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permit shall be ef- aside: <br />dSr::ry permit shall be issued direct - <br />ly to the applicant thereof, and shall <br />,not be assigned, sold, or transferred <br />j <br />to 1M..;lixr person, without the con - <br />'ri of tjle Board of Trustees duly <br />ibtvrn upon application therefor and <br />,entered upon its minutes. <br />The Board shall in Its discretion <br />grant such consent or withhold the <br />same. <br />- SECTION 6. <br />Every person,- co- partnership, firm, <br />association of individuals or corpor- <br />ation, who shall' commence, conduct, <br />:or carry on within the corporate <br />limits of the city of Newport Beach <br />the business of canning or drying <br />j fish, or making fertilizer out of fish, <br />f or shall attempt to do so, Including <br />their agents, servants or employees <br />i having any part therein, unless a <br />valid permit shall have been Issued <br />therefor and is ulmuspended or un- <br />revoked, shall be guilty �of a misdo- <br />1uleanor and every day that any such <br />business or part thereof is conducted <br />or carried on in violation of this or- <br />dinance shall be and constitute a <br />separate and distinct offense. <br />Every person convicted under this <br />`Ordinance in a court OY competent <br />jurisdiction shall be punished by a <br />fine Of not Ices than $25.00, or more <br />;than $250.00, or imprisoned in the <br />city jail not more, than ninety days, <br />or both such fine and imprisonment <br />in- the discretion of the court. <br />SECTION 7. <br />The above and ioregoing Ordinance <br />Shall be published once in NEWPORT <br />NEWS, a semi- weekly newspaper of <br />general circulation, printed, publish- <br />ed, and circulated in the city of New- <br />port Beach, and it shall take effect <br />and be in force thirty days after its <br />passage. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />was passed by the Board of Trustees <br />of the city of _Newport Beach_ at a <br />meeting thereof held the 18th day of <br />January, 1926, signed and approved <br />by the President of the Board of <br />Trustees, and attested by the Clerk, <br />as follows: <br />Ayes, Trustees — WILSON, SLOAN, <br />YOUNG, RICHTER, WILKINSON. <br />Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />The above and foregoing Ordinance <br />is hereby approved by me this 18th <br />day of January, 1926. <br />GEO. P. WILSON, <br />President Board of Trustees, <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Attest: V. A. SEBRING, <br />Clerk. City of Newport Beach. <br />Pub -1t. <br />AN ak(DINAN'CE OF THF, CITY OF <br />NEW'P(MT BEICR DEFT NLIG i <br />AND ESTABLISHIV, THE Rlll'N'., <br />DARIES OF A iii N1CIPAL I.H. - <br />PROYE)IEVT DISTRICT IN S.VID- <br />(ITY, DESIO'NATING THE NAiW <br />Bi' WHICH CC SHALL BE KNOWN <br />AND CALLDG* AN ELECTION TO: <br />BE HELD WITHIN THE DIS. <br />TRICT, AND PROVIDINO F'OR' <br />THE SUBMISSION TO THE ELEC-° <br />TORS THEREOF A PROPOSITION <br />OF INCURRING .1 DEBT BY THE <br />ISSI'ANCE OF THE BONDS OF <br />SUCH DISTRICT FOR THE PUR. <br />POSES SET FORTH IN ORDIN.; <br />A_NCE OF .INTEN'T'ION N'0. 2114,. <br />RECfTING THE OBJECTS AND, <br />PURPOSES FOR WHICH THE; <br />PROPOSED INDEBTEDNESS. ISI <br />TO BE INCURRED, THE NATURE I <br />1 OF THE IMPROVEMENTS TO BE III <br />ACQUIRED, THE ESTIMATED <br />COST THEREOF AND OF THE <br />INCIDENTAL EXPENSES IN CON. <br />NECTION THEREWITH, THE <br />AMOUN -T OF THE PRINCTPAL OF <br />THE MEDTEDNESS TO BE IN. <br />CURRED THEREFOR, AND THE <br />RATE OF INTEREST TO BE PAID. <br />ON SAID INDEBTEDNESS, FIX. <br />ING THE DATE ON WHICH SUCH. <br />ELECTION SHALL BE HELDn I <br />THE MANNER OF HOLDING THE <br />SAME, AND THEIIANNER OF! <br />TOTING FOR OR AGAINST SAID <br />PROPOSITION. f <br />1 <br />1 <br />The Board of Trustees of the Cite � <br />of Newport Beach do Ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />SECTION 1. i <br />That portion of the City of Newportt <br />; <br />Beach, the exterior boundaries of <br />which are in this Ordinance describ -` <br />ed, is hereby declared to be and is' <br />formed into and shall constitute a <br />municipal improvement district for 1 <br />the Purpose of creating an indebted- <br />ness to be represented by bonds of <br />such district, for the objects and <br />Purposes hereinafter set forth, the <br />said District to be known as and <br />called MT.TNICIVAL IMPROVEMENT. <br />DISTRICT NO. 5 OF TIIE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BF,ACIf. <br />SECTION 2. <br />The exterior boundaries of Munici- <br />pal Improvement District No. 5 of the <br />City of Newport Beach are