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t <br />t <br />CI <br />0 DINANCE NO. 237 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2a0 fore m,ndoned Plan No. 296. <br />AN ORDI'_`:1NGE OF THE CITY OF <br />SECTION' 2. <br />NEWPOT•T BEACH CREATING A <br />IN OBDINAN('E' Of TITS BO.k RD I The City Clerk shall certify to the <br />CITY 'LANNING CONXISSION <br />OF' TRC'4TEF:5 OF i` "i k: CI! ^Y Ol' passage of this ordinance and cause <br />FOR S.1ID CITY. <br />NF.;YPORT BENCH EST.U1.1S1I- <br />the same +o be published by one In- <br />19 (. THE GRADES AND Ct R3 <br />, sertion in the Newport sews. a week- <br />The Board of Trustees of the city <br />LINES ON GRADES- PORTit %N newspaper, printed, published and <br />y <br />of Newpo.� Beach do ordain as fol- <br />, <br />OF 11TH. STREET, BB:'_(UI �lfoi- ipurpo+se. L <br />lows: <br />I. I <br />STREET, F,tN BE:tNARDINO A-, E -; signaled that This or- <br />g <br />SECTION <br />NI'E %ND OCEAN DRIVE WITHIN <br />dinauc, shall tale,' effect upon its <br />A city planning commission is here - <br />SAID CITY. ;passage. <br />by created in and for the city of New- <br />Passed and approved this 17th day <br />::psrt Buell. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City <br />of December. 1923. <br />SECTION 2. <br />be published <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />J. J. SCHNITKF,A <br />This' Ordinance shall <br />lows: <br />President of the Board of Trustees. <br />once in the` NEWPORT NEWS. a <br />circulation <br />SECTION <br />ATTEST: :;)feed Smith <br />newspaper of general <br />and circulated in <br />o <br />The official grades of 14th. Street <br />Santa <br />Clerk <br />printed. published <br />the city of Newport Beach and shall <br />from the southeasterly line of <br />State of California. . County of <br />and be in force thirty days <br />Ana Avenue to the northwesterly <br />Orange. City of Newport Beach. as. <br />g <br />the <br />take effect <br />I <br />line of San Bernardino Avenue: and <br />. i. Alfred Smith. city Clerk of <br />after its final Passage. <br />Broad Street from the southeasterly <br />I City of Newport Beach do hereby <br />I hereby certify that the foregoing <br />be- <br />line of Santa Ana Avenue to the <br />certify that the foregoing ordinance. <br />ordinance was duly introduced <br />Board Trustees of the city <br />nort.hwestcrly line of San Bernardino <br />being Ordinance No. 250 was duty ro- <br />fore the of <br />of Newport Beach at a regular meet- <br />Avenue: and San Bernardino Avenue <br />the northeasterly line of Ocean <br />troduced at a regular meeting of <br />Board of Trustees of said City. <br />ing thereof held on the 16th day of <br />by <br />from <br />Drive to the northeasterly line of <br />the <br />end adopted by said Board of Tras- <br />October 1923. and duly passed <br />14th. Street: and Ocean Drive from <br />tees. signed the :resident of said <br />said Board at a regular meeting <br />thereof held on the 22nd. day of Octob- <br />the southeasterly prolongation of <br />ilia northeasterly line of 12th. Street <br />Beard and regular ed in the said Clerk. <br />to <br />all at a regular meting of said Board <br />er. 1923, by the vote of the <br />thereof, <br />to the southwesterly prolongation of <br />held on the 17th day of December. <br />following named members <br />the southeasterly line of San Bernar- <br />1923. and that the same was passed <br />to -Wit: <br />J. J. Schnitker. H. <br />dino Avenue are hereby established to <br />by the following vote, io -wit: <br />AYES. Trustees. <br />P. Wilson. Conrad <br />conform to the. elevations and grades <br />AYES. Trustees. J. J. Schnitker. H. <br />O. Sloan. Geo. <br />Richter. L. S. Wilkinson. <br />therefor shown upon plan No. 296 a- <br />Board of Trustees of the <br />C Sloan. COO. 'i: ikon. Conrad <br />NOES, Trustees. none. <br />dopted by the <br />City of Newport Beach by Resolution' <br />Richter. L. S. w'ilkfason. <br />ABSENT. Trustees none. <br />The above and <br />not <br />Band office <br />the <br />ABSENT. Trustees. "One. <br />this 122nd. day <br />Is approved by me this <br />City Clerk ofnsaid City. curb <br />the hereinbefore mentioned <br />ALFRED SMITH <br />October. 1923. <br />;hies of <br />portions of streets and avenues are <br />City Clerk of the City of Newport <br />J. J; SCHNITKER <br />President of the Board of Trustees. <br />hereby fixed and established at the Beach. <br />hereinbe -' Publish Once after passage. <br />ATTEST: ALFRED SMITIJ. <br />locations shown upon the <br />Clerk of the city of Newport Beach. <br />law. caused to be given notice o[ such <br />electors by mteans of a ballot, upon' <br />ORDINANCE NO. 252 <br />repecfal election and notice thereof <br />which there was printed: Shall• <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />was published in SANTA ANA BUL- <br />Corona del Mar be annexed to the <br />NEWPORT BEACH APPROVING JILETIN, <br />a newspaper of general cir- <br />city of Newport Beach? YES —NO- <br />THE ANNEXATION THERETO 0111 <br />culation printed and published at the <br />with voting squares after the printed <br />CERTAIN NEW TERRITORY RE• I <br />city of Santa Ana, Orange County. <br />words YES and NO. i <br />FERRED TO AS CORONA DEL <br />California. the county in which the <br />On the 18th day of February. 