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ORDINANCE NO. 383. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD <br />OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH DECLARING <br />ITS INTENTION TO WIDEN IN <br />PART CENTRAL AVENUE, A PUB- <br />LIC STREET IN SAID CITY, <br />BRIEFLY DESCRIBING THE IM- <br />PROVEMENT AND THE LAND <br />NECESSARY TO BE TAKEN <br />THEREFOR, 1ND IN GENERAL <br />TERMS DE;itiZ:B NG THE DIS- <br />TRICT TO BE BENEFITED BY' <br />THE 131PROVEITENT, AND TO BE <br />ASSESSED TO PAY THE EX-1 <br />rENSES THEREOF, TO BE <br />KNOITS AS THE ASSESSMENT <br />DISTRICT, REFERRING TO A <br />PLAT APPROVED BY THE CITY <br />COUNCIL, WHICH INDICATES <br />BY A BOUNDARY LINE THE EX- <br />TENT OF THE IMPROVEMENT, <br />THE LAND NECESSARY TO BE <br />TAKEN THEREFOR, AND INDI- <br />CATING BY A BOUNDARY LINE <br />THE EXTENT OF THE TEIM <br />'TORY TO BE INCLUDED IN SAID <br />ASSESSMENT DISTRICT, AND <br />DIRECTING THE GIVING OF <br />NOTICE. <br />The Board of Trustees of the city <br />of Newport Beach do. ordain -as fol- <br />lows: SECTION 1. <br />It is the intention of the Board of <br />Trustees of the city of Newport <br />Beach to order the following describ- <br />ed improvement made in the city of <br />Newport Beach, namely: <br />That Central Avenue, a public <br />street. in the city of Newport <br />Beach, commencing at the west <br />line of Section 1, township 7 <br />South, Range 10 West, S. B. B. <br />& M. extending thence easterly <br />along the north line of said Sec- <br />tion 1 for a distance of 231 ft. be <br />widened to an additional width of <br />35 ft. <br />SECTION 2. <br />It is necessary to take land in the <br />widening of Central Avenue as above <br />described in Section 1 of this Ordin- <br />ance, and the land necessary to be <br />taken in the making of said improve- <br />ment is described as located in the <br />city of Newport Beach, County of <br />Orange, State of California, and <br />beginning at the northwest corner of <br />:the aforesaid Section 1; thence east- <br />erly along the northerly line of the <br />aforesaid Section 1, a distance of 231 <br />feet to a point; thence southerly, <br />;along a line, which line is 231 feet <br />easterly of and parallel with the <br />westerly line of the aforesaid Section <br />-1, a distance of thirty -five (36) feet <br />to a point; thence westerly along a <br />line, which line is thirty -five (35) <br />feet southerly of and parallel with the <br />northerly line of the aforesaid Sec- <br />tion 1, a distance of 231. feet till <br />point in the westerly line of the <br />aforesaid Section 1; thence northerly <br />;along the westerly (hue of the afore- <br />said Section 1, a distance of thirty -! <br />five (35) feet, to the place of begin- <br />ning. SECTION 3. i <br />A district of land in the city of;, <br />Newport Beach will be benefited by <br />the widening of Central Avenue asl <br />described in Section 1 of this Ordin -! <br />ante, and the District which will be <br />benefited by the making of Said im- <br />provement, and which shall be assess- <br />ed to pay the expenses thereof and <br />'which Shall . be known as the Assess - <br />I went District, is described as located <br />In the city of Newport Beach, County: <br />91.0range, Californl0., and <br />Beginning at the northwest cor- <br />ner of Section 1, Township 7 III <br />South, Range 10 West, S. B. B. <br />& M., thence southerly along the i <br />westerly line of the aforesaid Sec- <br />tion 1, a distance of 660 feet to i <br />a ,point; thence east along a line, <br />which line is 660 feet southerly <br />of and <br />parallel with the norther- , <br />ly line of the aforesaid Section 1, <br />to its intersection with the east- <br />erly line of Channel Road, as said <br />Channel Road is laid out and <br />shown upon a map of Tract No. <br />518, as recorded in Miscelloneous <br />Maps Book 17, pages 33, 34, 35 <br />and 36, Records of Orange Coun- <br />ty, California; thence southerly <br />along the easterly line of the <br />aforesaid Channel Road, to the <br />southwesterly corner of Lot 14, <br />Block "P" of the aforesaid Tract <br />No. 518; thence easterly along <br />the southerly line of the last <br />mentioned Lot 14, and along the <br />easterly prolongation of the <br />southerly line of said Lot 14, to <br />its intersection with the easterly <br />line of Lot "M" of the last men- <br />tioned Block "P "; thence north- <br />erly along the easterly line of the <br />last mentioned Lot "M ", to the <br />northeasterly corner thereof; <br />thence northwesterly and wester- <br />ly along the northeasterly and <br />northerly boundary line of Tract <br />No. 756, as per map thereof re- <br />corded in Miscellaneous Maps <br />Book 23 pages 7 and 8, records of <br />Orange County, California, to