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ORD ?SAME °0. 275 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH ESTABLISH- <br />ING .A DISTRICT OR ZONE R'IT11- <br />IA S.AI.D CITY IN Ii'111C'II ITI <br />SHALL BE LAWFUL TO CON -, <br />DUCT._ CARRY- ON, AND MAIN - <br />TAIN THE BUST-NESS OF BRILL - <br />ING VOII, DEVELOPING, PRODUC- <br />ING, STORING AND REFINING <br />PETROLEL:II, OIL, GAS, AND <br />-$THER HYDROCARBON SUB-, <br />STANCES ' PRESCRIBING REGU -' <br />LATIONS AIND RESTRICTIONS TO <br />BE ENFORCED WITHIN SAID <br />DISTRICT, PROHIBITING THE <br />('.ARRYING ON OF ANY OF SUCH <br />BUSINESSES IN ANY OTHER`' <br />PART OF THE CITY OF NE11" I. <br />PORT BEACH, DECLARING THE <br />CARRYING ON OF ANY SUCH <br />BUSINESSES IN TH,IT PART OF- <br />THE CITY OF N21WORT BEACH <br />WHERE THE SAW. BY THIS f <br />ORDINANCE PROHIBITED, TO <br />CONSTITUTE A NUISANCE, PRO- <br />VIDID;G FOR ITS ABATEMENT, <br />AND PRESCRIBING PENALTIES1 <br />FOR ALL YIOLATION'S OF THIS <br />ORDINANCE. I <br />Whereas. on the 3rd day of Novem- <br />ber. 1924, the Board of Trustees of <br />the city of Newport Beach required f <br />the city planning commission of said <br />city to recommend the boundaries of <br />a district in the city of Newport 'I <br />Beach within which the carrying on. <br />ponducting. and maintaining of the <br />business of drilling for. developing. ) <br />producing. storing. and refining of <br />petroleum. oil, gas. and other hydro- <br />carbon substances should be lawful <br />and permitted. with such appropriate <br />reservations and restrictions to be en- <br />forced therein as to the said city <br />planning commission might appear <br />proper. and required that the city <br />planning commission hold a Public <br />hearing thereon. at the hour of 7:30 <br />o'clock P. m. of the 13th day of No- <br />vember. 1924. at the council chamber <br />of the Board of Trustees of said city. <br />In the City Hall thereof; <br />Whereas. the city planning commis- <br />sion as so required duly gave notice <br />of the time and place of said hearing <br />by notice published once. on the 7th <br />day of November. 1924. in NEWPORT <br />NEWS. a newspaper of general circu- <br />lation printed. Published and circula- <br />ted in the city of Newport Beach. that <br />being the newspaper designated for <br />said Purposes. and there being no <br />daily newspaper published in said <br />city. and duly held the said meeting <br />at the time and place so required and <br />noticed. and afforded all persons par- i <br />ticularly interested and the generals <br />ipublic an opportunity to be heard: <br />Whereas. on the 5th Pay of January. <br />1925. after said meeting and hearing' <br />and upon due consideration of the <br />question. the city planning commis -I <br />j.sion made and filed with the Clerk of <br />the city of Newport Beach its final <br />report: <br />Whereas. the Board of Trustees of <br />the city of Newport Beach. upon the <br />filing of said final report of the city <br />planning commission. did. at its meet - <br />Ing held on the 5th day of January. <br />1925, order and fix the said matter <br />for hearing at the hour of 7:30 <br />o'clock p, m. of Monday, the 19th day <br />of January. 1925. at the council cham- <br />ber of the Board of Trustees of the <br />city of Newport Beach. in the City <br />Hall thereof. and directed notice to <br />be given by publication once in NEW- <br />PORT NEWS. a weekly newspaper of <br />general circulation Printed. published <br />and circulated in the city of Newport <br />Beach. and designated for that Pur- <br />pose. there being no daily newspaper <br />,published in said city: <br />Whereas. on the 16th day of Janu- <br />iary. 1925. being within the week <br />within which said meeting was to be <br />held. such notice was duly published <br />,in said NEWPORT NEWS: <br />Whereas. Pursuant to said order and <br />notice. the Board of Trustees of the <br />city of Newport Beach held said meet- <br />ing at the time and place specified <br />and gave all Persons particularly in- <br />terested and the general public an <br />opportunity to be heard, referred said <br />matter to a joint meeting of the <br />whole Board of Trustees and the city <br />planning commission. and regularly <br />continued further hearing to the hour <br />of 7:30 o'clock P. m. of Monday. the <br />26th day of January. 