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I, <br />the - petition. all protests an o l <br />tions filed, and all Persons appearing <br />to object. <br />Section 6. The election will be a' <br />'special election and for the purpose <br />of holding the election the proposed) <br />municipal improvement district will <br />be and constitute one voting Precinct., <br />and Mrs. ?i D. Ady's Garage. within <br />:. <br />the proposed district, will be deedg- <br />mated as the polling place. <br />I A Board of Election will he appoint- <br />' ed to consist of one inspector. one <br />judge. and one clerk. <br />Section 7. The Proposition to he <br />submitted to the qualified voters will <br />:b0 the incurring of indebtedness by! <br />the issuance of bonds of said district <br />In the sum of $54.000.00 to pay the' <br />cost of the acquisition of the proposed <br />improvement. If at the election two - <br />'thirds and more of all the voters vot- <br />ing thereat shall vote in favor of auth- <br />!orizing and the sale of the bonds of <br />the municipal improvement district in <br />the. sum of $54.000.00 for said purpose. <br />'then the Board of Trustees of the city <br />of Newport Beach shall be authorized <br />and empowered to issue and will is- <br />sue and sell the bonds of the mnmici- <br />pal improvement district in the sum <br />of $54.000.00 for the payment of the <br />cost of the acquisition of the describ- <br />ed improvement. <br />Section 8. The said sum of $54.- <br />000.00 will be represented by 54 bonds. <br />numbered iron; 1 to 54. both inclu- <br />sire. each bond in the denomination <br />of $1000.00. all dated the led day of <br />March. 1925. On the 1st day of March <br />1926, Bonds No. 1 and 2 shall fall <br />due and be paid, and annually there- <br />after on the 1st day of the month <br />of March two additional of said bonds <br />in successive numerical order shall <br />fall due and be paid. making an an <br />nual payment of $2000.00 and which' <br />is less than one- fortieth part of the <br />whole amount of the indebtedness <br />each year. <br />The bonds and the money thereby <br />represented shall bear interest at the <br />rate of 6 % per annum, and the inter- <br />est shall be paid semi - annually on the <br />1st day of the months of September <br />and March, after their date. until all <br />of said bonds. Principal and interest. <br />are paid. All of said bonds and in- <br />terest shall be paid at the office of the <br />Treasurer of the city of Newport <br />Beach, in said city. County of Orange. <br />California. <br />Section 9. The municipal improve- <br />ment district proposed to be formed <br />when the same is formed, shall be <br />known as municipal ill�provement dis- <br />trict No. 4 of the city of ' Newport <br />Beach. <br />Section 10. There being no news- <br />paper published in the city of New- <br />port Beach six days a week, this Or- <br />dinance shall be published once a <br />week for two weeks. in NEWPORT <br />NEWS. a weekly newspaper of gen- <br />eral circulation. printed. published, <br />and circulated in the city of Newport <br />Beach. and one insertion each week <br />for two succeeding weeks shall be <br />sufficient publication. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />was introduced before the Board of <br />Trustees of the city of Newport Beach <br />at a regular meeting thereof held the <br />3rd day of November. 1924, and duly <br />passed at a regular meeting thereof <br />held on the 17th day of November. <br />1924 by the affirmative vote of the <br />following named members of said <br />Board of Trustees: <br />AYES. Trustees. Gen. P. Wilson. H. <br />C. Sloan. Fred W. Young. Conrad <br />Richter. L. S. Wilkinson. <br />NOES. Trustees, none. <br />ABSENT. Trustees, none. <br />The above and foregoing ordinance <br />No. 267 is signed and approved by me <br />this 17th day of November. 1924. <br />GEO. P. WILSON. <br />President Board of Trustees <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Attest: V. A. SEBRING. <br />Clerk City of Newport Beach. <br />Pub. Nov 21. 28. 