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;1. <br />1 <br />!` ORDINANCE NO. 154. <br />'AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD <br />OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF <br />i NEWPORT BEACH DECLARING <br />VACANT FOR PUBLIC STREET <br />PURPOSES A CERTAIN PORTION <br />OF BAY AVENUE WITHIN THE <br />SAID CITY. - <br />R'HEREAS, the Board of Trustees <br />of the City of Newport Beach. on the <br />1 2nd day of June. 1919. at a regular <br />- .meeting of the said Board of Trustees <br />held on that date. duly passed and <br />adopted a resolution. being Resole - <br />tlon No. 108, entitled: "A Resolution of <br />the Board of Trustees of the City`of <br />Newport Beach declaring their Inten- <br />tion to vacate. close -up and abandon <br />for public street purposes a certain <br />portion of Bay Avenue within the said <br />City." and: <br />WHEREAS. the street superintendent <br />of the City of Newport Beach after the <br />passage of said Resolution caused to <br />be conspicuously posted along the line I <br />of said contemplated improvement at <br />not more than three hundred feet in <br />distance apart upon said street. and <br />not less than three in all upon said <br />street, notices of the passage of said <br />resolution, said notice being headed, <br />"Notice of Public Work." in letters not <br />less than one inch in length and stat- <br />ing the fact of the passage of said <br />resolution, its --date and briefly the <br />work of improvement proposed. being <br />that of vueating the above named <br />street as hereinafter described. and the <br />said notice herein mentioned referred <br />to-said resolution for further particu- <br />lars: said street superintendent having <br />also caused a notice similar to that <br />l hereinbefore referred to to be pub- <br />lished by four successive insertions in <br />the Newport Nerds a weekly news- <br />paper. printed. Published and circulat- <br />ed in said City of Newport' Beach .I <br />(there being no daily newspaper so <br />printed, Published and circulated in <br />said City) and more than ten days - <br />after the expiration of the time of Pub- <br />lication of said notice having elapsed <br />and no objections to the said improve <br />went have been delivered to the City <br />Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, <br />and the said Board of Trustees having <br />acquired jurisdiction to order the'va- <br />cation of said street as hereinafter <br />described; <br />THEREFORE. the Board of Trus- <br />tees of the City of Newport Beach- do <br />lord ain as follows: <br />Goo.P.Wilson, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, do hereby, <br />the foregoing Ordinance No.154 is a true and correct copy Of <br />passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meotimg held on <br />of August 1919, and that same was printed and published <br />law. ' <br />I, <br />certify that <br />an ordinanco <br />the 4th. day <br />according to <br />SECTION ONE. <br />That that portion of the public <br />street hereinafter described within the <br />said City be closed up, vacated and <br />abandoned for'public street purposes: <br />the said portion of said street, ad clos- <br />ed up. vacated and abandoned for pub - <br />lie street purposes is described as fol- <br />lows: <br />All that Portion of Bay Avenue with. <br />In the said City. beginning at the in- <br />tersection of the northerly line of Bay <br />Avenue and the northerly prolouga- <br />tion of the westerly line of Cypress <br />Street.,whieh point is also the south- <br />easterly corner of Lot 17, Block 2. of a <br />Map of the Balboa Bayside. Tract, as <br />recorded in Maps Book. page 78. <br />,Records of Orange County. California; <br />thence North 34 degrees. 32 minutes <br />East along -the easterly line of the <br />aforesaid Lot 17 aad along the north- <br />erly prolongatior�of the westerly line <br />of Cypress Street. 18 feet to a point. <br />which Point is the northeasterly cor. <br />ner of the aforesaid Lot 17: thence <br />South 55 degrees. 28 minutes East, <br />along the northerly line of Bay Ave- <br />nue, and along the southerly line of <br />Lot 18. Block 2 of the aforesaid Map <br />of the Balboa Bayside Tract. 21.73 feet ' <br />t -a a point; thence South 84 degrees, , <br />54 minutes. 30 seconds West. to the in• <br />tersection of the northerly line of gay <br />Avenue and the northerly prolongation' <br />of the 1wc9terly line of Cypress-Street <br />and the southeasterly corner of the <br />aforesaid Lot 17. 28.22 feet, the place <br />of beginning. <br />SECTION TWO. <br />That the public work herein pro- <br />' hided for is the closing up of the <br />street herein described in Section One. <br />and it appearing to the Board of Trus- <br />tees that there are no costs, damages <br />or expense occasioned by or arising <br />out of said work and that no assess- <br />ment is necessary to pay the costs. <br />damages,or expenses of said work and <br />that therefore no commissioners shall <br />be appointed to assess benefits and <br />SECTION THREE. <br />The City Clerk shall certify to the <br />passage of this ordinance and shall <br />cause the same to be published by one 1 <br />Insertion in the Newport News. a <br />weekly newspaper, Printed. published <br />and circulated in said City, and which <br />is hereby designated for that pur -. <br />pose. ' <br />Passed and approved this 4th day <br />.of August, 1919. , - Y <br />J. P. GREELEY, <br />President of the Board of Trustees. <br />Attest. GEO, P. WILSON, <br />City Clerk. i 1 <br />State of California. County of Or- <br />agge, City of Newport Beach. as.. <br />I. Geo. P. Wilson. City Clerk of the <br />City of Newport Beach, do hereby i <br />certify that the foregoing ordinance, <br />being Ordinance No. 154. was passed <br />by the Board of Trustees of the Cily <br />of Newport Beach, signed by the <br />President of ' said Board and attested <br />by the City Clerk. all at a regular meet. <br />ing thereof. held on the 4th_ dal -of <br />August, 1919, and that the same was <br />Passed by the following vote, to -wit: <br />Ayes— Trustees: J. P. Greeley, J. J. <br />'Schnitker, A. L. Heard. L. S. Wilkin- <br />- sou. <br />Noes — Trustees: None. <br />Abseat— Trustees: J. C. McCain. ! j <br />GEO. P. WILSON. .I <br />CICty Clerk of the City of Newport <br />Beach. _ Aug. 8,1919. <br />i <br />i <br />i <br />FA <br />� l� N,V r "rv�0�vv <br />Clork of the City of Newport Beach, <br />Cal. <br />i <br />r <br />a <br />J <br />a <br />9 <br />c <br />