1925. and at said <br />hearing finally took the same up. <br />considered the same. and gave all <br />Persons an opportunity to be heard: <br />Whereas. the question of establish- <br />ing a district or zone and the boun- <br />daries thereof within the city of New- <br />port Beach wherein it shall be lawful <br />to conduct. maintain. and carry on <br />the business of drilling for. develop-1 <br />ing. Producing. storing. and refining <br />Petroleum. oil. gas. and other hydro- <br />carbon substances. and imposing reg- <br />ulations and restrictions on said <br />businesses. and prohibiting the con- <br />ducting. maintaining. and carrying on <br />of said businesses or any part there- <br />of. in the city of Newport Beach out- <br />side of said district or zone having <br />beet fully considered and understood: <br />The Board of Trustees of the city I of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />SECTION 1. <br />It is hereby declared lawful for <br />any person. natural or artificial. to <br />conduct. carry on. and maintain al: <br />or any one of the businesses or occu- <br />pations commonly known as drilling' <br />for. developing. Producing. storing, <br />and refining petroleum. oil. gas. and <br />other hydrocarbon substances within <br />the districts. zone, or part of the city <br />of '.Newport Beach described as fol -' <br />Jews: located in the city of Newport <br />Beach. County of Orange. State of <br />California and <br />Beginning at the southeasterly <br />corner of Lot 5. Block 115 of Section <br />B- Newport Beach. as per map record- <br />ed in Miscellaneous Maps Book 4. <br />page 27, records of Orange County. <br />California; thence northeasterly fn <br />Is direct line to the northeasterly <br />corner of the last mentioned Lot 5. <br />thence northwesterly in a direct line <br />to U. S. Bulkhead Station No. 173: <br />as said bulkhaa^It e a tt� on is laid ou'£T <br />and shown upon a Map of Newport) <br />Bay. showing harbor lines. approved) <br />by the lVar Department. January 18. <br />1917: theuce easterly following the I- <br />bulkhead line as shown and laid out. <br />upon the aforesaid Map of the War <br />Department to U. S. Bulkhead Station �- <br />No. 172: thence northeasterly along <br />said bulkhead line to U. S. Bulkhead <br />Station tie. 171: thence northerly. <br />along said bulkhead line to U. S. <br />Bulkhead Station No. 170; thence <br />northerly in a direct line to U. S. <br />Bulkhead Station No. 130: thence <br />- horthwesterly along the bulkhead <br />line between U. S. Bulkhead Stations <br />No. 130 and No. 129. to the intersec- <br />tion of the southwesterly Prolonga- <br />tion of the center line of Irvine Ave- <br />nue: thence northeasterly along the <br />southwesterly Prolongation of the <br />center line of said Irvine Avenue a <br />distance of 500 feet to a point: <br />thence northwesterly along a line <br />parallel to the bulkhead line extend- <br />ing from U. S. Bulkhead Station No. t. <br />130 to U. S. Bulkhead Station No. i <br />129. to the easterly line of the County <br />road. which line is also the westerly <br />boundary line of a portion of the city <br />of Newport Beach: thence southerly <br />along the easterly line of the county' <br />road and along the westerly boundary <br />line of a portion of the city of New-) <br />Pert Beach to a corner at the inter- <br />section with the northerly boundary <br />line of a portion of said city: thence <br />westerly. northerly. westerly. south- <br />erly. easterly. southerly and westerly <br />along the boundary line of that por- <br />tion of the city of Newport Beach. ly- <br />Ing westerly of the county road. to the, <br />Dlost westerly litatadary itna of said <br />c <br />city: theucesouthwesteriy along t1,1 <br />westerly