1924. <br />fAX ORDCNANCE OF THE CITY OF' <br />'NEWPORT BEACH REQPIRING1 <br />CONNECTIONS R'ITH THE PFBJ <br />LIC SEVER Ir OAID CITY. <br />The Board of Trustees of the city <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows:— <br />Section 1. Certain words here-1 <br />after used in this Ordinance are in -i <br />tended to mean, shall mean. and at all I <br />times and places be Held and con -1 <br />strued to have tine meaning in this <br />section defined. I <br />"Dwelling house" shall mean any. <br />building or structure erected for thel <br />purposes of human habitation, or. <br />which is capable of being inhabited <br />by human beings as a place of anode. <br />'Business structure' shall meau'' <br />any building or structure erected far <br />the purpose of having transacted ors <br />carried on therein any trade, pro -; <br />fession. occupation, business, or cail- <br />ing. or which is capable of having i <br />carried on therein any trade, profes- <br />sion. occupation, business. or calling. <br />"Public sewer" shall mean acv <br />sewer in any part of the city of <br />Newport Beach used. cornrolled. or <br />operated. by the city of Nc sport <br />Beaeb. whether the same be con- <br />structed by said city directly, or by <br />assessments upon Private property. <br />Section 2. Every dwelling house <br />now .erected in the city of Newport <br />Beach shall within thirty days fn'om <br />the date of this Passage of this or -. <br />dinance he connected with the nubile. <br />sewer in the manner, at the Place, u:i- <br />der the supervision of. and to the set - <br />isfaction of the Superintendent of the <br />water system of the city of Newport <br />Beach, if said dwelling )louse shall be <br />erected within 200 feet of the Public <br />sewer. Ij <br />Section 3. Every business struc- <br />ture now erected in the city of Now <br />port Beach shall, within thirty days l <br />I from the date of the passage of this <br />ordinance. be connected with the <br />,public sewer in the manner, at the <br />place. under the supervision of. and <br />l to the satisfaction of the Sup: rim - <br />tendent of the water system of the <br />city of Newport Beach, if said bust -, <br />ness structure shall be erected with- <br />in 200 feet of the public sewer. <br />Section 4. Every dwelling 1muse <br />and business structure hereafter <br />erected in the city of Newport Boacb,l <br />f <br />!if erected within 200 feet of the.p_ub -`. <br />lie sewer. shall, before it is occupied <br />for any purpose, be connected with <br />1 the public sewer. No permit shall <br />!be issued by the building inspector <br />for the erection of a dwelling house <br />or business structure, if the same -is <br />to be erected within 200 feet of the <br />Public sewer. until there shall he de- <br />1 posited with the building inspector a <br />i sum sufficient to connect said dwell- <br />' mg house or business structure wlth <br />the public sewer when the same shall <br />be constructed and m'ected. and said <br />sum shall he used to pay the cost <br />thereoi. <br />Section 5. The owner of any dwell- <br />ing house or business structure w'ho <br />shall neglect. fail. or refuse, for a <br />Period of ten days, to connect the <br />same with the public sewer. after <br />notice in writing to do so from the <br />Superintendent of the water system <br />of the city of Newport Beach, specify- <br />ing the place where said connection <br />shall be made with the public sewer. <br />shall be deemed guilty of a mis- <br />demeanor and upon conviction thereof <br />in a court of competent jurisdiction <br />shall he Punished by a fine not ex- <br />ceeding one hundred dollars. or im- <br />prisonment not exceeding thirty days. <br />or by both such fine and Imprison- <br />ment in the discretion of the court. <br />and every day during which any such <br />neglect. failure or refusal exists. or <br />ink, s place, shall constitute a new and <br />s,parste offense. <br />Section G. Ever, connection with, <br />the public serer of a dwelling house) <br />or business structure shall be made <br />et the expense ei ihr owner thereof. ) <br />9'b's ordinam -,, s:iail apply to the <br />[nii'.lic sewer as now constructed n,^ I <br />rs the same may be hereafter con -I <br />s;rceted cr (xtendA. and shall apply] <br />to eery ):art of th^ cifv of Newport <br />Dccch including Balboa Island, an.] <br />`-:onion 7. Tina-, nortion of anv'or -1 <br />Gnranco of the city of Newport 1 <br />is arh wi6ch is or may be in emcflict <br />%MII the Provisions of this ordinance,; <br />ar rr by repo :.led. <br />T;in ;;boon , :id to,e7ohig ordinance <br />small be. published once in NEiVPORT� <br />NSIVS. a newspaper of general eir -1I <br />cu!stion, Printed, published. and clr -i <br />culated in the city of Newport Beach. <br />and shall take effcci and be in force <br />frmn and after its final passage. <br />This ordinance was Passed at a <br />regular meeting of the Board of Trus- <br />tees of the city of Newport Beach <br />held on the 17th day of November, <br />1924. by the affirmative vote of the <br />following named members thereof: <br />AYES. Trustees Gen. P. Wilson. H: <br />C. Sloan. Fred W. Young. Conrad <br />Richter. L. S. Wilkinson. <br />NOES. Trustees, none. <br />ABSENT, Trustees. none. <br />I hereby approve the foregoing or- <br />dinance. <br />GEO. P. WILSON. - <br />President Board of Trustees. <br />Attest: V. A. SEBRING. <br />Clerk. <br />w <br />