1924. <br />MAR. <br />territory proposed to be annexed is <br />at a regular meeting of the Board <br />situated„ and outside of the city of ref. <br />IDesch <br />Trustees of the city of Newport <br />On the 9th day of January, 1924. <br />Newport. Beach. The said notice of <br />next after the expiration of <br />there was received by the Board of <br />election was published once each ithree <br />days from the date of said ape - <br />Trusteae of the City of Newport' <br />Beach, the legislative body thereof, <br />week for a period of four successive lcial election anti the returns of the <br />weeks. next preceding the 11th day of l special election having been made to <br />a writtea n petition asking that the <br />February. 1924, the date of the elec -•`nd in the handy of the Clerk. the <br />boundaries of such municipal torpor -- <br />tion. 1Board of Trustees of the city of New -�. <br />ation be altered and new territory an- <br />The notice of election ' distinctly l <br />port Beach met and proceeded to <br />+nexed thereto, incorporated and in- <br />stated the date of the special election <br />canvass said returns, and completed) <br />eluded therein. and made a part there- <br />and the proposition to be submitted said canvass at such meeting: from <br />of, containing a description of the <br />ithe returns and the canvass thereof <br />to it, that it is proposed to annex to. � <br />new territory proposed to be annexed <br />incorporate in. and make a part of the the <br />Board of T'rlla:eca of the city of <br />and which is located in the County of <br />city of Newport Beach the territory <br />Newport Beach found and caused a <br />Orange. California, is contiguous to <br />record <br />sought to be annexed and specifically <br />thereof to be made and entered <br />the ejtv of Newport Beach and forma <br />+ <br />- <br />described the boundaries thereof, and <br />upon its minutes, stating the propoei- <br />no part of any municipal corporation, <br />;ion <br />designated such territory by the name <br />submitted and showing the whole <br />.. <br />and is the territory hereinafter speci- <br />Cornea del Mar, the name by which <br />number of votes tact thereon in the <br />fically described. <br />It is commonly known and usually re- <br />territory proposed to be annexed. the <br />The petition is signed by more than <br />(erred to. and by which n should be <br />number of votes cast therein in favor <br />one - fourth in number of all quali- <br />indicated upon the ballots to be used <br />of annexation and the number votes <br />fied electors residing within the des- <br />at the election. <br />cast therein against annexati on. as <br />cribed territory, as shown by the <br />By said notice the electors In such <br />follows: <br />r <br />registration of voters of the County of, <br />territory were directed to vote upon <br />Proposition —that it is proposed to <br />Orange in which such territory is <br />the he question by stamping a cross (X) ,annex <br />ues <br />to, incorporate in. and make t <br />situated. <br />I <br />upon their ballots in the voting square <br />part of the city of Newport Beach <br />The Board of Trustees of the city <br />after the printed word YES or the <br />Corona del Mar. being the territory <br />of Newport Beach. at a regular meet -) <br />meet-1. <br />printed word NO to indicate whether <br />sought to be annexed. Whole number <br />fng thereof held the 9th day <br />I <br />such elector was in favor of or against <br />of votes cast —seven (7). Number <br />January. 1924, called and ordered to <br />annexation. <br />of votes cast in favor of annexation <br />be held in the described territory. on <br />The The Board of Trustees established <br />seven (7) ; Number of votes cast a- <br />the 11th day of February. 1924. a ape- <br />for such special election and in the <br />gainst annexation none. <br />cial election and submitted to the <br />notice of'election designated the vot- <br />The Board of Trustees of the city <br />electors residing in the territory pro- <br />ing precinct and the place where the, <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as tol- <br />eased to be annexed to the city of <br />polls would be opened for such elec -! <br />lows: <br />Newport Beach the question whether <br />tion to such territory proposed to be. <br />SECTION 1 <br />such territory should ne annexed to, <br />incorporated in, and made &,.part of <br />annexed, also appointed for the vot -. <br />The annexation to the city of New- <br />the of Newport Beach. <br />ing place officers of election consist- pot Beach of the new territory Contf- <br />,city <br />Th8"Board of Trustees. as provided <br />fng, of two judges and one Inspector, guous. thereto, and watch forms no <br />,ffor Ig.Yie order thereof ,calling, such <br />o.,.I roe thereof : cailli ...,s i <br />each of whom was a qualified elector <br />l of the voting Precinct. <br />t <br />t <br />CI <br />