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ORDINANCE NO. 253 <br />NOT ADOPTED <br />A petition was presented signed by 18 residents of the City <br />asking for a building ordinance providing that nothing but fire proof <br />buildings shall be erected in Block 20 First Addition to. Newport Beach <br />and Blocks 21, 22 and 23 of Newport Beach Tract, and not allowing any <br />alterations to buildings already erected in that district. The same <br />was discussed and on motion of Trustee Geo. P. Wilson seconded by Trustee <br />Conrad Richter and carried, the City Attorney was instructed to draw up <br />an Ordinance prohibiting the erection of any building in Blocl: 20 First <br />Addition and Blocks 21, 22 and 23 Newport Beach Tract.except Class B or <br />better as described by the Board of Fire Underwriters, and no alterations <br />costing 025.00 or over allowed on buildings already erected in that <br />district. The ordinance was ordered filed, read, considered,designated <br />Ordinance No. 253 and passed to the'-,second reading. <br />Ordinance No. 253 was introduced on February 25, 1924; but <br />never had its second reading. <br />