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ORDINANCE N0. '28,b. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />YEWPORT BEACH, AUTHORIZ- <br />ING THE GRANTING OF PER- <br />MITS FOR CARRYING 0Y THE <br />BUSIYESS OF CANNING OR DRY. <br />ING FISH, AYD MAALNG A FER- <br />TILIZER OUT OF FISH WITHIN <br />SAID CITY, PROVIDING THE <br />METHOD OF OBTAINING SAID, <br />PERMITS, AYD THE CONDITIONS <br />I <br />UNDER WHICH THE BUSINESSi <br />31AV.' BE CONDUCTED Ott CUR. <br />HIED ON, AND FURTHER PRO. <br />VIOING FOR TLE IMMEDIATE <br />REVOCATION OF SUCH PERMITS <br />UPON ANY VIOLATION THERE- <br />OF, AND PROVIDING A PE-NALTY <br />FOR CONDUCTING OR ATTEMPT. <br />ING TO CONDUCT ANY SUCH <br />BUSINESS WITHOUT THE EXIS- <br />TANCE OF A VALID UNREVOS. <br />ED. PERMIT. <br />The Board of Trustees of the City <br />,of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- i <br />lows; <br />SECTION 1. <br />For the purpose of the preserva -i <br />Lion of the public health and comfort <br />of the inhabitants of the City of <br />Newport Beach, it is hereby declared' <br />unlawful and prohibited for any per- <br />son, co- partnership, firm, association <br />of individuals, or corporations to <br />commence, maintain, or carry on the <br />business of canning or drying fish, <br />or the making of fertilizer out of fish <br />in any part of the city of Newport' <br />Bear;' without first obtaining, and at i <br />all Coles baying, a valid nnrevoked I <br />Permit to do so, duly applied for and; <br />issued by the Board of Trustees of <br />the City of Newport Beach. <br />Sl;CTION 2, <br />Any person deslrieg to commence, <br />conduct, or eat iv on the business of <br />canning or drying fish, or making <br />fertilizer out of fish in the City of <br />tiewport Bcacb, shall first file with <br />the Clerk of the city a written and <br />signed vppiicat.ion for a permit to do <br />;so, setting torth the particular kind <br />of busoess the applicant intends to <br />conduct and carry on, the exact loce- <br />tion of the property upon which it is <br />to be conducted and carried on, giv- <br />;ing the legal description of the prop- <br />erty, the kind of material out of <br />;which any structure is built, and the <br />designation of the streets in which <br />the business or any part thereof is <br />Ito be cmidncted and carried on, the <br />make, style, and capacity of the me- <br />�chinery installed, or Intended to be <br />installed in any such structure, and <br />expected to be used in the business. <br />The application shall be referred <br />Ito a committee consisting of at least <br />Ia majority of the Board of Trustees, <br />'the health officer, and engineer of the <br />i city of Newport Beach, who shall pro - <br />ceed to ascertain by personal investi- <br />gation and examination of the prem- <br />ises described in the application. <br />,wbethrr the same conforms to the <br />following requirements: <br />(a) The inside walls of the build - <br />ing, except such portions of the <br />bniiding as may be used exclusively <br />for offices or warehouse purposes. <br />shall be of smooth eement, or cement <br />plaster, so as to admit �f a thorough, <br />washing and scr;;bbing. <br />t (b) All ceilings and ovbrhead <br />=beams shall be smooth and covered <br />with white washable paint. <br />(c) The entire floor of the build <br />p tng except such Portions az may be <br />used exclusively for offices or ware-( <br />house purposes, shall be constructed I <br />1of the best cement, troweled to a; <br />smooth surface, or covered with <br />I some material impervious to oil or <br />water. <br />(d) The floors shall be so con - <br />Istructed that they can be readily <br />i flushed with water or disinfectant, <br />and of such a slope that all water <br />;and disinfectant accumulating upon <br />the floor will readily run off and <br />leave the floor dry. <br />(e) All outside platforms must bel <br />so constructed that all wash water I <br />and waste will drain into catch spent -I <br />inks and emptied into the sewer sys -1 <br />tem. All drain pipes in the buildings <br />shall be of a size adequate for <br />double the amount that is considered' <br />necessary, and shall be equipped <br />With the necessary flush traps. No <br />fish or parts of fish shall be allowed <br />to get into the sewer. <br />(f) No drainage whatever from <br />the plant shall flow directly to the <br />beach or ,upon the land in or about <br />the plant. All openings in the drain- <br />age systems shall be Protected with <br />one - fourth inch mesh wire screen. <br />-- -- EQUIPMENT. <br />Every building used for the. ,par- - <br />POSO Of canning or drying fish or the <br />making of fertilizer out of fish in <br />the city of Newport Beach shall be <br />equipped with the most modern sani- <br />tary type of apparatus, appliances <br />and machinery and shall be operated <br />SO that all objectionable odors will be <br />eliminated. The boilers shall be of <br />sufficient capacity to properly care <br />for all carriers and pans, and they <br />shall be thorouhgly cleaned by boil- <br />ing or steamfnS, and all cutting tab- <br />les shall be yo constructed that they <br />may be thoroughly