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i <br />NO.138. <br />I,J.Royal Lemon, Clerk of <br />certify that the forgoing Ordinance <br />passed by the Board of Trustees at <br />day of February 1918, and that same <br />to law. <br />ark o <br />ORDINANCE NO. 139. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH PROHIBITING <br />THE BREAKING OR DAMAGING <br />OF PUBLIC SIDEWALKS IN SAID <br />CITY, AND PROVIDING A PENAL- <br />TY THEREFOR. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol. <br />lows: <br />Section 1. It is hereby declared to <br />be unlawful and prohibited for any <br />person to push, draw, or operate over, <br />across, or along any public side- <br />walk constructed of cement or any <br />other substance in the City of New- <br />port Beach any truck, wagon, push. <br />cart, or other vehicle of such weight <br />or size as to be liable to break or <br />otherwise injure br damage such side. <br />walk. <br />Section 2. The doing of any of the <br />things declared to be unlawful and <br />prohibited by Section 1 of this Ordi- <br />nance is hereby declared to be a mis- <br />demeanor and any person convicted <br />thereof in a court of competent juris- <br />diction shall be punished by a fine of <br />not exceeding fifty dollars or by im. <br />prisonment not exceeding ten days, or <br />by both such fine and imprisonment, <br />in the discretion of the court. <br />the City of Newport Beach, do hereby <br />No.138 is a true and correct copy <br />3 regular meeting held on the 25tho <br />was printed and published according <br />the City of Newport eac a . <br />Section 3. The above and foregoing <br />Ordinance shall take effect and be in <br />force thirty days after its final passe <br />age, and in the meantime it shall be <br />printed and published once in the <br />NEWPORT NEWS, a newspaper of <br />general circulation, printed, published <br />and circulated in the City of Newport <br />_,Beach. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />No. 139 was passed at a regular meet. <br />ing of the Board of Trustees of the <br />City of Newport Beach held on the 4th <br />day of March, 1918, by the following <br />vote, to -wit: <br />Ayes— Trustees H. A. Robinson, Geo. <br />P. Wilson,.J. C. McCain, J. P. Greeley. <br />Noes — Trustee J. J. Schnitker. <br />I Absent — Trustees: None. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />his approved by me this 4th day of <br />March, 1918. <br />H. A. ROBINSON, <br />President hf the Board of Trustees, <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Attest: J. ROYAL LEMON, <br />Clerk of the- City of Newport Beach. <br />I;J.Royal Lemon, Clerk of the City of-Newport Beach; do hereby <br />certify thatthe foregoing Ordinance No 139 is a true and correct copy <br />of ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting held <br />on the 4th. day of March, 1918, and that same was printed and published <br />according to law. <br />Clark of the city of ewpor Beach.Cal. <br />� (- <br />