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f' <br />V ` <br />r <br />3 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 150. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OFI <br />NEWPORT BEACH CONCERNING <br />THE BOARD OF HEALTH. DE. <br />FINING ITS POWERS AND DU-1 <br />TIES, AND PROVIDING REGULA -: <br />TIONS TO PROTECT THE <br />HEALTH OF THE PEOPLE OF <br />THZ CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />The Board o, Trustees of the City <br />of \u p in Beach do ordain as fol -f <br />Ion: s: <br />Scc,ion 1. The Board of Health <br />.shall h,.ve power and shall adopt such <br />rzr. ;ures as will in the judgment of! <br />rued Board of Health best promotei <br />tn.�- hcaltih and sanitation of the Cityi <br />cf Newport Beach and prevent the <br />u a <br />rnd of disc -ae. <br />5_3c( non 2 \ieotings of the Board; <br />of health may be called by the Presi -I <br />c(u, aL sueh times and places as lie . <br />n:::y desi3tate. Each member of the• <br />L:: ;:rd rhall receive a written notice' <br />-, =cast thre8 hours before the time <br />_.._[ icr said meeting. <br />(:r.lion 3. T=he Board of Health; <br />. U'1::1 have pore- to employ a Health[ <br />.Fccr to enforce the laws, ordinances <br />a.:d haeml..uJnS in relation to the San -' <br />I!�,ry conditions of said City. The; <br />1: nd of lir_alth and Health Officer <br />roceive payment for their neces -I <br />y c:penditures incurred in the disy <br />cua:�e of their duties. The Health: <br />O +nicer shall receive such compensa- <br />Li,in f,r his services as the Board of <br />TruAces.may from time to time al- <br />low. <br />Section 4. The Board of Health <br />shm!l have a general supervision of all <br />u.Rters pertaining to the sanitary <br />condiLions of said City. and they shall <br />have power and it shall be their duty <br />to adopt such measures as will, in <br />their judgment, best promote the <br />.health of said City, and it is further) <br />wade their duty to recommend to they <br />73oard of Trustees, in writing, such, <br />sanitary measures as they may deem, <br />advisable and to co- operate with the <br />aoard of Trustees and with the Healthi <br />O,ucer in carrying the same into ef- <br />fect. <br />Cu tiou 5. it shall be the duty of <br />the hoard of Health and Health Off - <br />ccr, ur any member of the Board of <br />or Health Officer alone, and <br />they and each of them shall have pow -i <br />er to enter into, upon, and examine in <br />the daytime. any house, building, lot, <br />premises, or other place within the, <br />('fly of Newport Beach; to prevent or <br />forbid any public meeting or gather- <br />ing in said City during an epidemic of <br />contagious or infectious diseases; to <br />prevent or forbid communication with <br />any family, or house infected with any <br />contagious, infectious. communicable <br />or dangerous disease. <br />Section 6. It slhall be the duty of <br />the Health Officer to enforce all laws, <br />ordinances and regulations relating to <br />the causes of sickness, nuisances and <br />sources of filth existing within the= <br />City of Newport Leach. <br />Section 7. No cess -pool, water - <br />closet or sink shall be allowed by the <br />owner, occupant. agent or other per -, <br />son having charge or control of the <br />premises upon which the same may <br />be situated, to become foul or offen -� <br />slue; and when, in the Judgment of <br />the Board of Health or Health Officer, <br />any Such cess -pool, water - closet or <br />sink shall need cleaning, It shall be <br />tine duty of the Health Officer to no- <br />tify such owner, agent or other Per- <br />son having chargo or control, to abate <br />tho same by disinfecting or by clean- <br />ing, as in the judgment of the Board <br />of Health or Health Officer may be <br />,`section 8. Whenever in the opinion <br />of the Sam.r3 of Health or Health Of- <br />ficer a nr•;sance endangering, or det - <br />r <br />rimental to. m likely to endanger the <br />,uldsc. bealib, exists in any house, g <br />hulid'.a or on any lot, premises or v <br />other Place in said City, the Health v <br />Cfr,acr shall noCfy in writing any per- t <br />::Dn or persons owning, occupying. or <br />t <br />l.:;ving control of, or acting as agent <br />for, any such - house. building, premises <br />d <br />or other place, to abate or remove to <br />such nuisance within the ti=ne to be <br />stated in such notice. The time stat- <br />e <br />ed in all notices provided by this Or- s <br />din:ance. shall be as the Health Officer �o <br />Lh his judgment deems reasonable on- h <br />der the circumstances. f <br />,potion p. Upon the neglect or re- <br />fusal of any owner, occupant, agent <br />r.r other person. hav,ag control of any <br />house, lot. premises or other place <br />,w:iu said City. to comply with the <br />no Cre provided for in this Ordinance <br />witl: %l the time limited in such notice, I1 <br />then the Board of Health may abate <br />and remove Such nuisance, and the <br />wvner, occupant, agent, or other per - <br />,m laving control of any such house. <br />lot, premises or other place. in addi- <br />tion to the penalty provided by this <br />ordinanoe, shall be liable to said City <br />for the costs and expenses of such <br />abatement, to be recovered in a civil <br />action in any court of competent juris- <br />diction in said City, or the City Attor- <br />ney, when directed by the Board of <br />Trustees. shall institute suit to fore- <br />close the lien upon the property from <br />which any nuisance _pas been re. <br />;moved and abated, to satisfy the lien <br />end costs of such abatement, as pro- <br />vided for in Section 3028. Chapter 11, <br />,%r%lcle 111, Title VII, Part 111, of the, <br />(Political Code of the State of Califor -lI <br />alit. <br />Section 10. Every physician shall <br />report to the Health Officer every pa. <br />tient he may have within the city lim- <br />its, afflicted with Anthrax, Beriberi, <br />Cerebro - Spinal Meningitis (epidemic). <br />Chickenpox, Asiatic Cholera. Dengue, <br />'Diphtheria. Dysentery, Erysipelas, <br />German Measles, Glanders, GOnOCOC- <br />cus infection, Hookworm, Leprosy. <br />'.Malaria, Measles, Mumps, Pellagra, <br />Plague, Pneumonia, Poliomyelitis, <br />'Rabies, Scarlet Fever. Small Pox, <br />Syphilis, Tetanus, Trachoma. Feer. <br />Tuber- <br />culosis. Typhoid Fever. Typhus <br />Whoop! ngS Cough. and Yellow Fever. <br />Also all births and deaths shall be re -I' <br />ported to the Health Officer or Board 11 <br />of Health. <br />Section 11. No Person shall, without <br />a permit from the Health officer, car- <br />ry or remove from one building to an- <br />other, or' from any railroad to any <br />house, or through any Public streets, <br />any Person sick of any contagious or <br />infectious disease. <br />Any Person having an infectous dis- <br />ease 1n his house or on or about his <br />premises shall immediately after the <br />death or removal of the Person affect -` <br />ed therewith, disinfect, cleanse and= <br />purify said house or premises underl <br />the supervision of the Health Officer. <br />Section 12. Milk. fruit, vegetable, <br />meats, poultry, fish and game, and <br />food of whatsoever kind offered for <br />sale in the City shall at all times bet <br />subject to a rigid inspection by the <br />,Health Officer. <br />Section 13. Outbuildings. closets, <br />poultry yards, stables. barns, etc., 1 <br />throughout the City Shall Health sufb3ec <br />3 er. <br />to the Inspection of the <br />Section 14. Any Person who resist t <br />resist or hinder, or attempt to <br />)or hinder, the Health Officer or any lh <br />member of the Board of Health, Mar. { <br />shal, general or special Police, or any <br />other Person in the Performance of <br />the duties enjoined in this Ordinance, <br />.. of the CityI <br />elating to the public health. shall be <br />nifty of a misdemeanor and on con - <br />iction thereof shall be fined as pro - <br />ided by Section 17 of this Ordinance. <br />The Board of Health may require <br />he City Marshal, or any Public officer <br />o act as inspector and to assist the <br />Health Officer in the discharge of his <br />utfes, and it is hereby made the duty <br />f the City Marshal, and each Police <br />Officer. when required by said Board <br />f Health or Health Officer. to act as <br />uch Inspector. It shall be the duty <br />f the Superintendent of Streets. and <br />a hereby made the duty of the Super - <br />ntendent of Streets, when required <br />by said Board of Health, or Health <br />Officer, to assist in the abatement or <br />removal of any nuisance endangering, <br />detrimental, or likely to endanger the <br />P health of said City. <br />Section 15. It shall be and It ISI <br />hereby made the duty of the City Mae'' <br />shal and all night watchmen. regular <br />and special police officers of said City, <br />to report immediately to the Board of <br />Health or the Health Officer all nui- <br />sances and all other sources of filth <br />detrimental to Public health as soon <br />as tine same shall be ascertained by1 <br />any of said officers. tl <br />Section 16. It shall be the duty of: <br />the Board of Health and Health Officer) <br />or any member of the Board of Health, <br />or Health Officer alone, and they and <br />each of them shall have Power to en -, <br />ter into and examine in the daytime, <br />any house, building or other Premises,' <br />inhabited by any person or persons, <br />who may be afflicted with, or suspect- <br />ed of having any loathsome, contagi. <br />ous or infectious disease. And It <br />slhall be the duty of the Board of <br />Health or Health Officer. to summons' <br />a competent physician to examine and <br />ascertain whether such person or per- <br />sons are afflicted with such loathsome.= <br />,contagious or infectious disease, <br />whereby such persons would, if al- <br />lowed their liberty. become a menace <br />to the public health. <br />if, after such examination. it is <br />found that such person or persons are <br />�affifcted with a loathsome, contagious <br />for infectious disease, endangering and <br />,detrimental to tine public health, the <br />I Board of Health or Health Officer shall <br />have Power and it shall be the duty of <br />the Board of Health or Health Officer, <br />to establish such quarantine regula- <br />tions provided by law for the proper <br />isolation of such person or persons af- <br />flicted with such loathsome, contagi- <br />ous, or infectious disease, until such <br />=time has elapsed in the judgment of <br />',the Board of Health or Health Officer <br />when the danger of infection from <br />,such person or persons is passed. <br />Section 17. Any person violating <br />any provision of this Ordinance shall <br />be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, <br />and upon conviction thereof, shall be <br />;Punished by a fine in a sum not <br />ll ceeding three hundred dollars ($300: <br />.00) or by Imprisonment for a term not <br />exceeding three (3) months, or by <br />both such fine and Imprisonment at <br />the discretion of the court. <br />Section 18. The above and forego- <br />ing Ordinance shall be Published once <br />in the Newport News, a newspaper off <br />general circulation printed, Published_ <br />and circulated in the City of Newport <br />Beach, and shall take effect from and <br />after Its final passage. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />No. 150 was Passed at a regular meet <br />ing of the Board of Trustees of the <br />Z <br />