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ORDINANCE NO. 281. <br />.1N ORDLNANCE OF THE BOARD' <br />OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF <br />'-NEWPORT BEACH, AS THE LEG <br />ISLATIVE BODY THEREOF, DE. <br />CURING ITS INTENTION TO <br />CALL AN ELECTION IN A PRO., <br />POSED DISTRICT, AS DESCRIB• <br />ED IN THE PETITION THERE. <br />FOR, OR AS TII£ S,1liE ➢L1Y BE <br />HEREAFTER MODIFIED, FOR <br />THE PURPOSE OF SUBMITTING <br />TO THE Q17ALIFYFD ELECTORS <br />OF SAID DISTRICT THE PROP. <br />OSITION OF AUTHORIZING THE <br />ISSUANCE AND SALE OF BONDS' <br />OF SUCH DISTRICT, IN THE <br />MANNER AND FOR THE PUR- <br />POSES SET FORTH IN THIS OR.' <br />DINA.NCE OF INTENTION. <br />( Whereas, on the 7th day of Deceni- <br />I !her, 1925, a duly verified petition in <br />1 +writing was filed in the office of the <br />Clerk of the city of Newport Beach, <br />as Clerk of the Board of Trustees <br />thereof, signed by qualified electors <br />of the city of Newport Beach, resid- <br />ing in the territory which Is propos- <br />ed to be formed into a municipal im- <br />provement district, and being signed <br />by more than ten per cent. of all the <br />,qualified electors residing in said <br />territory, and setting forth a gener- <br />al description of the improvement to <br />be constructed, and a general descrip- <br />tion of the exterior boundaries of said <br />district; <br />W J, <br />hereas, a improvement to be <br />constructed is an improvement which I <br />the city of Newport Beach is author- <br />' ized by law to acquire; <br />The Board of Trustees of the city <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />SECTION 1. <br />The Board of Trustees of the city 1 <br />of Newpprt Beach, as the legislative <br />body thereof, hereby declares its in- <br />tention to call an election in all that <br />certain territory within and a part <br />of the city of Newport Beach, which <br />is proposed to be formed into a muni- <br />cipal improvement district, and which <br />territory is accurately described as: <br />located in and is all that portion <br />of the city of Newport Beach, County <br />of Orange, State of California, and <br />Beginning at a point in the center <br />line of 10th Street, which point is 100 <br />feet northerly of the northerly line <br />of Central Avenue; thence northeast- <br />,erly in a direct line to. U. S. Bulk- <br />head Station. No. 150, as shown and <br />laid out upon a map of the War De- <br />pertinent, showing Newport Bay, ap- <br />proved January 18, 1917; thence east- <br />erly in a direct line to U. S. Bulkhead <br />1 Station No. 151, as shown upon the <br />aforesaid map of the War Depart- <br />ment; thence southeasterly in a di- <br />rect line to U. S. Bulkhead Station <br />No. 152, as shown upon the aforesaid <br />map of the War Department; thence <br />southeasterly in a direct line to U. <br />S. Bulkhead Station No. 153, as shown <br />upon the aforesaid map of the War <br />Department; thence southeasterly in <br />'a direct line to U. S. Bulkhead Station <br />No. 154, as shown upon the aforesaid <br />.map of the War Department; thence <br />southeasterly in a direct line to U. S. <br />Bulkhead Station No. 108, as shown i <br />i upon the aforesaid map of the War <br />i iDepartment; thence south 15 degrees <br />.East, along the bulkhead line between <br />U. S. Bulkhead Stations No. 108 and[ <br />No. 107, and along the southeasterly <br />prolongation of said bulkhead line to <br />its intersection with the southerly <br />boundary line of the cii of Newport <br />Beach; thence westerly along the <br />southerly boundary line of the city of <br />Newport Beach, to its intersection f <br />with the southwesterly prolongation . <br />of the center line of 10th Street: <br />thence northeasterly along the south- <br />westerly prolongation of the center <br />line of 10th Street, and along the <br />center line of 10th Street to the place <br />lof beginning, —or as the same may be <br />1 hereafter modified, as provided by <br />law, for the purpose of submitting <br />1 to the qualified electors of said dis- <br />itrict the proposition of authorizing <br />the issuance and sale of bonds of such <br />district in the manner and for the <br />purposes set forth in this Ordinance <br />lof Intention. <br />SECTION 2. <br />The improvement to be constructed <br />is described as follows: The con- <br />struction of an extension on the <br />southerly end of that certain wharf <br />now erected and standing at the <br />southerly end of Hain Street in the <br />city of Newport Beach at Balboa, and <br />which extends into and over the <br />waters of the Pacific Ocean, the ex- <br />tension to be constructed approxi <br />nmtely 500 feet in length and 20 feet <br />in width the superstructure to con- <br />sist of a wooden floor three inches <br />thick supported by wooden stringers <br />and secured to wooden caps resting <br />i ml creosoted pile bents, the bents to <br />be driven into the bed of the Pacific, <br />Ocean to such a depth as to afford <br />adequate support to the wharf, said <br />extension to be widened out at Its <br />southerly end to a width of sixty (60)' <br />feet for a distance of forty (40) feet. <br />S)CTION 3. <br />The cost of the proposed improve - <br />ment is estimated to be $23,000.00 and <br />Ithe incidental expenses in connection <br />therewith is estimated to be $2,0(10.00. <br />SECTION 4. <br />The 16th day of February, 1926, is <br />hereby fixed as the date upon which <br />an election will be called in said dis- <br />trict, and upon said date an election i <br />will be called and held therein for <br />the purpose of submitting and there i <br />will be submitted to the qualified vot- <br />ers thereof the proposition of incurr -I <br />-ing an indebtedness by the issuance <br />of bonds of said district to pay the <br />cost and expenses of the construction <br />of the proposed improvement; i <br />A map showing the exterior bound- <br />aries of the said district with relation <br />to the territory immediately con -i <br />iiguous thereto, and a general des- <br />cription of the proposed improvement' <br />are on file in the office of the Clerk <br />of the city of Newport Beach, as Clerk <br />of the legislative body of said city,) <br />which map shall govern for all de- <br />tails as to the extent of the district. <br />SECTION 5. <br />The hour of 7:30 o'clock p. m. of <br />i Monday, the 11th day of January, <br />1926, at the council chamber of the <br />Board of Trustees of the city of New- <br />port Beach, in the City Hall of said <br />city, in the city of Newport Beach, <br />is hereby fixed as the date, hour and <br />place for the hearing of protests. <br />Any person interested, objecting to <br />the formation of said district, or to <br />the extent of the said district, or to <br />the proposed Improvement, or to the <br />inclusion of his property in said dis- <br />trict, may file written protests setting <br />forth such objection, with the Clerk' <br />of the City of Newport Beach, at or <br />before the time set for the hearing of <br />said petition, at which time and place <br />the Board of Trustees will hear the <br />petition, all protests and objections <br />..file -d,, apd appeariag to ob- <br />ject. <br />SECTION 6. t <br />The election will be a special elec -1 <br />tion and for the purpose of holding <br />the election the proposed municipal <br />improvement district will be and con- <br />stitute one voting precinct, and the <br />Fire Hall at Balboa, within the pro- <br />! posed district, will be designated as <br />'the poling place. <br />A Board of Election will be ap- <br />pointed to consist of one inspector, <br />one judge, and one clerk. <br />SECTION 7. <br />The proposition to be submitted to <br />the qualified voters will be the in- <br />curring of an indebtedness by the <br />Issuance of bonds of .said district in <br />the sum of $25,000.00 to pay the cost <br />of the construction of the proposed <br />improvement. If at the election two - <br />thirds or more of all the voters voting <br />tthereat shall vote in favor of incurr -� <br />ling such bonded indebtedness in the <br />Isom of $25,000.00 for said purpose, <br />^then the Board of Trustees of the city <br />of Newport Beach shall be authorized <br />and empowered to issue and will is- <br />sue and sell the bonds of the munict- <br />Ipal improvement district in the sum <br />of $25,000.00 for the payment of the <br />cost of the construction of the des- <br />cribed improvement. <br />SECTION 8. <br />A part of said bonds not less, how- <br />lever, than one - fortieth part of the . <br />(whole amount of the indebtedness of <br />$25,000.00, shall be payable every <br />'year on a day and date and at a place <br />to be fixed by the Board of Trustees <br />of the city of Newport Beach, and <br />designated in such bonds. <br />The rate of 6 per cent per annum is <br />hereby recited as the maximum rate <br />of interest to be paid on such bonded <br />indebtedness, which rate shall not be <br />exceeded in the issuance of bonds for <br />such indebtedness. <br />SECTION 9. fftt <br />The municipal improvement district C <br />proposed to be formed when the samef <br />is formed, shall be known as muni- <br />cipal improvement district No. 5 of <br />'the city of Newport Beach. <br />SECTION 10. <br />There being no newspaper publish- <br />led in the city of Newport Beach six) <br />idays a week, this ordinance shall be I <br />published once a week for two weeks lj <br />.in THE NEWPORT NEWS, a weekly) <br />i newspaper of general circulation <br />,printed, published, and circulated <br />ut the city of Newport Beach, <br />and one insertion each week for two <br />succeeding weeks shall be sufficient <br />publication, which THE NEWPORT <br />NEWS is hereby designated for that <br />(purpose. <br />1 The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />,was introduced before the Board of <br />ITrustees of the City of Newport <br />,Beach at a regular meeting thereof <br />`meld the 7th day of December, 1925, <br />iand duly passed at a regular meeting <br />(thereof held on the 21st day of De- <br />cember, 1925, by the affirmative vote <br />of the following Denied members of <br />said Board of Trustees: <br />Ayes, Trustees — WILSON, SLOAN, <br />YOUNG, RICHTER, WILKINSON. <br />Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />` Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance) <br />!No. 294 is signed and approved by me <br />this 21st day of December, 1925. <br />GEO. P. WILSON, <br />President Board of Trustees <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Attest: C. A. SEBRING, <br />Chvk City of Newport Dvacb. <br />First Pub, Dec. 22; last pub, Jan. 11. <br />