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ORDIN'A?i U'E !:O. 270 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OFr <br />NEWPORT BEACH CREATIM4 Al <br />SUBORDINATE OFFICE, PROVID" <br />ING FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF, <br />A COMPETENT PERSON TO F11L, <br />SAID OFFICE TO BE RNOIYY .4S' <br />HEAT INSPECTOR, REGULATING <br />TBE SIGN 3IE�7� FISH, C�3IE <br />AND POULTRY FOR HU11AN CON - <br />SI'31PT10N, AND PROVIDISG <br />PENALTIES FOR ALI, VIOLA - <br />TIONS OF THIS ORDnANCE. <br />The Board of Trustees of the city of <br />Newport Beach do ordain as follows: <br />SECTION L <br />There is hereby created in and for <br />tine city of Newport Beach a subordin- <br />ate office to be known as Meat In- <br />spector. The Board of Trustees may <br />from time to time appoint a competent <br />person to fill said office to he known <br />and designated Meat Inspector of the <br />city of. Newport Beach, who shall dis- <br />charge the duties hereinafter provided <br />for the meat inspector. <br />Every person appointed to fill said <br />offices shall receive the compensation <br />provided for in the order of his ap -` <br />poimtment. and shall hold office only <br />during the pleasure of the Board of <br />Trustees. 1 <br />SECTION 2. <br />it shall be the duty of the bleat' <br />Inspector, and lie is hereby empower- <br />ed, to enter any place where meat. <br />fish. game. poultry, or any product ( <br />thereof is stored. held. kept. exposed <br />or offered for sale for human food <br />and every establishment where meat <br />is manufactured into articles of <br />human food. or preserved. cured. can- <br />ned. or otherwise prepared far hu- <br />man food. also all slaughter houses.l <br />packing louses, corrals or yards, and ff <br />shall inspect the same and the stock <br />therein contained. and whenever such <br />meat. game. fish. poultry. or the pro- <br />ducts thereof, shall, upon inspection <br />and examination. be found to be taint- <br />ed, unwholesome or corupted from <br />any cause or infected with any form <br />of disease. the said Meat Inspector <br />shall condemn the same as unfit fm' <br />human food. and shall mark or mu- <br />tilate the same, or make the fact of <br />such condemnation and unfitness ap- <br />parent. and shall immediately order <br />the same. by notice in writing, to be <br />removed within four hours. <br />The said Meat Inspector shall also <br />inspect all cattle. sheep. hogs. and <br />other live stock and all poultry. held, <br />offered, kept or exposed for sale. or <br />intended to be held. offered. kept or <br />exposed for sale, or held or kept for <br />slaughter or for food. or intended to <br />be held or kept for slaughter or for <br />food: and whenever the same shall <br />be found in be maimed, emaciated, ill <br />nourished or infected with any dis- <br />ease. or to be younger than permitted <br />by this Ordinance. the said '.Pleat In- <br />spector shall condemn, the same as <br />unfit for human food, and it shall be <br />unlawful for any person. firm or cor- <br />poration to hold. offer or expose. to" <br />sale. o' to cause or permit to he <br />held, offers(!. or exposed for sale. any <br />such condemned animal or poultry. <br />SECTION 3. <br />Any person. firm or corporation <br />ii selling or exposing. offering or keep- <br />" ing for sale. any meat. fish, game or <br />poultry. or any product. compound or <br />nnxture thereoli. or furnishing o: <br />. supplying any meat. fish. game. Poul- <br />try, or any product. compound or <br />mixture thereof, to be used for human <br />' feed. shall permit samples thereof to <br />be taken by the Meat Inspector. and <br />it shail be unlawful for any such per - <br />son, firm or corporation to prevent. <br />resist or oppose. or to attempt to pre <br />vent. resist or oppose the taking cf� <br />samples as aforesaid by the Meat In -I <br />specter. <br />SECTION 4. <br />It shall be unlawful for any person. <br />(i'irm or corporation to hold. offer, <br />(keep. or expose for sale, or to cause <br />or permit to be held. offered. kept or <br />exposed for sale. any meat. game, fish.. <br />Poultry or any article of food niamu- <br />factured therefrom. that is immature.' <br />innutritious. emaciated. tainted. dc-' <br />I <br />: caYing, decayed. putrid. unwholesome.' <br />!or infected with any disease. or car- <br />ruPted from any cause whatsoever, or <br />;,any meat from any cow, hog. sheep, <br />calf, goat or fowl that was unsound. 1 <br />sick, diseased. immature or not in <br />good condition at tale time the sanne <br />was slaughtered. <br />SECTION 5. <br />' It shall be unlawful for any person, <br />firm or corporation to sell. he!