scrubbed and <br />cleaned. <br />The committee of the Board of <br />Trustees, the health officer, and en- <br />gineer of the city of Newport Beach <br />shall immediately after making the <br />Investigation and examination file <br />their written findings and report with <br />the Clerk of the City of Newport <br />Beach, and if the committee finds <br />and reports that the building to be <br />used for the business set.forth in the <br />application is in accordance with the <br />provisions of this ordinance, then the <br />Board of Trustees of the City' of New- <br />port Beach may, In its discretion is- i <br />sue a permit to the applicant to can- i <br />duct and carry on the buniovs =. <br />SECTION 3. If <br />Every holder of. a permit to can - <br />duct and carry on the 11uaness of i <br />canting or drying f:s.b er making fer- <br />tilizer out of fish is tbe city of New- <br />port Desch shall do so strictly in ac- i <br />cordance with the following regula- <br />(ions which are hereby made a part i <br />Of Buell permit and set forth therein: III <br />i (a) All fish arriving at the place i <br />where the business is cull ;ucted <br />Isball be immediately examigr,j and <br />if they show any sign of decompos)- <br />-tion tbcy shall be removed frmu the <br />.boats and disposed of within less than <br />!six hours after arrival, ant! if all ap- <br />plication of salt is needed to prevent <br />Partial decay then the salt shall be <br />. iPla,cdfatelY. and promptly applied. <br />Ji(b) All heads of fish, viscera, or <br />other refuse shall be cou veyed <br />(,promptly to the reduction plant and <br />;Processed before any signs of decom- <br />LP4sition aubcal'A <br />(c) No refuse of any kind shall be' <br />lpermitted to accumulate on the prem- <br />Jises. <br />(dl Dried scraps shall be re- <br />moved from the premises as rapidly <br />as Possible, and at no time shall <br />there be in excess of ten (10) tons of <br />dried scraps on the premises at any <br />time. <br />(e) Vapors from the plant, cooker, <br />for dried, and vapors from fisli'cook- <br />ers shall be so handled that the va- <br />Ipors may be treated by adequate <br />isprays or otherwise, so that there, <br />�will be no offensive, noxious, or ob- <br />jeetionable odors in or about the <br />plant, or given off thereby. <br />(f) All sanitary regulations laid <br />down by the National Canners Asso- <br />ciatimt, all sanitary or otter regula- <br />tions of the State of California, the <br />United States, or of the city of New- <br />port Beach, or other public authority <br />shall be rigidly observed and enforc- <br />ed. <br />SECTION 4. <br />Every permit issued to conduct or <br />carry on the business of canning or <br />drying fish or making fertilized out <br />of fish in the city of Newport Beach <br />shall be accepted and signed by the <br />applicant therefor wherein the ap -� <br />Plicant shall agree to all of the terms <br />of the permit, and the provisions of <br />this ordinance, and to obey and be <br />bound thereby, including the immed- <br />iate suspension and ultimate revoca -f <br />Lion of the permit if the same be vio -1 <br />lated. <br />SECTION 5. <br />)It the holder of a permit shall) <br />conduct or carry on the business or <br />any Part thereof, or allow the same <br />.to be conducted or carried on, in a <br />building or in a manner which Is fn <br />violation of this ordinance, or shall <br />fail to keep the .premises in a clean. <br />(sightly and sanitary condition, or <br />shall allow any noxious, objectionable <br />1 or offensive odors to escape from the <br />plant, or from` the bue7hess iheret,t <br />conducted, then It 81,1111 he the duty <br />Of the health officer of the city of <br />Newport Beach to serr9 notice upon <br />ate- person employed r,t the plant, or <br />In charge of the bnsh;eas or of ti,.; <br />building in which tb, business is b,.- <br />1119 conducted, requiring imm €dials <br />compliance with this ordinance, atv, <br />of all the terms thereof, and the per- <br />mit within six (6) hours after ser- <br />vice of said notice. <br />In the event that said notice is not <br />compiled with In the time specified, <br />the health officer shall immediately <br />make, sign and serve upon the per- <br />sons in charge of said business an <br />order suspending the permit, and the <br />ibus(uess shall immediately cease. <br />The health officer shall thereupon <br />forthwith file a written report with <br />the Clerk of the City of Newport <br />113each setting forth the conditions of <br />ithe premises and any violation of the <br />ordinance or of the permit on be- <br />half of the holder of such permit nud <br />the Board of Trustees Shall within <br />twenty -four hours thereafter investi- <br />gate said conditions and if they fin: <br />that the terms of said permit'or th. <br />Provisions of this orfinance are being <br />violated, they may, by order entered <br />upon their minutes, permanently re- <br />voke file permit, or may Impose such <br />reauirr-anats as will allow the.ulis%- <br />ness to be, continued a.mj not violaYJ <br />this ordinance or the permit, and <br />when such requiremeata are fully <br />compiled with the suspension of tha <br />