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a*a;l <br />The above and foregoing orvlinaiier <br />was Passed at a regular meeting of <br />l[ha Board of Trustees. of the City of <br />i Newport Beach held on the 3rd day of <br />November. 1924 by the vote of the <br />(W*Wing rained members of said <br />Btrd of Tr¢steas. <br />AgRS —Geo. P. 1i',ilson, H. C. Sloan. <br />Fred W. Young. Conrad Richter. L. S. <br />Wilkinson. — Trustees. <br />Noes— Noue.—Tr¢stees. <br />Absen t,—N on e. —T rnatee s. <br />The above and foregoing ordinance <br />No. 266 having been this day passed. <br />is signified by me the 3rd day of No- <br />vember. 1924, <br />OFO, p. WILSON. <br />President of Board of Trustees. <br />V. A, SEBRING. <br />Clerk. City c`_ Newport Beach. <br />ORDINANCE 'NO. 267. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH DECLARING <br />THE SNTESTION OF THE BOARD <br />OF TRUSTEES OF SAID CITY, AS <br />THE LEGISLATIVE BODY THERE. <br />OF, TO CALL AN ELECTION Ili A <br />PROPOSED MUNICIPAL IDI- <br />PROVEMENT DISTRICT IN THE <br />. CITY OF NEWPORT .BEACH, AS <br />DESCRIBED IN A PETITION FOR <br />THAT PURPOSE, OR AS SAID <br />DISTRICT MAY BE HEREAFTER; <br />MODIFIED, AS PROVIDED B1 I <br />LAZY, FOR THE PURPOSE OF <br />SUBMITTING TO THE QUALIFIED <br />I <br />ELECTORS OF SAID DISTRICT <br />THE PROPOSITION OF AUTHOR. <br />IZLNG THE ISSUANCE AND SALE <br />OF BONDS IN THE MANNER, AND <br />FOR THE PURPOSES, SET FORTH <br />IN THE ORDINANCE OF INTEN. <br />TION, ACCURATELY DESCRIB. <br />LNG THE EXTERIOR BOUNDAR. <br />IES OF THE PROPOSED MUNICI. <br />PAL IMPRAVEXENT DISTRICT, <br />SETTING FORTH A GENERAL <br />DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPROVE. <br />RENT TO BE ACQUIRED, AN ES. <br />TL4ATE OF THE COST OF THE <br />PROPOSED PUBLIC IMPROVE. <br />KENT, AND OF THE INCIDENTAL <br />EXPENSES IN CONNECTION <br />THEREWITH, FIXING A DATE, <br />HOUR AND PLACE, WHERE PRO- <br />TESTS WILL BE HEARD, AND A <br />DATE UPON WHICH THE ELEC. <br />TION WILL BE HELD, AND RE. <br />FERRING TO A MAP SHOWING <br />THE EXTERIOR BOUNDARIES <br />OF SAID DISTRICT WITH RELA. <br />TION TO THE TERRITORY IM- <br />MEDIATELY CONTIGUOUS <br />THERETO; AND A GENERAL DES. <br />CRIPTION OF THE PROPOSED <br />IMPROVEMENT, ON FILE IN THE <br />OFFICE DY THE CLERK OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH. <br />Whereas. on the 3rd day of Novem- <br />ber, 1924, a petition in writing was <br />flied in the office of the Clerk of the <br />city of Newport Beach. as Clerk of <br />the Board of Trustees thereof, signed <br />by qualified electors of the city of <br />Newport Beach, residing in the t:r: <br />Cory which is proposed to be for: - <br />into a municipal improvement district. <br />and being signed by more than one- <br />tenth of all the qualified electors re- <br />siding in said territory. and setting <br />forth a..general description of the im- <br />provement to be acquired, and a gen- <br />eral description. of, tile. exterior boun- <br />ee.. of said propbsed `district; <br />Whereas, the improvement to be ac- <br />gnfred is an improvement which the <br />city of Newport Beach is authorized <br />by law to acquire: <br />The Board of Trustees of the city <br />Of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />Section 1. The Board of Trustees <br />of the city of Newport Beach, as the <br />Wslative body thereof. hereby de- <br />glares its intention to call an elec- <br />tion in all that certain territory with- <br />. in and a part of the city of Newport <br />Beach, which Is proposed to be form- <br />er} into a municipal improvement dis- <br />*iet, and which territory is accur- <br />atley described as: <br />Located in the city of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, State of <br />California, and beginning at the in- <br />lersection of the northeasterly line of <br />Surf Avenue, and the northwesterly <br />ifae of B Street: thence southeasterly <br />along the northeasterly line of Surf <br />Avenue to the southeasterly line of E <br />Street; thence southeasterly in a di- <br />rect line to the southwesterly corner <br />Of Lot "F" of Tract No. 518, as per <br />map thereof recorded in 3liscellone- <br />one Maps Book 17. pages 33. 34. 35 and <br />36, Records of Orange County. Calf - <br />.ternia; thence southeasterly along <br />the southwesterly and southerly lines <br />of Lots F. G. H. 1. and J. of the afore - <br />Eaid Tract No. 518 to the southeasterly <br />,corner oP the last mentioned Lot J: <br />thence northwesterly in a direct line <br />to the most southerly corner of Lot <br />.I, Block "P" of the aforesaid Traci <br />aa. 4i9; thence northeasterly along <br />the southeasterly line of the Iasi men- <br />tioned Lot 1 to the most easterly corn- <br />er of the last mentioned Lot 1: thence <br />northwesterly along the northeasterly <br />.urine of the last mentioned Lot 1 and <br />.along the northeasterly line of Lot <br />"M". Block "P", of the aforesaid <br />Tract No. 518. to U. S. Bulkhead Sta- <br />tion No. 108. as said Bulkhead Sta- <br />tion is laid out and shown upon a <br />map of Newport Bay. California. show- <br />ing harbor lines. approved by the War <br />Department. January 18. 