(]. keep, <br />offer or expose for sale. or to calls(( <br />or permit to be sold. held, kept. offer -t <br />ed or exposed for sale, the meat m' 1 <br />flesh of any calf that is less than four <br />. weeks old at the time it is siaughtercrl. =Ep <br />or that weighs less than sixty -five I <br />Pounds after the removal of the Vis- <br />cera, feet and head. <br />SECTION 6. <br />It shall be unlawful fen any per- <br />; son. firm or corporation to remove. <br />� mutilate or destroy. or to rause or <br />,permit to be removed. mutilated or <br />destroyed. the umbilical or navel cord <br />of any calf or to remove the same <br />'m fro the pelt. hide or skin of say calf <br />that is offered, held or exposed for <br />sale. and the removal. mutilation or <br />( destruction of the same shall be con. <br />' aidered as prima facie evidence of the <br />i immaturity of such calf. <br />{ It shall be unlawful for any per- <br />son. firm or corporation keeping or <br />having fu possession any corral. <br />slaughter house or stock yard. or <br />other place where cattle. hogs. sheep. <br />goats or poultry are kept or maintain -� <br />ed. or any room, house, building, place <br />or premises where meat, fish, game. <br />uoultry or any product thereof. is <br />kept. stored. maintained. exposed o: <br />offered for sale or where meat, fish, <br />game or poultry is preserved. cured. <br />canned. or otherwise prepared for <br />food, to prevent. re slat _ r oppose. or <br />to attempt to prevent, resist or op- <br />pose the entrance of any police offi- <br />cer working under the Meat Inspector <br />himself. from entering into or the in- <br />spection of any such officer of. any <br />such corral, slaughter house. stock <br />Yard. room, house, building, place or <br />premises. or the inspection by any <br />such officer of any animal. meat. fish. <br />,game. poultry. or any product therein <br />contained. <br />SECTION 7. <br />It shall be unlawful for any person. <br />firm or corporation to establish .I <br />maintain. or conduct any meat market <br />or meat shop or other place where <br />meat, fish. game. poultry or any <br />product thereof. is.stored. held. kept. <br />eapWa,or offered for sale for human <br />food.. or manufactured into articles of <br />liumaii food, — or preserved, cared, <br />canned. or otherwise prepared. for <br />human food. unless the same Is con- <br />structed, maintained and conducted in <br />the manner required by this Ordin- <br />ance- <br />SLCTION S. <br />Every such meat market or meat <br />shop, and every room, building, or <br />place in, which meat. fish. game. poul- <br />try, or any product thereof. is stored, <br />held. kept. exposed, or offered for <br />sale for human food. or manufactured; <br />into articles of human food. or pre- <br />served. cured. canned. or otherwise. <br />prepared for human food. shall be so' <br />constructed and maintained as to pre -I <br />vent any flies or other insects or any <br />vermin or rodents from entering <br />therein. No live poultry or pigeons: <br />shall be kept within the room in <br />which any meat. fish. game or any <br />product thereof. or any dressed poul- <br />try is stored. held. kept., or exposed <br />or offered for sale for human food. <br />Every such meat market. meat shop. <br />room or place shall be kept at all <br />times clean and in a sanitary condi- <br />ttion, The ice box or cooling room <br />ff wherein meat. fish. game. poultry. or <br />any product thereof, is stored, held, <br />kept, exposed. offered or prepared for <br />sale for human food. shall be kept <br />clean. and no decomposed or decay- <br />ing matter shall be allowed to remain <br />therein. All hooks. receptacles. con- <br />tainers. and implements used for hold- <br />ing or preparing meat. fish, gain?. <br />poultry, or any product thereof. for <br />human food. shall be kept clean and <br />in a sanitary condition. Every place <br />wherein meat. fish, game. poultry. or <br />any product thereof. is stored. held. <br />kept. exposed or offered for sale for <br />human food shall be provided with <br />counters and tables the top of each of <br />which shall be of such material and <br />shall be so constructed as to render <br />the same non - absorbent. Every block <br />or table upon which meat, fish. game, <br />poultry. or any product thereof. iB <br />placed for cutting or preparing for <br />human food. shall be kept clean and <br />smooth. and shall contain no crack or <br />Crevices. <br />No water closet or u'faal shall be <br />so constructed or located as to allow <br />a direct passage of . air between the <br />same and auy such meat market. meat <br />shop. room or place. No water closet ` <br />or urinal shall be ventilated through <br />any such meat market. meat shap,� <br />room or place. Every such meat mar -I <br />ket. most shop, room or place shall <br />have a lavatory which shall he pro- <br />vided with soap. towel and clean <br />water. <br />SECTION 9. <br />It shall be unlawful for any person.I <br />'arm or corporation to wash. or to <br />1 cause or permit to be washed. any <br />( meat. fish, game. poultry. or any prod <br />net thereof. in any sink. washstand <br />or basin that is used for general lava -. <br />(tory purposes. <br />It shall be unlawful for any persod <br />firm or corporation to carry. trans -1 <br />port or convey, or to cause or permit <br />to be carried, transported or convey -) <br />ed. any meat. fish. game. poultry, or <br />any product thereof intended for hu -�. <br />man food. in, upon or along any , <br />'street. alley. thoroughfare or open <br />space. unless the same is covered and f <br />protected from dust, dirt. flies: and'; <br />other insects. <br />