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ORDINANCE NO'. 135. <br />sitinn and construction of a munici. <br />It is hereby. determined that the -�• s <br />pal improvement in the City of New- <br />Hoard of Trustees of the City of NOW- <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />port Beach, to -wit: the construction' <br />port Beach propose to incur a bonded <br />NEWPORT BEACH. A MUNICIPAL <br />and improvement of a channel by <br />debt to pay the cost of said municipal <br />CORPORATION OF THE SIXTH <br />widening, deepening. and straighten- <br />improvement. to-wit: said channel. <br />F <br />CLASS. INCORPORATED UNDER <br />ing the channel of Newport Hay In <br />and to Issue and sell bonds of the <br />THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF <br />said City by dredging the same: the <br />City of Newport Bow% to pay the <br />CALIFORNIA. A CITY OF THIS <br />said channel when widened. deepened <br />cost of the acquisition and construc- <br />STATE WHOSE CORPORATE <br />and straightened to be approximately <br />tion thereof. <br />LIMITS INCLUDE A NAVIGABLE <br />125 ft. in width and 10 ft. In depth at <br />Section 2. The objects and pur- <br />_� <br />BODY OF WATER. TO -WIT: A <br />low water of the Pacific Ocean. and <br />poses for which the Indebtedness Is <br />PORTION OF NEWPORT BAY, A <br />to extend from a point at or near <br />proposed to be incurred Is to pay the <br />' <br />NAVIGABLE ARM OF THE PA. <br />Bulkhead Station No. 121. as said Sta- <br />cost of the acquisition and construc- <br />CIFIC OCEAN, ORDERING THE(i <br />tion is located and appears upon the <br />tion of said municipal Improvement <br />SUBMISSION TO THE QUALIFIED <br />map showing Harbor Lines of New- <br />in the City of Newport Beach. to-wit: <br />VOTERS OF THE CITY OF NEW- <br />port Hay. approved by the War De• <br />said channel. for the purposes of <br />PORT BEACH THE PROP OSI- <br />partment of the United States on the <br />deepening. stra9ghtening and widen- <br />TION OF INCURRING A DEBT' <br />day of January. 1917. southeast. <br />Ing the channel of Newport Hay. <br />FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE AGE <br />erly pursuing the waters of Newport <br />which is necessary and convenient to <br />QUISITION AND CONSTRUCTION <br />Bay. and within the City of NewDorti <br />the establishment, Improvement. con- <br />IN THE CITY OF NEWPORT' <br />Beach. to a point at or near Bulkhead <br />duct. and malnjonance of a harbor by <br />BEACH OF A MUNICIPAL IM_; <br />Station No. 107. as said Station Is) <br />the City of Newport Beach In New- <br />. <br />PROVEMENT. AS SET FORTH IN <br />located and appears upon said map. <br />port Hay, and for the furtherance of <br />RESOLUTION NO. 82 OF SAIDI <br />being the shore end of a jetty con• <br />commerce and navigation. and the <br />CITY. TO -WIT: <br />structed at the entrance to Newport <br />said municipal improvement being <br />THE CONSTRUCTION AND IM-. <br />Bay. <br />necessary and convenient to carry out <br />PROVEMENT OF A CHANNEL BY' <br />The said municipal Improvement be- <br />the objects. purposes and powers of <br />WIDENING. DEEPENING AND, <br />Ing necessary and convenient in or- <br />the City of Newport Beach. <br />STRAIGHTENING THE CHAN-• <br />der to carry out the objects. purposes <br />Section 3. The cost of the acgUi- <br />_ <br />NEL OF NEWPORT BAY IN SAID' <br />and powers of the City of Newport <br />sition and construction of said mu- <br />CITY BY DREDGING THE SAME. -. <br />Peach. the cost of which municipal <br />nlcipal improvement. to-wit: said' <br />THE SAID CHANNEL WHEN, <br />Improvement will be too great to be <br />channel. Is estimated to be $60.000.00. <br />WIDENED. DEEPENED AND' <br />paid out of the ordinary. annual in- <br />and the amount of the principal of <br />STRAIGHTENED TO BE AP -i <br />come and revenue of the City of New - <br />the Indebtedness to be IncurreA there -, <br />!, <br />PROXIMATELY 125 FT. IN WIDTH <br />port Beach. <br />for Is the sum of $50.000.00. which sums <br />\f <br />AND 10 FT. IN DEPTH AT LOW <br />Now, therefore. at this. a subse-' <br />is and will be too great to be paid out <br />WATER OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN.' <br />quent meeting of said Hoard of True-I <br />of the ordinary, annual Income and <br />AND TO EXTEND FROM A POINT I <br />tees of the City of Newport Beach. <br />revenue of the city of Newport Beach. <br />AT OR NEAR BULKHEAD STA• <br />after the passage. adoption and ap- <br />Section 4. The rate of interest to <br />TION NO. 121. AS SAID STATION: <br />proval of said Resolution No. 82: <br />be paid on the said principal of the in- <br />IS LOCATED AND APPEARS <br />The Board of Trustees of the City <br />debtednees of $50.000.00 which it Is <br />UPON THE MAP SHOWING HAR -1 <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />proposed to be incurred is hereby fixed <br />BOR LINES OF NEWPORT BAY. 1 <br />low-: <br />at five and one-half (6%) Per cent per <br />APPROVED BY THE WAR DE- <br />- - -- <br />and the said interest at said' <br />PARTMENT OF THE UNITED. <br />Section 1. It having been deter- <br />lannum <br />rate shell by pale semi-annually. <br />± <br />� STATES ON THE 18TH DAY OFD <br />mined and declared by Resolution No. <br />Section 6. The Hoard of Trustees <br />JANUARY. 1917. SOUTHEASTER. <br />82 of the City of Newport Beach. <br />of the City of Newport Beach hereby <br />LY PURSUING THE WATERS OP <br />Passed, adopted and approved by the: <br />orders the submission of the ei- <br />NEWPORT BAY. AND WITHIN <br />vote of more than two-thirds of ay <br />ll <br />tion of Incurring a bonded indebted- <br />THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH.I <br />the members of the legislative branch <br />ness in the sum of $50.000.00 for the <br />TO A POINT AT OR NEAR BULK- <br />ti <br />T said City. to-wit: the Hoard ofd <br />Trustees <br />Purposes set forth In sand Resolution <br />HEAD STATION NO. 107. AS SAID <br />thereof. that the public in- <br />No. and this Ordinance herein <br />STATION IS LOCATED AND AP -) <br />terest and also the public necessity <br />io <br />before mentioned and described. be- <br />before <br />PEARS UPON SAID MAP. BEING <br />demands the acquisition and con- <br />the acquisition and wnstr� <br />THE SHORE END OF A JETTY <br />structlon In the City of Newport <br />of said municipal Improvement. to -wit: <br />of <br />i <br />CONSTRUCTED AT THE EN- <br />Beach of a municipal Improvement. <br />said channel. to the qualified voters of <br />TRANCE TO NEWPORT BAY. <br />to-wit • <br />'the City of Newport Beach. and for <br />CALLING A SPECIAL ELECTION <br />The construction and Improvement <br />that purpose an election Is hereby <br />' <br />FOR THAT PURPOSE. RECITING <br />of a channel by widening, deepening. <br />called to be held at and within the <br />%�- <br />THE OBJECTS AND PURPOSES <br />and straightening the channel of New- <br />City of Newport Beach on Monday. the <br />FOR WHICH THE INDEBTED- <br />port Hay in said City by dredging <br />ging the <br />Bing t e <br />24th day of December. 