hereby <br />'described, defined and established as i <br />follows: <br />I Located i;: and is all that portion I, <br />'of the City of Newport Beach, County <br />,of Orange, State of California, and , <br />Beginning at a point in the center <br />line of 10th Street, which point is 100 j <br />feet northerly of the northerly line; <br />of Central Avenue; thence northeast- <br />erly in a direct line to U. S. Bulk - <br />head Station No. 150, as shown and <br />laid out upon a map of the War De- <br />partment, showing Newport Bay, ap- <br />proved January 18, 1917: thence east- <br />erly in a direct line to U. S. Bulkhead <br />Station No. 151, ns shown upon the <br />aforesaid map of the War Depart, <br />went; thence southeasterly in a di- <br />rect line to U. S. Bulkhead 'Station <br />No. 152, as shown-upon the aforesaid' <br />map of the War Department; thence it <br />southeasterl, !; a direct line to U. <br />S. Bulkhead Station No. 153, as shorn <br />Vpon the aforesaid map of the War' <br />Department: thence southeasterly in <br />a direct line to U. S. Bulkhead Station <br />No. 154. as shown upsa 1 ::- aforesaid <br />map of the War Department; thence <br />southeasterly in a direct line to U. S. <br />Bulkhead Station No. 108, as shown <br />upon the aforesaid map Of the War <br />Department; thence south 15. degrees <br />East, along the bulkhead tine between <br />V. S. Bulkhead Stations No. 108 aatt <br />No. 107, and along the southeasterly <br />prolongation of said bulkhead line to <br />its intersection with the southerly <br />boundary line of the city of Newport <br />Reach; thence westerly along the <br />southerly boundary line of the city of <br />Newport Beach, to it s intersection <br />with the Southwesterly prolongation <br />of the center line of 10th Street; <br />Cbence northeasterly along the south- <br />II westerly prolongation of the center <br />4 line of 10th Street, and along the <br />Il center line of 10th Sheet to the place <br />of beginning,—(the use hereinafter in <br />this Ordinance of the words "the dis- <br />trict" means and shall at air tl*eji' <br />and places be held and construe$ {:t6 <br />`mean Municipal Improvement Dis- <br />trict No. 5 of the city Of Newport <br />`Beach as above described.) <br />SECTION 3. <br />The nature of the improvement to <br />The constructed is described as fol- <br />lows: the construction of an extension <br />on the southerly end of that certain I) <br />wharf now erected and standing at ! <br />the southerly end of Main Sheet in (III <br />the City of Newport Beach at Bal- <br />boa, and which extends into and over <br />the waters of the 1'acif ;c Ocean, the <br />extension to be constructed approx;- <br />mately 500 feet in length and 20 feet' <br />in width, the superstructure to con -I <br />sixt Of a wooden floor three inches <br />thick supported by wooden. stringers <br />and secured t0 woorb,11 cap,' resting <br />on creosoted pile bcots, the bents to <br />be driven into the bed of the Pacific <br />Ocean to such a depth as to afford <br />adequate support to the wharf, Baia <br />extension to be .- (timed out at its' <br />southerly end to a width of sixty (60) <br />feet for a distanca of forty (40) foet, ! <br />all within the district. <br />SECTION I. - I <br />The estimated cost of the construe - <br />tion of the improvement is $23,000.00 <br />!still of the incidental expenses in <br />connection tbercwitll is $2,000.00, <br />making a total estimated cost of $25,- <br />000.00, and the amount of the priucl- <br />1 pal of the indebtedness to be in- <br />curred therefor is the sum of <br />$25,000.00. <br />SECTION S. - <br />The objects and purposes for <br />!which the proposed indebtedness is <br />to be incurred in the sum of -$25,- <br />000.00, is to ,pay the cost of the conw <br />struction of the described extension <br />to the wharf at the southerly end of <br />Alain Street in the city of Newport <br />.Beach at Balboa in order to make and <br />.render said wharf adequate and suf- <br />ficient for the purpose Of public <br />`Pleasure and recreation and for the <br />1 uses of commerce. <br />SECTION' 6. <br />An election is hereby called and <br />;ordered to be held in >Iuniclpal Im- <br />I proveme It District No. 5 of the City <br />,of Newport Beach on Tuesday, the <br />i 16tb day of February, 1926, for the <br />,purpose of submitting and at said <br />election there shall be and Is hereby <br />submitted to the qualified voters of <br />(the disf�ict the proposition of incur- <br />ring a debt by the issuance Of the <br />bonds of Municipal Improvement Dis- <br />(.Met No 5 of the city of Newport <br />Beach for the purposes set forth in <br />