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T <br />i <br />ORDINANCE N0, 166. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH DECLARING <br />IT TO BE A MISDEMEANOR FOR <br />ANY PERSON, EITHER AS OWN- <br />ER OR OCCUPANT, OF' <br />HOUSE; BUILDING OR STRUC- <br />TURE IN THE CITY OF NEW- <br />PORT •BEACH TO NEGLECT, <br />FAIL, OR REFUSE, TO DISPLAY <br />THEREON THE PROPER NUM- <br />BER OF SUCH•HQUSE;.BUILDING <br />'OR STRUCTURE, AND PRESCRIB- <br />ING- A PENALTY FOR ALL VIO. <br />LATIONS THEREOF. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City of <br />Newport Beach do ordain as follows: <br />Section ,1. Every house, building <br />and 'structure ;in the City of Newport <br />Beach, occupied, or capable of being <br />occupied, for business or residentipl <br />purposes, shall have conspicuously <br />displayed on the outside of that por- <br />tion thereof which faces or ' fronts <br />upon the street, avenue or highway, " <br />the proper number of such house, <br />building or structure as established <br />Purl provided for by the terms and pro. <br />visions of Ordinance No. 148 of the <br />City of Newport 'Beach, All such <br />numbers shall be of suitable size and <br />design so that they may be readily <br />seen from the street, avenile or high- <br />way in front of any such house, build- ' <br />ing or structure. , <br />Section 2. Any owner or occupant <br />of any such house, building or struc- <br />ture who ,shall neglect, fail or refuse <br />to display thbieon the proper number <br />thereof as provided -for in said _Ordi - <br />. <br />ounce No. 148 after the 1st day of Sep- <br />tember, 1920, shall be deemed guilty <br />of a misdemeanor and upon conviction <br />thereof in a court of competent juris. <br />diction shall be punished by a fine not <br />exceeding $25.00 or by imprisonment <br />for a period not „exceeding ten days, <br />or by both such fine and imprisonment, <br />Section 3. This Ordinance shall-be <br />published once in the Newport "News, <br />a newspaper of general , circulation, <br />printed, published and circulated in <br />the City of'Newport- Beach, and shall <br />take effect and be in'force 'thirty days <br />after its final passage. <br />Ordinance No. 168 was passed at a <br />regular meeting of the Board of'Trus -I <br />tees of the City o[ Newport beach <br />held on the 19th day of July,:1920, by <br />the £affirmative vote of the following <br />named members, of, -said Board of i <br />Trustees: <br />Ayes— Trustees S. P. Greeley, S. S. <br />Schnitker, Conrad Richter, ,L. $..Wil- <br />kinson:. _ <br />Noes - None. r <br />Absent — Trustee Art L. Heard. <br />Ordinance No. .168'.' having been <br />passed this 19th day of July,- 1920, s <br />hereby, signed and approved by me. <br />S. P. GREELEY, <br />President of the Board of'Trustees. <br />Attest: <br />(Seal) ALFRED .SjlITH, <br />Clerk of the City of Newport, Beach. <br />July 23, 1920 - { <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, do hereby„ <br />certify that the foregoing ordinance No. 168 is a true and correct c <br />of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting <br />held on the 19th day of July, 1920, and that same was printed and <br />published according to law. <br />ity Clerk of Newport Beach. <br />i <br />i <br />I <br />a, <br />-f <br />