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oil ins'lNCE NO. 871. -N <br />AN ORDINANC:E OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH DEFINING <br />AND ES_TABLISHLSG THE BOUN. <br />DARIES OF A MUNICIPAL AIL <br />PROVEMENT DISTRICT IN SAID <br />CITY, DESIGNATING THE NAME <br />BY WHICH IT SHALL BE KNOWN <br />AND CALLING AN ELECTION TO <br />BE HELD WITHIN THE DIS- <br />TRICT, AND PROVIDING FOR <br />THE SUBMISSION TO THE ELEC- <br />TORS THEREOF A PROPOSITION <br />OF INCURRING A DEBT BY THE <br />ISSUANCE OF THE BONDS OF <br />SUCH DISTRICT FOR THE PUR. <br />POSES SET FORTH IN ORDIN. <br />ANCE OF INTENTION NO. 867, <br />RECITING THE OBJECTS AND <br />PURPOSES FOR WHICH THE <br />PROPOSED INDEBTEDNESS IS TO <br />BE LNCURRED, THE NATURE OF <br />THE IMPROVEMENTS TO BE AC -1 <br />QUIRED, THE ESTIMATED COST <br />THEREOF, THE AMOUNT OF THE <br />PRINCIPAL OF THE INDEBTED. <br />NESS TO BE INCURRED THERE. <br />FOR, AND THE RATE OF INTER- <br />EST TO BE PAID ON SAID IN- <br />DEBTEDNESS, FIXING THE DATE <br />ON WHICH SUCH ELECTION <br />SHALL BE HELD, THE MANNER <br />OF HOLDING THE SAME, AND <br />THE MANNER OF VOTING FOR <br />OR AGAINST SAID PROPOSITION. <br />The Board of Trustees of the city <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />SECTION 1. <br />That portion of the city of New- <br />port Beach, the exterior boundaries of <br />which are in this Ordinance describ- <br />ed, is hereby declared to be and is <br />formed into and shall constitute a <br />municipal improvement district for <br />the purpose of creating an indebted- <br />ness to be represented by bonds of <br />such district, for the objects and pur- <br />poses hereinafter set forth, the said <br />District to be known as and called <br />MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENT DIS- <br />TRICT NO. 4 OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH. <br />.SECTION 2. <br />The exterior boundaries of Munici -i <br />pal Improvement District No. 4 of thel <br />city of Newport Beach are hereby <br />described, defined, and established as <br />i follows: <br />Located in the city of Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, State of, <br />California, and beginning at the in- <br />tersection of the northeasterly line of <br />Surf Avenue, and the northwesterly <br />line of B Street; thence southeasterly <br />along the northeasterly line of Surf <br />Avenue to the southeasterly line of E <br />Street; thence southeasterly in a di- <br />rect line to the southwesterly corner <br />of Lot "F" of Tract No. 618, as per <br />map thereof recorded in Miscellane- <br />ous Maps Book 17, pages 33, 34, 35 and <br />36, Records of Orange County, Cali - <br />fornia; thence southeasterly along <br />the southwesterly and southerly lines <br />of Lots F. G. ti. I. and J, of the afore- <br />said Tract No. 518 to the southeasterly <br />corner of the last nlentioned Lot J; <br />thence northwesterly in a direct line <br />to the most southerly corner of Lot <br />1, Block "P" of the aforesaid. Tract <br />No. 518; thence northeasterly along <br />tkle SOAtheagteriy line of the last men- <br />tioned Lot 1 to the most easterly corn- <br />er of the last-mentioned Lot 1; thence <br />northwesterly along the northeasterly <br />line of the last mentioned Lot 1 and <br />along the northeasterly line of Lot <br />"If ", Block "P ", of the aforesaid <br />Tract No. 518, to L`. S. Bulkhead Sta- <br />tion No. 108, as said Bulkhead Sta- <br />tion is laid out and shown upon a <br />map of Newport Bay, California, show- <br />ing harbor lines, approved by the War <br />Department, January 18, 1917; thence <br />northwesterly, along the U. S. Bulk- <br />head line, extending from U. S. Bulk- <br />head Station No. 108 to U. S. Bulkhead <br />Station No. 109,'as said Bulkhead line <br />and Bulkhead stations are laid out <br />and shown upon the aforesaid Map <br />of Newport Bay, California, showing <br />harbor lines, to the last mentioned <br />U. S. Bulkhead Station No. 109; thence <br />northwesterly in a direct line to the . <br />northeasterly corner of Lot 7, Block <br />"S" of the Bay Front Section of the <br />Balboa Tract, as recorded in MIS - <br />cellaneous Maps Book 6, page 15, rec- <br />ords of Orange County, California; <br />thence westerly and northwesterly <br />along the northerly and northeasterly' <br />line of the aforesaid Bay Front Sec- <br />tion of the Balboa Tract to its Inter - <br />i section with the northeasterly pro - <br />longation of the northwesterly line ot. <br />B Street; thence southwesterly along <br />the northwesterly line of B Street to <br />the place of beginning. <br />(The use hereinafter in this Ordin- <br />ance of the words "the district.' means <br />and shall at all times and places be' <br />held and construed to mean Ilunlci- <br />-pal Improvement District No. 4 of the <br />city of Newport Beach as above des- <br />cribed.) <br />SECTION 3. <br />An election is hereby called and <br />ordered to be held in Municipal