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i- <br />y <br />r <br />v <br />ORDINANCE NO. 444. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, PROVIDING <br />FOR THE LEVY AND COLLEC- <br />TION FOR EACH FISCAL YEAR <br />OF A TAX OF FIFTEEN CENTS <br />ON EACH ONE HUNDRED DOL. <br />LARS FOR ADVERTISING PUR- <br />POSES, PROVIDIN�( THE MAN- <br />NER OF USING SUCH TAX AND <br />THE TIME PF COLLECTIONS <br />THEREOF; CALLING A SPECIAL <br />ELECTION FOR THE SUBMIS <br />SION OF THIS ORDINANCE TOI <br />ELECTORS OF THE CITY OF1 <br />NEWPORT BEACH, AND PROVID- <br />ING FOR THE GIVING OF NOTICE.( <br />The Board of Trustees of the 'Nty of <br />Newport Beach do ordain as follows: <br />Sec. 1. A tax of fifteen cents is <br />hereby provided for and levied in each <br />fiscal year upon each one hundred dol- <br />lars'of assessed value of all property: <br />In the City of Newport Beach, which <br />is taxable therein for municipal pun <br />poses. <br />Sec. 2. The tax provided for In Sec. <br />1 of this Ordinance shall be in addl -I <br />tlon to all other taxes now authorized <br />by law to be levied. The Tax Collect. <br />or shall compute the amount of said <br />1 tax to be paid by each tax payer based <br />upon the equalized assessed value of <br />l property assessed to such tax payer, <br />and said tax §hall be added to the tax <br />roll of the City of Newport Beach, and <br />'shown upon all tax statements and tax <br />receipts issued by the Tax Collector. <br />The time of collecting said tax and <br />the mode and manner of levying and <br />collecting the tax herein provided for <br />shall be the same as is provided for, <br />apply to and govern in the assessment <br />and collection of other municipal tax- <br />es In and for the City of Newport; <br />Beach. <br />Sec. 3. The said tax when collect- <br />led shall be paid Into the treasury of, <br />the City of Newport Beach in the <br />same manner and at the same time as <br />.all other taxes of the City of Newport <br />Beach to the credit of the advertising <br />fund, which fund is hereby created <br />for the reception and disbursement of <br />said tax. The money realized from <br />said tax shall be expended for legitt- <br />mate advertising purposes of the City <br />of Newport Beach in any manner that <br />the Board of Trustees may deem best, <br />providing that all such advertising <br />shall be first submitted to and ap. <br />proved by the Board of Trustees, and <br />all money expended therefor shall be <br />by the usual claim presented against <br />the City, duly audited and a warrant <br />issued upon the Treasury of the City <br />of Newport Beach charged against <br />said advertising' fund. <br />Sec. -4 in each fiscal -year subee- <br />luent. to the .yeiyr .1918, the Board of <br />rrustees may, fit )the same time and in <br />the same manner provided for levying <br />all other municipal taxes, levy the tax <br />herein provided for; provided that In <br />the fiscal Year 1918 said tax may be <br />levied by the Board of Trustees of the <br />City of Newport Beach as soon as this <br />Ordinance shall become effective. <br />Sec. 5. This Ordinance shall not <br />become effective until the same shall <br />have been submitted to the electors <br />of the City of Newport Beach at a <br />special election to be held for that <br />.purpose. <br />i <br />Sec. 6. A spec al election is hereby <br />called and ordered to be held at and <br />within the City of Newport B918 and <br />the 24th day of September, <br />at said special of <br />there shall be <br />and is hereby submitted to the elect- <br />ors of the City of Newport Beach this <br />Ordinance, and at said special elec- <br />tion the electors of the City of I <br />Beach shall be and are hereby in- F <br />voted to vote for and against this Or- <br />dinance and the adoption thereof. <br />Sec. 7. If at said special election a <br />majority of the votes cast are in favor t <br />of this Ordinance and if upon canvass- <br />ing the votes so cast thereat, a major. <br />ity of them are found to be in favor <br />of the Ordinance, it shall become ef- <br />fective and said tax shall be levied <br />and collected and used in the manner <br />provided for therein. <br />Sec. 8. The Clerk of the City of <br />Newport Beach shall give notice of <br />such election by publication of said - <br />notice at least once a- week for a peri- <br />od of four weeks next prior to such <br />election in a newspaper printed and <br />published in the City of Newport <br />Beach, such notice shall contain a <br />copy of this Ordinance and the elect- <br />ors of the City of Newport Beach <br />shall be invited thereby to vote for or <br />against the same. <br />Sec. 9. Except as otherwise provid- <br />ed for in this Ordinance, the election <br />herein mentioned shall be held, con- <br />ducted, carried on and the returns <br />thereof made as provided for by law <br />for holding municipal elections in the <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />(Sec. 10. T e� a Anil- orego ng <br />Ordinance shall be published once in <br />the NEWPORT NEWS, a newspaper <br />lof general circulation printed, pub- <br />lished and circulated, and upon said <br />publication and being voted in favor <br />of by a majority of the votes cast at <br />the special election herein called, as <br />shown by a canvass of said votes, it <br />shall take effect and be in force. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />was passed at a regular meeting of <br />the Board of Trustees of the City of <br />Newport Beach held on the 19th day <br />of August, 1918, by the affirmative <br />vote of the members of said Board <br />hereafter set forth, and on said day <br />was signed and approved by the Pres- <br />Ildent thereof. <br />Ayes— Trustees J. P. Greeley, J. J. <br />Schnitker, Gen. P. Wilson, L. S. Wil- <br />kinson. <br />Noes —None. <br />Absent— Trustee J. C. McCain. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />No. 144 being passed is this day ap- <br />proved by me. <br />J. P. GRE.ELEY, <br />President of the Board of Trustees. <br />[SEA'Lj <br />Attest: J. ROYAL LEMON, <br />Clerk. <br />Of all of the foregoing Notice is <br />hereby given. <br />In Witness Whereof. I have here- <br />unto affixed my official signature and <br />I attested the same with the corporate <br />seal of the City of Newport Beach this <br />22nd day of August, 1918. <br />J. ROYAL LEMON, <br />Clerk of the City of Newport Beach. <br />Aug. 23, 30, Sept. 6, 13, 20, 1918 <br />I,J.Royal Lemon, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No J" is a true copy of an Ordi- <br />nance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting held on the <br />19th day August 1918, and that same was printed and published according <br />to law, <br />c <br />Clerk of he City of-Newport eac Cal- <br />s <br />