1917. which day <br />NESS IS PROPOSED TO BE IN -, <br />same, the said channel when <br />is hereby fixed as the date on which; <br />CURRED. THE ESTIMATED COST <br />deepened and straightened to be ap- <br />said election shall be held: the said <br />OF THE PROPOSED PUBLIC IM- <br />Proximately 125 ft In width and 10, <br />election shall be a special election - <br />PROVEMENi, THE AMOUNT OP <br />ft. In depth ¢t low water of the Pa- <br />i Section 6. At the special election: <br />THE PRINCIPAL OF THE IN. <br />cffic Ocean. and to extend from a <br />called to be held and provided for by! j <br />DEBTEDNESS TO BE INCURRED <br />point at or near Bulkhead Statidn No. <br />section 6 of this Ordinance there shall) <br />EREFOR. AND THE RATE OF <br />THEREFOR. <br />21. as said Station Is located and ¢p; <br />be and is hereby submitted to the <br />Pears upon the map Showing Harbor 1 <br />INTEREST TO BE PAID ON SAID <br />qualified vgters of the City of New. <br />INDEBTEDNESS: FIXING THE <br />Linea of Newport Hay. approved by <br />, <br />1port Beach the proposition of incur - <br />DATE ON WHICH SUCH SPECIAL <br />the War Department of the United; <br />ring a bonded debt by the,Clty of New - <br />ELECTION WILL BE HELD. THE <br />States, on the 18th day of January. <br />port Beach In the sum of $60.000.001 <br />MANNER OF HOLDING SUCH <br />1917, southeasterly pursuing the wa• <br />with which to pay the Coat'of the so- <br />ELECTION. AND THE VOTING <br />ter@ of Newport Bay and within the <br />qufsition and construction of the here - <br />FOR OR AGAINST THE IN- <br />city of Newport Beach, to a point at <br />Inbefo mentioned and described 11111- <br />CURRING OF SUCH INDEBTED-, <br />or near Bulkhead Station No. 107• as <br />i mprovement. to -wit: said chanan- <br />NESS: AND PROVIDING THAT IN <br />said station Is loeated and appears <br />nel. the said municipal Improvement <br />ALL PARTICULARS NOT RECIT- <br />upon said map, being the shore end of <br />being necessary and convenient to <br />a jetty constructed at the entrance to <br />ED IN THIS ORDINANCE. SUCH <br />Newport Hay: in order to carry out <br />carry out the objects, purposes and <br />ELECTION SHALL BE HELD AS <br />Powers of the City of Newport Beach. <br />PROVIDED LAW FOR HOLD- <br />the objects. purposes and powers of <br />Section 7. The maser of holding <br />ING MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS IN <br />the City of Newport Beach, the coat <br />such special election and the voting <br />of which municipal improvement will <br />THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />be too great to be paid out of the or <br />for or against Incurring said indebted- <br />? <br />Whereas, on the 19th day of Septem- <br />dfnary, annual Income and revenue <br />ness shall be as follows: <br />ber. 1917, at a regular meeting of the <br />of the City of Newport Beach. <br />The proposition of Incurring a bond- <br />• <br />legislative branch of the City of New- <br />It Is hereby further determined and <br />ed debt and the Issuing of the bonds <br />port Beach. to -wit: the Hoard of Trus• <br />declared that <br />of the City of Newport Beach for the <br />tees of said City. by a vote of more <br />the use of the word <br />•channel" hereinafter In this Ordinance <br />acquisition and construction of said <br />than two - thirds of all the members of <br />shall mean and shall at all times be' <br />municipal Improvement. to-wit: said <br />said Hoard of Trustees. there was <br />construed to mean the mid municipal' <br />channel. In the sum of $50.000.00. shall <br />passed. adopted and approved Reso- <br />improvement described In Said Reso. <br />be submitted to the qualified voters <br />lution No. 82 of said City, being a <br />determining declaring <br />lotion No. 82, and as defined and de- <br />of the City of Newport Beach by print <br />Resolution and <br />scribed in this section of this Ordl- <br />ed ballot. and the ballots used at said. <br />that the public Interest and also the <br />- -- .. ..... .... ... _ __. -, <br />nance. <br />i special e'lectlon, except as other <br />