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M <br />µ. <br />The'BOard of Trustees o[ the City 1 - Section{5.. The Board oY Trustees l_ <br />ORDINANCE NO. 170. oY Newport Beach do ordain as fol. 1 of the City of Newport Beach hereby' <br />lows: orders the submission of the proposi. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF Section 1. It having been determined' Lion of Incurring a bonded indebted -( <br />NEWPORT BEACH, A MUNICIPAL ' and declared by Resolution No. 130 of - Bess in the sum of $50.000.00 Yor.the�, <br />CORPORATION OF THE SIXTH I the City of Newport Beach. passed. !purposes Set forth in said Resolutions <br />CLASS, INCORPORATED UNDER• <br />adopted and approved by the vote of .: No. 130 and in this Ordinance herein -, <br />THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF more than two - thirds of all the mem- ibefore mentioned and described. be -' <br />CALIFORNIA, ORDERING THE ,�bers of the legislative branch of said p 1ng the completion of said :municipal: <br />SUBMISSION TO THE QUALIFIED City. to -wit: the Board of TrusteesP improvement. to -wit: said jetty. to thei <br />VOTERS OF SAID CITY THE thereof. that the public interest and qualified voters of the City of New - <br />PROPOSITION OF INCURRING A !I port Beach. and for that purpose,an <br />also the public necessity demands the i <br />DEBT FOR THE PURPOSE OF + <br />completion in the. City of Newport I election 1s hereby called to, be held at <br />THE COMPLETION IN THE CITY Beach of a municipal . improvement. �C and within the-City of Newport Beach: <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH OF A MU.; to -wit: the completion of the rubble on .Monday. the 30th• day of August,' <br />NICIPAL IMPROVEMENT, AS SET ; mound jetty constructed at the en. 1920. width day is hereby fixed as the <br />FORTH IN RESOLUTION NO 130;! trance of Newport Bay. the comple- date on which 'said election shall be <br />OF SAID CITY, TO -WIT: ° E Lion thereof to consist in the placing held. and the said election shall be of <br />THE COMPLETION.OF THE RUB,i of stone In. on. and along said jetty spectaf election. <br />BLE MOUND JETTY CONSTRUCT to increase the height thereof so that <br />I, Section 6. At the special election <br />ED AT THE ENTRANCE TO NEW-: f when completed the top of said jetty called to be +held and provided for by <br />PORT BAY, - CALLING A SPECIAL: <br />1 will be approximately 6 ft. higher than Section 5 of this Ordinance there <br />ELECTION FOR.THAT PURPOSE,'i it now exists. along its entire length. shall be and is hereby submitted to <br />RECITING THE OB,I F,CTS ANDj extending from the present shore end the qualified voters of the City of New - <br />PURPOSES FOR WHICH THE IN- :.thereof Into the. watare of the Pacific 1 <br />port Beach the proposition of incurring' <br />DEBTEDNESS IS, PROPOSED TO; Ocean a distance of approximately 1. a bonded debt by the City of Newptlrt' <br />B T <br />E INCURRED, HE ESTIMATED.EI 1700 ft. and also the placing of stone iI Beach in the sum .of'$50.000.00'with <br />COST OF THE COMPLETION OF ;! at and near the shore end of said jetty;] which to pay the cost of the comple <br />THE PUBLIC . IMPROVEMENT,; !1 for the purpose of protecting the shore <br />THE AMOUNT OF THE PRINCI -:l Lion d the he municipal mentioned. <br />TO-:' <br />thereof from and preventing Its and described municipal improVe, <br />PAL OF THE, INDEBTEDNESS TOi injury and destruction by the tides' <br />BE INCURRED THEREFOR. AND to -wit: said jetty: the comple'. <br />1; and currents of the Pacific Ocean. In tion of said municipal Improvement. <br />THE RATE OF INTEREST.'TO BE; <br />order to carry out the objects, pur- ,being necessary and convenient tot <br />PAID ON SAID INDEBTEDNESS; poses and powers of the City of New - <br />FIXING THE DATE ON WHICH carry out the objects purposes and <br />SUCH SPECIAL ELECTION SHALL{ port Beach. the cost of the completion powers of the City of Newport Beach. <br />of which municipal improvement will iii Section 7. The manner of holding <br />BE HELD, THE MANNER OF, be too great to be paid out of the ordi- <br />I HOLDING. SUCH ELECTION AND'i such election and the voting for or <br />1 nary annual income and revenue oY�, against incurring said indebtedness <br />THE VOTING FOR OR AGAINST' the City of Newport Beach, shall be as follows: The proposition <br />THE INCURRING OF SUCH IN -1 It is hereby further determined and <br />DEBTEDNESS. AND PROVIDING' of incurring a bonded 'of debt thnd the Is- <br />declared that the use of th word "jet - <br />THAT IN ALL PARTICULARS! Newport of the bonds 'of <br />com City, of <br />ty" hereinafter In this Ordinance � Newport Beach'Yor the completion of <br />NOT RECITED IN THIS ORDI -Z shall mean. and shall at all times be' <br />NANCE SUCH ELECTION SHALL said municipal improvement. to-wit: <br />construed to mean. the rubble mound said jetty. in the sum of $50.000.00. <br />BE HELD AS PROVIDED BV LAW; jetty now constructed at the entrance - <br />FOR HOLDING MUNICIPAL ELEC.; shall be submitted to the qualified vby <br />to Newport Bay. and the completion+ era of