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ORDINANCE NO. 266. - <br />ocated in the City of 'Newport, <br />Section 2. For (tie purpose of hold- <br />Be . ach. County of Orange, Zeate of <br />Ing the special electiofijUreiubefore <br />An ordinance of the City of Newport <br />California. and beginning Bet the -in- <br />called and ordered to be-' held. the <br />Beach submitting to the electors of <br />tersection of the southwesterly pro -, <br />City' of Newport Beach is divided <br />said municipality the question <br />longation of the center line Of Irvine <br />into three election precincts and the <br />whether or not certain uninhabited <br />Avenue. as said Irvine Avenue is - .laid <br />election precincts now created by the <br />territory now a part of said city. shall <br />out and shown upon a Map of First <br />Board of Supervisors of the County <br />be excluded therefrom. calling a spec- <br />Addidtion to Newport Heights, as re- <br />of Orange. California, for holding the <br />fal election for that purpose directing <br />corded in Miscellaneous Maps Book 4. <br />general election of the year 1924. are <br />notice of said election to -be published. <br />page 94. Records of Orange .County. <br />.hereby established as and shall be <br />establishing voting precincts and <br />California. and a line. which line is <br />and constitute the precincts in the <br />places at which the polls will be! <br />350 feet northeasterly of and parallel <br />City of Newport Beach for holding <br />opened. and appointing election offi -� <br />with the bulkhead line extending <br />said special election and to be uumr <br />cons. , <br />from L. S. Bulkhead Station No. 170. <br />bered Precincts 1. 2 and 3. A place <br />WHEREAS. a petition in writing' <br />to U. S. Bulkhead Station Na 17.5. as <br />where the polls will be opened in <br />s the <br />was heretofore received <br />heretofore <br />said Bulkhead line and bulkhead sta- <br />each of said precincts and a board <br />wpo.' <br />of Trustees of the City of Newpo. <br />o <br />tions are laid out and shown DStnn a <br />of election for holding the. said `elec- <br />I <br />Map of Newport Bay. California. <br />nt <br />tim7 is hereby designated and ap- <br />Beach as the legislative body iherem.1 i <br />showing harbor lines. approved <br />g 1rJ the <br />- t>eiated. - <br />asking that the boundaries of said city i. <br />War Department January 18. 1817: � <br />Precinct \0. 1 <br />be altered and certain uninhabited I <br />!hence southeasterly along a °fine.) <br />Polling Place —City Hall. <br />territory. now a part of the City Of <br />wI. h line is 350 feet northern , <br />board of Election <br />Newport Beach. be excluded there- <br />of and parallel with the aforesaid <br />Judge — Miriam S. Porter. <br />from a description of which unin- I <br />.bulkhead line extending bet wee-11 1 <br />Judge — Arline Jasper. <br />habited territory was contained in; <br />- bulkhead stations No. 170 and No. 175., <br />Inspector— Hirara C. CuBhing. <br />said petition and the same was sign -1 <br />a distance of 5700 feet to a point; <br />Precinct— No. 2 <br />ed by more than one -tenth in number, <br />thence southeasterly in a direct line <br />Poln g place —East Newport Oar. <br />of the qualified electors of the Cityl <br />to a.poirrt in the westerly line of Sec- <br />ago <br />of Newport Beach. computed upon the <br />Lion 35, township 6 south, range 10, <br />Board of Election, <br />number of votes cast at the last gen -I <br />west. S. B. B. & M.. which Point is <br />Judge Amos n. Tracy. <br />eral municipal election held therein. <br />1350 feet southerly of the northwest -- <br />Judge .Minnie Jay. <br />WHEREAS. upon receiving said <br />erly corner of said Section 35: thence <br />Inspector —Harry M. Aldrich. <br />petition. the City of Newport Beach <br />south 51 degrees east a distance of <br />Prerinet Y0. 3 <br />I <br />immediately notified the Board of Su - I <br />400 feet to a point: thence north 46 <br />Polling place —Fire Hall. <br />pervisors of the County of Orange. I <br />degrees 37 minutes east to U. S. Bulk - <br />Board of .Election. <br />California. the county in which the <br />head Station No. 150. as shown ands <br />Judge —Mary Evelyn Rider. <br />City of Newport Beach is located. of <br />laid out upon the aforesaid Map of <br />Juts a —Mrs. Florence Hodgkfusou. <br />the fact of filing said petition and <br />,' 4ewport Bay.. California. showing <br />Inspector— lValler W. McClain. <br />said Board of Supervisors thereupon <br />- ,harbor lines; :thence north 46 degrees <br />Section 3. The polls at the polhug <br />caused notice to he published to Santa I <br />37 minutes ea5ri along a line to its in- <br />places -shall be opened at the <br />Ana Daily Evening Register. a dally) <br />tersection with a line. which line is <br />hour <br />-6 :a. m. and he kept <br />newspaper of general circulation. <br />200 feet northerly Of and parallel with <br />Iof open to the <br />of 6 p. m. oY the day <br />rinted. published and circulated in <br />the bulkhead line ;extending from U. <br />(hour of elec- <br />-in. <br />an. at which time (he same shall <br />the City of Santa Ana. Orange Coun- <br />6, Bulkhead Station No. 151 to U. S. <br />it* <br />ine' c- <br />�efase4 except as provided for iteSec- <br />- <br />ty, California for a period of flue <br />Bulkhead Station No. 152. as said <br />- <br />Lion of the Yolilieal Code. <br />successive days setting forth by gen- I <br />bulkhead line and bulkhead stations <br />laid the <br />Section 4. The ueslio of the ex- <br />q n <br />brat description the land sought to <br />are out and shown upon <br />i <br />elusion of the <br />be excluded from the City of Newport) <br />aforesaid may of Newport Bay. Cali- <br />foruia, <br />described territory shall be submitted (o the electors by <br />Beach. and announcing the time and I <br />showing harbor IftLes: thence <br />mean:, of a printed ballot and <br />place when and where objections to <br />y <br />due East along a line whfeh line is <br />, <br />on said <br />ballot there shall be <br />said exclusion would be heard. <br />feet northerly of and parallel with <br />printed the <br />"for <br />the <br />the aforesaid bulkhead line extend- <br />words exclusion" and "Against <br />WHEREAS. at the time and place <br />ing from U. S, Bulkhead Station No. <br />exclusion." <br />fixed by the Board of Supervisors of <br />151 to U. S. Bulkhead Station No. 152,1 <br />Section 5. totire of said special <br />the County of Orange, California. and <br />a distance of feat to a point; <br />election shall be published in New- <br />announced <br />announced in said notice. no person <br />thence due north th l <br />a dfbtauce of 300 <br />News. a newspaper of general <br />- owning land sought to be excluded or, <br />t <br />1 set o a p0!A t; fbgnFB i}qe eapt a <br />: circulation. printed. published and <br />otherwise objected to said exclusion ( <br />drstauce of feet to a point; t once <br />circulated in the City of Newport <br />or filed written or any other remora- <br />due south a distance of 300 feet to a <br />Beach once a week for a period of <br />strance or appeared to object or did <br />tZo weeks next preceding the dale of <br />Point: thence due east a distance of <br />object to the exclusion of said unin -) <br />350 feet to a point; thence easterly in <br />the special elecliou. <br />habited territory or any land thereiu.1 <br />a direct line to Station 75 <br />The notice of election shall stale <br />and the f Or Supervisors of the <br />of the <br />Patent boundaries of Lire Rancho San <br />that it is proposed to exclude the -' <br />County of Orange. California. there- <br />g <br />Joaquin. as per map recorded in Book <br />inhabited of lerrhe sough( to ex-; <br />ex <br />upon by �resolution thereof. duly in- <br />1, page 147. of Patent Records of Los <br />cinded from the City of Newport <br />ew <br />trodnced. considered and Passed. con- <br />Angeles County. California; said sta- <br />Beach and describe said territory in; <br />aented to'the exclusion from the City <br />Lion 75 being a in the <br />such manner as to appraise the vol- <br />of Newport Beach of the uninhabited <br />point present <br />boundary line <br />ers of the laud sough( to be excluded <br />'territory described in the said peti- <br />of the City of New- <br />port Beach: thence northwesterly <br />-� <br />In said notice. the electors of, the, <br />:!ion. <br />along the Rancho boundary line as <br />City of Newport Beach shall be in -, <br />'Tire Board of Trustees of the City <br />laid out and <br />to vote upon the <br />1 Proposition by <br />of Newport Beach does ordain as fol- <br />shown upon the afore- <br />said 11ap of the Patent <br />lots , a cross ix) upon their bal- <br />lows: <br />Boundaries <br />of the Rancho San Joaquin. and which <br />11vited <br />lots o"'against (ire words "for eaclu' <br />"against <br />Section 1. A special election Is <br />line is also the present boundary Ifue <br />sion' Cr cr exclusion" to <br />hereby called and ordered to be held <br />.. <br />care whether the vole' for or against <br />g <br />at. in and for the City of Newport <br />of the )'fly o[ Newport Beach. to <br />exciusioa: �L vaid territory from the <br />Beach on Tuesday. the 2nd day of <br />Station 72 of the aforesaid Patent <br />City of Newport Bcacir. The said <br />December. 1924 for the purpose of <br />Boundaries of the Rancho San <br />notice shalt designate the voting pre -� <br />submitting. and at said special elm- <br />Joaquin: thence southwesterly, north- <br />d <br />ducts and the Places where the Polls)I <br />tion there shall be and is hereby sub- <br />westerly. and westerly along the Ares- <br />will be Opened and <br />P the officers of <br />mitted to the electors of the City 'of <br />cut boundary line of the City of New- <br />such election. <br />� <br />Newport Beach the question whNSer <br />port Beach to its intersection thereof <br />Section 6. This ordinance being ! <br />or not the boundaries of said lefty <br />-fill the southwesterly prolongation <br />one railing and otherwise relating to I <br />shall be altered and that certain Until- <br />of the aforesaid center line of Irvine <br />an election shall be in force and of -!!11 <br />babited territory now a part of said <br />Avenue: thence southwesterly along <br />(^et from awl after its Passage and <br />city be excluded therefrom and which <br />the southwesterly prolongation of <br />shall he published once in Newport <br />uninhabited territory is deserE►ad as. <br />the aforesaid center line of Irvine <br />N�,vs; a 's..'ekly newspaper. printed.) <br />follows: <br />Avenue to the place of beglunIng: <br />Published and circulated in the Alit' <br />- <br />.Uf <br />Newport. Beach. - = -, • <br />