boundary line of said city to <br />its intersection with the most - south -' <br />erly boundary line of said city: thence' <br />southeasteriy along the seuLherly - <br />boundary line of said city to the in-I <br />tersection with the southwesterly - <br />,Prolongation of the northwesterly line <br />of 39th Street: thence northeasterly <br />along the southwesterly prolongation <br />of the northwesterly line of 39th <br />Street and along the northwesterly <br />line of 39th Street to the Intersection <br />of the northwesterly prolongation of <br />the northeasterly line of Block 238 of <br />a Map of the Canal Section. as re- <br />corded in 34fscellaneous Maps Book <br />4. page 98. Records of Orange County. <br />California: thence southeasterly I <br />along the northwesterly prolongation I <br />of the northeasterly line of the last' <br />mentioned Block 238. and along the <br />northeasterly line of said Block 238 <br />and along the northeasterly line of <br />Lake Avenue to the most southerly <br />corner of Lot 1, Block 231. of a Map <br />of the Lake Tract. as recorded in <br />.Miscellaneous Maps, Book 4. page 13.1 <br />Records of Orange County. Californ- <br />.a: thence southeasterly in a direct <br />line to the most easterly corner of E <br />Lot 12, Block 129. of the aforesaid t <br />map of the Lake Tract: thence south -0 <br />easterly in a direct line to the most <br />,northerly corner of Lot 20. Block 127.! <br />of the aforesaid Map of the Lake j <br />Tract: thence southwesterly in a di -' <br />rect line to the most westerly Verner <br />of Lot 15 of the last mentioned Block <br />127 of a Map of the Lake Tract: 1 <br />thence southeasterly in a direct line <br />to the most southerly corner of Lot 1. I <br />Block 221. of a Map of Section A- I <br />Newport Beach. as recorded in Miscel- <br />laneous Maps Book 4, page 21. Rec- <br />ords of Orange County. California: <br />thence southeasterly and easterly <br />along the northerly line of Central I <br />Avenue (North Drivel to the place of <br />beginning. <br />SECTION 2. <br />Every person. natural or artificial. <br />who shall conduct. carry on, main- <br />tain. or engage in any of the busi- <br />nesses designated in Section 1 of this <br />Ordinance shall conduct the same so <br />as to prevent fire thereby or there- <br />from, which may endanger. injure. or <br />destroy the property of any other <br />persons within the described district' <br />or zone. or the property adjacent to <br />said —distriU or zone,.- - <br />SECTION 3. <br />It shall be unawful and constitute <br />a misdemeanor for any person. nat- <br />ural or artificial. conducting. main- <br />taining or carrying on said businesses <br />or any part thereof within the des- <br />cribed district or zone. to allow or <br />permit any petroleum. oil. or hydro- <br />carbon substances or any w:s:e. dis- <br />charge. or refuse matter produced <br />thereby. or any by- prWuct therefrom. <br />to flow. seep, or run upon the lands <br />of another or upon. over. or across <br />any public highway. street, alley. pub- <br />lic water. or other public '.'a�;. <br />SECTION 4. <br />It shall be unlawial still constitute <br />a misdemeanor for any person. firm. <br />co- Partnership. association of persons, <br />or corporation to conduct or cause <br />to be conducted. say of the blleinessLs <br />within the described distriri. or zone <br />in such a manner that the noise. <br />smell, odor. or gas produced thereby <br />)obstructs the free use and enjoy- <br />ment by others of their property. or - <br />I the same becomes offensiva to Ilia <br />'senses or interferes with the com- <br />plete enjoyment of life or ,property <br />by others. whether within said zone <br />or outside thereof, and every day that <br />any such business is so conducted <br />,or permitted to be conducted shall be <br />and constitute a new and separate <br />i offERnse. <br />SECTION 5. <br />It shall be and Is hereby declared <br />' !to be unlawful and to be a misde- <br />meanor for any person. firm, cc -part- <br />nershtp, association of persons, or <br />