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ORDINANCE N0.159. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH PROVIDING <br />' FOR THE APPOINTM=NT OF A <br />SUBORDINATE OFFICER IWAND. <br />I FOR SAID CITY TO BE DESIG- <br />NATED HARBOR MASTER, DE. <br />FINING HIS DUTIES; FIXING HIS <br />TERM OF OFFICE, AND PROVID- <br />ING FOR HIS COMPENSATION, <br />AND DECLARING CERTAIN ACTS <br />TO CONSTITUTE A MISDE- <br />MEANOR. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City <br />iof Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />(Section 1. The Board of Trustees <br />shall appoint such a natural person,I <br />as in their judgment Is competent to <br />perform th'61duties thereof; as'Harbor <br />Master, and a subordinate office des- <br />ignated Harbor Master is hereby cre- <br />ated In and for said City. The person <br />appointed shall hold office only during <br />the pleasure of the Board of Trustees <br />and shall give such security for the <br />',faithful performance of his duty and <br />!receive such compensation as the <br />Board of Trustees may from time to <br />time by resolution provide. <br />Section 2. The words "ship ". or <br />1 "Shipping" when used in this Ordi- <br />nance means and includes steamboats, <br />power boats, sailing vessels, canal <br />boats, houseboats; barges, and every <br />(structure adapted to be navigated from <br />•place to place for the transportation <br />of merchandise and persons. <br />Section, 3. It shall be the duty of <br />,the Harbor Master to obtain, compile, <br />,file and preserve in his office as the <br />.property of the City of Newport Beach <br />accurate information concerning New - <br />tport Bay, and the waters thereof, for <br />:all navigation purposes. <br />i It shall also be the duty of the Har- <br />Ibor Master, when the same shall have <br />,been established and designated, by <br />:the Board of Trustees, to plainly mark <br />all navigable streams and channels in <br />the waters of Newport Bay and to des- <br />ignate and mark mooring places and <br />anchorage grounds for the mooring <br />;and anchorage of all ships and ship- <br />ping. <br />Section 4. It shall also be the duty ; <br />'of the Harbor Master to remove or i <br />cause to be removed from the waters <br />of Newport Bay all rubbish, abandon- <br />ed property, and substances accumu- <br />lating therein by human agency and <br />which does or might interfere with j <br />navigation or become unsightly, and <br />to do such other acts concerning New. <br />port Bay and the safe and successful <br />navigation thereof as shall from time <br />to time be ordered by the Board of <br />Trustees. <br />\Section 5. When the navigable <br />streams and channels in the waters of <br />Newport Bay shall have been estab- <br />lished and designated, it shall then <br />be unlawful and constitute .a misde- <br />mabnar for any person in charge ofpI <br />any ship or shipping to moor or an - <br />chor any ships or shipping therein, <br />except at an established, designated) <br />and marked mooring or anchorage. <br />Section 6. It shall be unlawful a d <br />constitute a misdemeanor for any per. <br />. son or persons to throw, deposit or <br />place In the waters of Newport Bay, t <br />lor having thrown, deposited or placed] <br />therein, to leave the same, any rub -1 <br />bish, or other substances or objects <br />which will or might interfere with -the <br />safe and free navigation thereof, or <br />wldch is or may become unsightly. <br />Any person who shall do any of the -, <br />things in this ordinance declared to <br />be unlawful shall . be deemed guilty of <br />a misdemeanor, and upon conviction <br />thereof in a court of competent juris- <br />diction shall be punished by a fine notl <br />exceeding fifty dollars ($50.00), or by <br />Imprisonment not exceeding thirty ' <br />(30) days,' or by both such fine and , <br />Imprisonment in the discretion of tlie,; <br />court. <br />Section 7. That part of any ordi- <br />Inance of the City of Newport Beach <br />,which is in conflict with this ordinance <br />lis hereby repealed. <br />I Section 8. The above and foregoing <br />Ordinance shall be published in the <br />Newport News, a newspaper of gen- <br />eral circulation, printed and published <br />in the City of Newport Beach, once, <br />and shall take effect and be in force <br />thirty days after its passage., <br />This Ordinance No. 159 was passed I <br />at a regular meeting of the Hoard of <br />Trustees of the City of Newport Beach <br />held on. the first day of March. 1920. <br />by the affirmative vote of the following <br />named members thereof, and on said <br />day was signed and •approved by the <br />President of said Board of Trustees: I <br />Ayes— Trustees J: P. Greeley, J• J. ! <br />Schnitker, A. L. Heard, J. C. McCain, <br />L. S. Wilkinson. <br />Noes —None. <br />Absent —None. <br />Attest: M. L. ORCUTT, <br />Clerk of the'City of Newport Beach. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />No. 159 is hereby approved by me this <br />1st day of March, 1920. <br />[Seal] J. P. GREELEY, <br />President of the Board of Trustees, <br />;(City of Newport Beach. <br />I,M.L.Orcutt Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance #159 is a true—and--correct—copy- <br />- an ordinance passes by the Board of Trustees at a regizlsr- meeting <br />held on the let. &ay of March 1920, and that same was printed and <br />published according to law. <br />i <br />:i <br />y <br />i <br />0 <br />v. <br />4 <br />