the <br />gorthwesterly corner of Lot 6, <br />of the aforesaid Tract No. 756; <br />thence sonthery in a direct line <br />to the southwesterly corner of Lot <br />14, of the aforesaid Tract No. 756; <br />thence southeasterly in a direct <br />line to the northwesterly corner t <br />of the aforesaid Section 1, to the <br />place of beginning. , <br />Reference is hereby made to a plat <br />approved by the Board of Trustees of <br />the city of Newport Beach by Reso- <br />hltion No. 355 on the 9th day of No -, <br />vember, 1925, and on that day filed <br />in the office of the Engineer of the <br />City of Newport Beach, and whiciu ill-, <br />dieates by a boundary line thereon <br />colored yellow the extent of the im- <br />provement and the land necessary to <br />be taken for making the improvement, <br />and also indicates by a boundary line <br />thereon colored red the extent of the <br />territory included in the assessment <br />district and which plat shat] govern <br />for all details as to the extent m the ) <br />improvement, and the land necessary <br />to be taken therefor, and as to the ex- <br />tent of the said assessment district. <br />SECTION 4. j <br />The Street Superintendent of the <br />ciiy of Newport Beach shall cause <br />to be conspicuously posted along all <br />streets and parts of streets, other) <br />Public places, and rights of way I <br />where the property is to be taken for <br />the widening of Central Avenue, and <br />along and upon any private uofIDprov- <br />ed property which is to be taken for I <br />the widening of said street, and at not <br />more than 300 ft. apart, but not less <br />than three in all, notice of the pass- <br />age of this ordinance, said notices <br />shall be headed — NOTICE OF PUB- <br />LIC WORK —in letters not less than f <br />one Inch in length and shall be in <br />legible characters and shall state the <br />fact and date of the passage of this <br />ordinance, and briefly describe the <br />improvement propoegd anfl yef @r to, <br />this ordinance of intention for a <br />dlseription of the assessment district <br />and for further particulars. <br />He shall also cause a notice similar <br />'ia substance to be published by..two <br />I sertions ill The Newport News, a <br />semi- weekly newspaper published anuj <br />circulated in the city of Newport <br />Reach, and which Newport News is � <br />hereby designated for that purpose. <br />Immediately upon the publication of <br />said notice the. Clerk of the City of <br />Newport Beach shall mail, <br />Postage <br />prepaid, to each owner in the assess -! <br />I ment district at his last known ad- <br />dress, as the same appears on the <br />tax rolls of the city of Newport i <br />Beach, and when no address so ap- <br />pears, then to the general delivery, <br />at the city of Newport Beach, a post <br />card containing the following notice: <br />I "You are hereby notified that on <br />the 23rd day of November, 1925, the j <br />legislative body of the city of New- <br />port Beach, California, by virtue of i <br />the street opening act of 1903, passed <br />all ordinance of intention No. 283, for <br />the widening in part. of Central Ave- <br />one, an additional width of thirty -five' <br />feet, commencing at the west line of <br />Section 1, township 7 South, Range' <br />10 West, S. B. B. & AT. and extending <br />easterly a distance of 231 feet. Writ <br />ten protests may be filed with the <br />(`Jerk of the city of Newport Reach � <br />within ............... .. - ..... days after the <br />.day of .... <br />1925. Your property is in the district <br />to be assessed for this improvement. <br />V. A. SEBNJNG, <br />City Clerk." jI <br />SFIICTION 3. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance' <br />shall be ,printed once in The Newport <br />,News, a newspaper of general circu- <br />lation, ,printed, published and circu- <br />' lated in the city of Newport Beach, <br />and shall take effect and be In force <br />'thirty days after Its passage. <br />1 hereby certify the foregoing or- <br />dinance was regularly introduced at <br />a meeting of the Board of Trustees of <br />the city of Newport Beach held on <br />the 9th day of November, 1925, and <br />'passed at a regular meeting thereof <br />held on the 23rd day of November, i <br />1925 by the affirmative vote of the <br />following named members of said <br />'Board of Trustees: <br />(Ayes, Trustees— WILSON, YOUNG, <br />RICHTER, WILKINSON. <br />Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />Absent, Trustees— SLOAN. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />No. 283 is signed and approved by me <br />this 23rd clay of November, 1925. <br />GEO. P. WILSON. <br />President Board of Trustees l <br />City of Newport Beach.I <br />A'test: V. A. SEBRING, <br />City Clerk_ _ 1. <br />