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ORDINANCE NO. 877. <br />.,IN' ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH ESTABLISH <br />LNG AND DEFINING THE MUNIC_ <br />IPAL WATER SYSTEM THEREOF, <br />PROVIDING RULES AND REGU- <br />LATIONS FOR ITS OPERATION, <br />CREATING THE OFFICE OF SU- <br />PERINTENDENT OF THE MUNIC- <br />IPAL WATER SYSTEM, PROVIR- <br />LNG FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT <br />AND COLLECTION OF CHARGES <br />FOR WATBn> AND PROVIDING <br />PENALTIES FOR ALL VIOLA -, <br />TIONS OF THIS ORDINANCE. <br />The Board of Trustees of the city of <br />Newport Beach do ordain as follows: . <br />SECTION 1. <br />The municipal water system of the <br />(city of Newport Beach is hereby de- <br />clared to embrace and include all <br />+property of every character, real, per- <br />sonal, and mixed, now used in or in- <br />cident to the production, storage, con-' <br />veyance and delivery of water to the <br />consumers thereof in the city of New- <br />port Beach, together with all other <br />property of every character that may; <br />hereafter from time to time be added <br />to it for such purposes. , <br />SECTION 2. <br />The office of Superintendent of the <br />municipal water system of the city, <br />of Newport Beach is hereby created, <br />and the Board of Trustees shall ap- <br />point a suitable person to said office, <br />who shall serve only during the <br />pleasure of the Board of Trustees; <br />The Superintendent of the atunicipal <br />water system shall have all of the <br />powers and authority given him by <br />this ordinance, and shall perform the <br />duties now hereafter imposed upon <br />him by ordinance, and the orders of <br />the Board of Trustees. <br />The Superintendent of the Mantel -, <br />pal Water system shall receive for his <br />services the compensation from time <br />to time fixed by the Board of Trus- <br />tees, and shall be paid monthly. <br />SECTION 3. <br />The Superintendent of the munici- <br />pal water system shall have full <br />authority to employ and discharge all <br />persons necessary to be employed by" <br />him in the mantenance and operation Is <br />of -the municipal water system, but <br />shall be authorized to pay only such <br />wages or per diem as the Board of <br />Trustees may have previously fixed' <br />and established. <br />He shall also have authority to put -: <br />i chase all needed fuel, supplies, and <br />equipment for the maintenance and <br />operation of the municipal water <br />system when the expenditure does not <br />exceed the sum of $100.00, in all other <br />cases the same shall be purchased <br />only after advertisement for bids <br />!therefor. <br />SECTION 4. I <br />It is hereby declared unlawful and <br />a misdemeanor for any person to in- <br />terfere with or obstruct the Superin- <br />tendent of the municipal water sys- <br />tem, or any of his duly appointed <br />agents, servants or employees, in the <br />execution of any lawful order of the <br />Beard of Trustee®, or the provisions <br />of this ordinance in the maintenance <br />and operation of the muntelpal water <br />SECTlTu -- <br />Every person, other than the Super -i <br />'intendent of the li�unicipal water sys- <br />�tem, his duly appointed agents, sere - <br />:ants and employees, who removes, <br />changes, disturbs, or in any way <br />tampers or interferes with any of <br />the facilities, apparatus, appliances, <br />or property used of maintained for <br />the production, storage. or supply of <br />iwater by the city of Newport Beach <br />to consumers thereof, or who, without <br />lawful authority, and ,prior permis- <br />sion of the Superintendent of the <br />water system, turns the water on or�i <br />turns the water off from any premises <br />or place shall be deemed guilty of a <br />misdemeanor. <br />SECTION 6. <br />The following charges shall be paid li <br />by all consumers of water furnished <br />to them by the municipal water sys <br />to mof the city of Newport Beach: <br />(a) When water is� furnished not <br />measured through a meter, a charge <br />for each connection shall be made of <br />$2.00 for each of the months of July, <br />August, and September, and for all <br />other months in the year, $1.00 per <br />month; provided, that when the water <br />Is paid for annually in advance the <br />charge shall be $12.00 per annum. <br />(b) The city of Newport Beach <br />shall have the right to install water <br />meters on any and all. water tape or <br />connections and when installed o[ <br />any premises the charge for watet <br />supplied through meters shall be fol <br />the first five hundred cubic feet or <br />any part thereof during any one <br />month, the sum of $1.00; for all water <br />in excess of five hundred cubic feet <br />in any one month and not exceeding <br />three thousand five hundred cubic <br />feet, $15 per hundred cubic feet, and <br />for