the City of Newpport Beach by <br />PORT IN TH E.,CITV OF NEW -; thereof shall be as described in said <br />PORT BEACH. printed vial .and the ballots used at <br />Resolution No. 130. and defined and i <br />i Whereas. on the 12th day.oY July., said special election except as other. <br />1920. at a regular meeting of the legis <br />set forth IA this Section of 'this Ord4 I wise - provided for in this Ordinance'. <br />�lative branch of the City of Newport' <br />shall be printed. prepared. famished <br />713 and distributed as' provided by law Yor I: <br />Beach. to wit: the. Board of Trustees determined and de- <br />oY said, City, by. a, vote of more than printing. preparing. furnishing and , Board oY Trustees oY distributing ballots atmunicipal dice. two - thirds oY all the membersof said wport Beach propose to.i Board oY Trustees. there was passed. [ions in the City adopted and approved Resolution No, debt to pay the cost. Each ballot shall have printedon <br />.130 to said City. being a'Reson No., of the completion of. said - jetty. and to' the back thereof the words: <br />issue and sell the bonds of the City Of MUNICIPAL TICKET <br />I determining and declaring that the Newport Beach to pay the cost of the',; <br />public interest and also the public ne -f completion thereof. <br />cessity e co -- - BOND 'ELECTION <br />demands the of a, CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH ' <br />Section .2. The objects' and pur. ' And on the top of the face of the <br />municipal improvement in,the City of poses for which the Indebtedness Is <br />Newport Beach. to -wit: the comple -' proposed to be incurred is to pay the 'ballot the following instructlons to <br />I tlon of the rubble mound jetty con - ,voters shall'be printed: <br />cost of the completion of said mania m <br />strutted at the entrance of Newport ipal improvement in the City ob New- INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS: <br />Bay. the completion thereof to consist port vote in favor of the proposition <br />,1n the placing of stone In. on. and port Beach. to -wit: said jetty. is order .! <br />to make and maintain the entrance to stamp a cross (X) ffi the voting square <br />along said jetty to increase the height at the right of the: word' �'Y ES" fol -, <br />Newport Bay safe and adequate Yor <br />thereof so that When completed the the, purposes of marine commerce and lowing the proposition to be voted` <br />top of said jetty will be approximately) travel. and the completion of said mu upon. To vote against the proposition! <br />6 ft. higher than it how exists along nicipal improvement. to -wit: said jet. stamp a cross (X), in the voting square <br />,Tits entire length. extending' from the ty is necessary and convenient to at the right of the word "NO" follow- <br />present present shore end thereof into the carry out the. objects. purposes and Ing the-proposition to be voted upon. <br />waters of the Pacific Ocean a distance powers of the City of Newport Beach, I ALL MARKS EXCEPT THE'CROSS <br />!of approximately 1760 "ft. arid 'also the Section 3, The cost of the comple - i (X) -ARE FORBIDDEN. ALL CIS- iiiiii <br />placing of stone at and near the shore. Lion of said municipal improvement. TINGUISHING' MARKS OR- ERA. <br />'i end of said jetty for the purpose of to -wit: said jetty. is estimated ,to be I! SURFS 'ARE 'FORBIDDEN AND r <br />protecting the shore end thereof from $50.000.00. and the amount of the i MAKE THE BALLOT VOID. If you <br />.and preventing Its injury and destruc. principal of the indebtedness to be in- I NVIIONGLY STAMP. TEAR. 'OR DE. <br />LI tlon by the tides and currents of the curred therefor is the sum of $50.000.; , FACE THIS BALLOT return it to the �. <br />;Pacific Ocean. , 00. which sum is and will be too great Inspector of election and obtain.'an- <br />1 The completion of said municipal to be paid out of the ordinary annual 'other. <br />I� improvement being necessary and con -, income and revenue of the City :of I 'There shall be further printed on <br />jIvenient In order to carry out the ob- Newport Beach. I, the face of each of- said ballots. the <br />S; jects. purposes and powers of the City Section 4. The-rate of Interest to be I� following: <br />'I of Newport Beach:.the cost of the tom- paid on-the said principal of •the In -lI -PROPOSITION <br />pletion of which municipal Improve - debtednass of $50.000.00 wbicb it is l Shall the City of -Newport <br />ment will be too great to be paid out proposed to be Incurred. is hereby fix- li Beach "incur a7 - bonded' indebted - <br />of the ordinary. annual Income and ed at six per cent. per annum. and the t ness for the completion of - the YES <br />iIrevenue of the City of Newport Beach. sold interest at said rate to be paid I. rubble mound jetty "at the en- <br />INow therefore. at this. a subsequent semi- annually. .trance to Newport Bay, in the NO <br />' meeting of said Board of Trustees of sum of $50.000.00? <br />!the City of Newport Beach after the' <br />iI passage. adoption and approval of said <br />ILResolution No 130' J <br />1 <br />4, <br />,. <br />i <br />