1917: thence <br />northwesterly, along the U. S. Bulk- <br />head Line. extending from U. S. Bulk- <br />head Station No. 108 to U. S. Bulkhead <br />Station No. 109. as said Bulkhead line <br />and Bulkhead stations are laid cull <br />and shown upon the aforesaid Map <br />of Newport Bay, California. showing <br />harbor lines. to the last mentioned <br />U. S. Bulkhead Station -.No. 109: thence <br />northwesterly in a direct line to the <br />northeasterly corner of Lot 7. Block <br />-S" of the Bay Front Section of the <br />Balboa Tract. as recorded in Mis- <br />cellaneous Maps Book 6. page 15. rec- <br />ords of Orange County. California; <br />thence westerly and northwesterly <br />along the northerly and northeasterly <br />line of the aforesaid Bay Front Sec- <br />tion of the Balboa Tract to its inter- <br />section with the northeasterly pro- <br />longation of the northwesterly line of <br />B Street; thence southwesterly along <br />the northwesterly line of B Street to <br />the place of beginning:- or as the <br />same may be . hereafter modified, as <br />provided by law, for the purpose of <br />submitting to the qualified electors <br />of said district the proposition of <br />authorizing the issuance and sale of <br />bonds of such district in the manner, <br />and for the purposes set forth in the; <br />ordinance of intention <br />. Section 2. The -improvement to be! <br />9c4lilred IsAeacrfbed as follows: A� <br />right of way for public street pur -, <br />poses and upon which to construct <br />and maintain a public street, over, <br />upon, and along all that certain real <br />Property within the proposed munici- <br />pal improvement district located in <br />'the city of Newport Beach, County of <br />,Orange. State of California, and — <br />Beginning at the intersection of the <br />northwesterly line of B Street and a <br />line. which line Is six (6) feet south- <br />westerly of and parallel with the <br />northeasterly line of Central Avenue; <br />thence southeasterly and easterly <br />along a line. which line is six (6) feet' <br />southwesterly of and parallel with <br />the northeasterly and northerly lines' <br />of Central Avenue, to the southerly <br />I� prolongation of the easterly line of <br />,(^L Street; thence southerly along the <br />, asterly line of L Street to the south - <br />„19y line of Section 35, Township 6 <br />South. Range 10 West, San Bernar- <br />dino Base and Meridian; thence west- <br />erly along the southerly line of the <br />last mentioned Section 35 to its inter- <br />section with a line. which line is six <br />(6) feet northeasterly of and parallel <br />with the southwesterly line of that <br />part of Central Avenue lying easterly <br />of E Street; thence northwesterly <br />along a line, which line is six (6) feet <br />northeasterly of and parallel with the <br />southwesterly line of Central Avenue <br />to its intersection with the north- <br />westerly line of B Street; thbuce <br />northeasterly along the northwesterly <br />line of B Street to the place of begin- <br />ning. <br />Section 3. The cost of the proposed <br />improvement is estimated to be $54: <br />.000.00, and there are no incidental ex- <br />penses connected therewith. <br />Section 4. The 2nd day of February <br />1925. is hereby fixed as the date upon <br />which an election will be called in i <br />said district and upon said date an <br />election will be called and held there- <br />in for the purpose of submitting and <br />there will be submitted to the quali- <br />fied voters thereof the proposition of <br />incurring indebtedness by the issu- <br />ance of bonds of said district to pay <br />the cost of the acquisition of the pro- <br />posed improvement: <br />A map showing the exterior boun- <br />daries of the said district with rela- <br />tion to the territory immediately con- <br />tiguous thereto. and a general des- <br />cription of the proposed improvement <br />are on file in the office of the Cler'.: <br />of the city of Newport Beach. as 1 <br />Clerk of the legislative body of said <br />city. which map shall govern for all <br />details as to the extent of the dis- <br />trict. <br />Section 5. The hour of 7:30 o'clock <br />p. m. of Monday, the 22nd day of De- <br />cember. 1924. at the council chamber <br />of the Board of Trustees of the city <br />of Newport Beach. in the City Hall of <br />said city. in the city of Newport <br />Beach, is hereby fixed as the date. <br />hour and place. for the hearing of <br />protests. <br />Any person interested, objecting to <br />the formation of said district. or to <br />the extent of the said district. or to <br />the proposed improvement. or to the <br />inclusion of his property in said dis- <br />trict, may file written protests setting <br />forth such objections. with the Cleric <br />of the city of Newport Beach. at or <br />before the time set for the hearing of <br />said protests. at which time and <br />place the hoard of Trtlatees will hear. <br />