Im- <br />provement District No. 4 of the city <br />of Newport Beach on Monday, the <br />2nd day of February, 1925, for the <br />purpose of submitting and at said <br />election there shall be and is hereby( <br />submitted to the qualified voters of <br />the. district the proposition of in -. <br />curring a debt by the Issuance of <br />bonds of Municipal Improvemient Dis- <br />trict No. 4 of the city of Newport <br />Beach, for the purposes set forth in <br />Ordinance of Intention No. 267. <br />The nature of the improvement to <br />hs acquired and the estimated cost <br />thereof are as follows: <br />A right of way for public street <br />purposes and upon which to construct <br />Land maintain a public street, over, ne- <br />on, and along all that certain real <br />property within the municipal Im- <br />provement district located in the city <br />of Newport Beach, County of Orange <br />State of California, and <br />Beginning at the intersection of the <br />northwesterly line of B Street and a <br />( line, which line is six (6) feet south- <br />westerly of and parallel with the <br />northeasterly line of Central Avenue; <br />thence southeasterly and easterly <br />along a line, which line is six,(6) feet <br />southwesterly of and parallel with <br />the northeasterly and northerly lines <br />of Central Avenue, to the southerly <br />prolongation of the easterly line of <br />L Street; thence southerly along the <br />easterly line of L Street to the south- <br />erly line of Section 35, Township 6 <br />South, Range ID West, 'San Bernar- <br />dino Base and Meridian; thence west- <br />�r <br />arty along the soutner y One or the <br />last mentioned Section 35 t¢.ita hater- <br />section with a line, which line `f9 <br />(6) feet northeasterly of and pars <br />with the southwesterly line of that. <br />part of Central Avenue lying easterly <br />of E. Street; thence northwesterly <br />along a line, which line is six (6) feet <br />northeasterly of and parallel with the <br />southwesterly line of Central Avenue <br />to its intersection with - the north= <br />westerly line of B Street; thence <br />northeasterly along the northwesterly. <br />line of B Street to the place of begin- <br />Ding. i <br />SECTION 4. <br />The estimated cost of the acquisi-1 <br />tion of the described right of way [or 1 <br />public street purposes <br />and there are h- - <br />connected therewith, and the prinet- <br />pal of the indebtedness to be incurred <br />therefore is the sum of $54,000.00. <br />The objects and purposes for which <br />the proposed indebtedness is propos -; <br />ed to be incurred* in tha=w: at'$5 #, <br />000.00, is to pay the cost of the So- <br />quisition of the described right of <br />way for public street purposes and <br />upon which to construct and maintain <br />a public street. <br />The acquisition of the described <br />right of way is necessary for the pur- <br />pose of a public street in the drotrtatv <br />1 in order to furnish and provide a safe; <br />Illl adequate and convenient means oft <br />public travel, and is a public improve- <br />ment which the city of Newport <br />Beach is authorized by law to acquire. <br />SECTION 5. <br />For the purpose of holding tho. <br />election, Municipal Improvement Diems <br />trict No. 4 of the city of NS"bif" <br />Beach shall be and constitute - -sips <br />voting precinct and Mrs. M. D. Ady's <br />garage within the district is hereby <br />designated and established as the <br />polling place, at which polling place <br />the polls shall be opened at the boor., <br />open to the hour of seven o'clock p.• <br />m. of the day of election, except as{ <br />provided for in Section 1164 of the <br />Political Code. <br />A Board of Election, consisting -Of <br />one inspector, one judge, and ene� <br />clerk, each of whom is an actual rest <br />dent and a qualified elector of the <br />district, is hereby appointed to $old,; <br />conduct and make returns of said <br />election as follows: N <br />Inspector— Horace G. Miller. <br />Judge —Ethel B, Hill. <br />Clerk— Mollie D. Ady. <br />The election shall be a special elec -! <br />tion and the manner of- holding 'the <br />� <br />same, and the manner of voting for or <br />arafst said proposition shall be as <br />follows: and in all particulars not re- <br />cited in this Ordinance, the election <br />shall be held as provided by law for <br />holding general municipal elect -lmia <br />in the city of Newport Beach. " <br />The proposition of incuring a bond- <br />ed debt and the Issuance of the bonds <br />of the district in the principal sum of <br />the indebtedness and for the objects <br />and purposes hereinbefore recitedi <br />shall be by means of a printed ballot. Ii <br />Each ballot shall have printed on <br />the face thereof the following: <br />BOND ELECTION <br />MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENT AIy <br />TRICT NO. 4 OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BRACH. <br />INSTRUCTIONS TO--1"Illm y,:l <br />