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ORDINANCE NO. 138. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH PRESCRIBING <br />THE PENALTIES THAT SHALL <br />am" n 2. The penalty for a viola- <br />BE INCURRED BY ANY OWNER <br />�on of this Ordinance prescribed In <br />OR PERSON LIABLE OR NEG- <br />(Section 1 hereof shall be in addition <br />LECTINQ OR REFUSING TO <br />cumulative to the remedies given <br />MAKE REPAIRS WHEN REQUIR- <br />,and <br />by the "Improvement Act of 1911." <br />ED AS PROVIDED IN SEC. 31 OF <br />Section 3. The above and foregoing <br />THE "IMPROVEMENT ACT OF <br />ordinance No. 136 shall take effect <br />1911:' <br />f and be In force from and after its final <br />1 passago, and in the mean time it shall <br />The Board of Trustees of the City <br />be printed and published once in a <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />newspaper of general circulation, pub, <br />lows: <br />lished and circulated In the City of <br />Section 1. Vt'hen any portion of any <br />Newport Beach, tO -wit: the. NEW - <br />improved street, avenue, lane, alley, <br />PORT NEWS. <br />court or place In the City of Newport <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />Beach, or any sidewalk constructed <br />was passed at a regular meeting of the <br />:thereon shall be out of repair, and In <br />Board of Trustees of the City of New - <br />condition to endanger persons or <br />port Beach at a meeting thereof held <br />property passing thereon, or In a cpn- <br />�a <br />on the 4th day of February, 1918, by <br />dition to interfere with the.public con- <br />the vote of the following named mem- <br />ivenlence in the use thereof, or when <br />bers of said Board of Trustees, to -wit: <br />condition shall exist In any such <br />Ayes — Trustees: H. A. Robinson, J. <br />,any <br />improved street, avenue, lane, alley, <br />J. Schnitker, Geo. P. Wilson, J. C. Mc <br />court or place or any portion thereof, <br />Cain and J. P. Greeley. <br />or any sidewalk constructed thereon, <br />Noes — Trustees: None. <br />Ias is contemplated by and defined In <br />Absent— Trustees: None. <br />Section 31 of the "Improvement Act <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />of 1911;' then any owner or person <br />No. 136 is this day signed and ap- <br />, Ilable, neglecting or refusing to make <br />proved by me, February 4th, 1918. <br />j repairs when required to do so In the <br />H. A. ROBINSON, <br />;manner and as provided for in Sec. 31 <br />President of the Board of Trustees, <br />of said "Improvement Act of 1911;' <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and <br />Attest: J. ROYAL LEMON, <br />conviction of a court of competent <br />(Clerk of the City of Newport Beach. <br />ion <br />lJurisdictlon shall be required to pay a <br />�I Feb. 8, 1918. <br />fine in such sum as is fixed by the <br />court, not exceeding the sum of two <br />hundred dollars, lawful money of the <br />United States. <br />I,J.Royal Lemon, Clerk o �he City of Newport Beach, do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing ordinan 9 is a true and correct copy of an <br />passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting held by said Board <br />on the 4th. Day of February 1918,2nd that same has been printed and <br />published according to law. <br />Clark of he C y of Newport Beach, a. <br />