all water in excess of three thous- <br />and five hundred cubic feet, $12 per <br />hundred cubic feet. <br />(c) Water furnished temporarily <br />in the making or erection of any <br />building must be furnished through a <br />meter installed by the Superintendent <br />lof the water system, and at the cost <br />of the person to whorq the water Is <br />to be furnished, and the above stated <br />meter rates shall apply. <br />(d) When water is to be furnished <br />for a limbed period of time and for <br />any special purpose, the charges shall <br />be the subject of special contract be. <br />tween the consumer and the Board of <br />!trustees of the city of Newport Beach <br />(e) When the monthly charge fo1 <br />water of any individual consumer <br />equals $25.00 and does not exceed <br />$50.00, a discount of 30% of the <br />charge shall be allowed; when the <br />monthly charge exceeds $50.00 a dis- <br />count of 15% shall be allowed; pro- <br />vided, that no discount shall be al- <br />lowed in any case where the payment <br />of charges are delinquent as herein- <br />` after provided for. <br />Whenever the distribution line or <br />lines of the municipal water system <br />shall be duly connected with the <br />premises of any person, natural or <br />artificial, and the water turned on to <br />such premises the charges for water <br />shall be a charge against the prem- <br />ises; as well as against the person in <br />possession of the premisis who used <br />the water, and in case in default of <br />,payment all charges for water and <br />t r <br />penalties shall attach to the premises <br />and particular connection through <br />which the water was furnished. And <br />the charges shall continue so long as <br />the water is turned on to said ,prem- <br />ises, whether the same is actuall) <br />used or not, provided that upon writ- <br />- tell order of the owner of t he prem- <br />ises, if all charges and penalties to <br />date of said order have been paid, the <br />water will be turned off and ❑o <br />charges made therefor during the <br />time the water is turned off from the <br />premises. ' <br />All charges for water shall be pay- <br />able on the first day of each month <br />succeeding the month in which the <br />water was furnished: every charge <br />for water that is not paid by the hour F <br />of five o'clock P. M. of the tenth day: <br />of the month in which it becomes dne <br />shall be deemed delinquent and a: <br />Penalty of five cents for each day <br />.thereafter that the same remains un -. <br />paid shall be added to the delinquent <br />charge, until the same is paid, or the. <br />water turned off from the premises. i <br />The Superintendent of the munici- <br />pal water system shall, on or before <br />the first day of each month, mail to <br />each consumer whose premises are l <br />connected with the municipal water <br />system a true and accurate state- <br />ment of the unpaid charges due the <br />city of Newport Beach for water fur- <br />nished to such premises, settng forth <br />that unless said charges are paid on <br />lor before the tenth day of the month <br />that the above prescribed penalties <br />1111 will be added, and that unless the de-1 <br />Ainquent charges and penalties are <br />paid prior to the twenty -fifth day of <br />the month the water will be turned <br />off from said premises, without fur- <br />ther notice, and will not be turned all <br />again until all said charges and pen - <br />- allies together with a turn -on cost <br />of $2.50 has been paid. <br />At the close of business on the <br />twenty -fifth day of each .month the <br />person in charge of the books of the <br />municipal water system shall furnish <br />Ito the Superintendent of the water <br />system a list setting forth the prem- <br />ises, and name of the owner, upon <br />which the water charges and penal- <br />ties r °main unpaid, together with the <br />amount thereof, and it is hereby made <br />the imperative duty of the superin- <br />tendent of the water system, on the <br />next business day, to turn the water.I <br />off from said premises, and not to <br />turn the same on again until all <br />cbarges, penalties, and the turn -on <br />cost of $2.50 shall have bees well and <br />truly paid. <br />SECTION 7. <br />No person is or shall be authorized <br />to install any pipe, apparatus, appli- <br />ance or connection with the municipal <br />water system except the Superintend- <br />ent thereof, or his duly appointed <br />agents, servants and employees, and <br />every othsr person who shall make <br />'any such installation or connection - <br />shall be deemed guilty of a misde- <br />meanor. <br />Every owner of premises who shall <br />desiro to connect his or her prop- <br />erty with the municipal water system <br />for the purpose of having water fur- <br />nished to such pi�pmlaes shall make <br />a written application to the Superin- <br />