of Newport Beach <br />do hereby certify that the forgoing ordinance is a true and correct copy, <br />passed by the Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach., at a reg- <br />meeting held on the 4th Day of June 1917, and thatsame has been printed <br />and published according to law. <br />Dopu y Clerk oT the City of Newport Beach, s . <br />E <br />a <br />c <br />c <br />z <br />