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onn� A�Te��IQ��L <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY 1 <br />OF NFITPORT BENCH ORDER -I <br />_T:NG THE WIDENING IN PART; <br />OF i EATRAL AVENUE, A PUB -1 <br />LTC' STREET PA' SAID CITY,! <br />Di7iECT1NG AN ACTION TO BE <br />BROUGHT LN THE SUPERIOR' <br />COURT OF THE STATE OF I <br />C'AT.IFORNI'A, LY AND FOR I <br />'THE COUNTY OF ORANGE, IN <br />THE ''.0 AHE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, 'FOR THE <br />. 'CONDEHN'ATION OF THE <br />PROPERTY NECESSARY AND <br />CONVEITI:NT TO BE TAKEN <br />'THEREFOR, AND 'REFERRING. <br />'TO ORDINANCE OF 1NTEN- <br />'TION Y0. '-t3 FOR ALL PAR-, <br />TIC VLARS. <br />The Board of Trustees of the <br />city of Newport Beach do ordain <br />ns follows: <br />SECTION 1. <br />The Board of Trustees of the <br />illy of Newport Beach hereby or- <br />ders an improvement to be made <br />,in said city. -consisting of the wid -; <br />enin.g in part of Central Avenue.. <br />.a public street in said city. the' <br />widening 'thereof to consist of the', <br />following: <br />That Central Avenue. a public; <br />sweet in the city of Newport <br />Beach, Tommoncing at the westi <br />line of Section 1, township t <br />south. range 10 west. S. B. B.'& 34., <br />extending thence easterly along <br />the north line of said section 1 for <br />a distan,h of 231 feet. be widened <br />to all ad Jilional width of 35 feet. <br />:;ECTION 2. <br />It is ;:rcessary and convenient, <br />to take land for the described wid -� <br />,nine of Central Avenue, and a' <br />district of land in the city of New <br />port Beach will be benefited by the <br />described improvement. For a <br />description of the property to bed <br />taken and of the assessment dfs -, <br />trict. reference to ordinance of in-. <br />Untion Nn. 2S5 passed on the 23rd <br />,hay of November. 1925. and now <br />on file in the office of the Clerk of <br />Ili, city of Newport Beach is 'here- <br />by made. <br />SECTION '3. <br />Ti:z city attorney of the city Of <br />Newport Beach is directed to bring <br />I ar, action ill the name of the city <br />of Newport Beach in the Superior <br />�,., Court vi the State of California. in <br />and for !be county of Orange. fsr <br />the coc,demnation of the property <br />necessary to he taken for the im- <br />provement, namely —tbe wi8ening <br />of Central Avenue. <br />' SCCTTON §. <br />Pnhlic interest and convenience <br />require that Central Avenue he <br />wideened as described in Ordln- <br />a,nce of Inlentiop No. 283 and as <br />herein set forth. <br />This being a pror.eeding for the <br />upening of a street this ordinance; <br />shall take effect and be in force <br />from and after its passage. <br />This Ordinance shall be publish- <br />ed m:ce in 'NEWPORT NEWS. a <br />newspaper of general clrculatimil <br />printed, published and eirculatV <br />in the city of Newport Beach. <br />'fife above and foregoing Ordin- <br />ance was passed at a regular <br />meelivg oP the Board of Trustees) <br />4 or the city of Newport Beach held <br />the Sib day of March. 1926. by the, <br />affirmative vote of the following! <br />' named members of said Board of <br />t•"• Trustees. to-wit: <br />Ayes. Trustees- 11'ILSON, SLOAN. <br />IYODNG. RICHTER. A1'ILKINSON. <br />, Noes. Trustees —NONE. <br />Absent. Trustees —NONN. <br />i The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />lance No. 291 is signed and approv- <br />ed by me this SIT) day of pareh. <br />1926. <br />CEO. P. WILSON. <br />President Board of Trustees. <br />Attest: H. W. NICKERSON. <br />Clerk City of Newport Beach. <br />ORDISASl'E N0. 292. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF .THEm CITY <br />OF NEWPORT JYFiACH 11I:- <br />1 GARM; THAT -TILE YYAT'ER <br />SUPPLY OWNED BY SAID <br />CITY IS 1N EXCESS OF THE <br />.1310UNT (IF ITATER REt2F.IR- <br />F.D TO SUPPLY THE W �TF.R' <br />REQUIRED BY THE LNILIBI- <br />T}NTS OF THE CITY OF NE11'- <br />PORT BE.1t'H; TIIAT THE: <br />BOARD OF TRUSTEES PRO <br />POSE TO I CONTRACT FOR THE <br />SALE OF SUCH EXCESS OF <br />WATER, BUT FOR NOT LONG -1 <br />ER THAN ONE YEAR, AND; <br />FURTHER PROVIDING THAT, <br />SUCH EXCESS OF WATER <br />SHALL BE SOLD ONLY AI <br />THE RATE FIXED FOR CON - <br />SL'1HERS INSIDE. TRY CON -1 <br />PORATE L1311TS OF THE CITY <br />OF NEIVPORT BEACII. <br />The Board of Trustees of the <br />city of Newport Beach do ordain <br />as follows: I <br />SECTION 1. <br />The Board of Trustees of the <br />, city of Newport Beach. as the leg - <br />slatice authority thereof. hereby <br />determines that the water supply <br />,owned by the city cf Newport <br />. Beach is in excess of the amount <br />I of water required to supply the <br />water required by the inhabitants <br />thereof. <br />SECTION 2. <br />The excess of water will be sold <br />outside of the limits of the city <br />of Newport Beach by contract with <br />purchasers and consumers of such <br />excess of water. <br />The Board of Trustees of the <br />eity of Newport Beach is hereby <br />directed and authorized to contract <br />for the sale of such excess of <br />water with purchasers and con - <br />sulllers outside of the Corporate <br />Iimits of the city of Newport <br />Beach. but no contract shall be <br />made for the sale of any water <br />longer than such excess exists, <br />and in no event for a period long- <br />er than one year. <br />No water shall be sold to pur- <br />,chasers and consumers outside the <br />leih' of Newport Beach except at <br />the rates fixed and charged for <br />consumers inside of the city of <br />Newport 136ach. <br />The Board of Trustees c_ the <br />city of Newport Beach declares <br />that an excess of water not re- <br />quired to supply the inhabitants <br />of the city of Newport Beach exists <br />within the terms of such contract. <br />SECTION 3. <br />This Ordinance shall be publish- <br />' ed once in NEWPORT NEWS a <br />newspaper of general circulation. <br />printed. published. and circulated <br />in the city of Newport Leacb, and <br />shall take effect and Le :n Place <br />thirty days after its passage. <br />i The above and foregoing Ordin -1 <br />ante No. 292 was regularly intro -' <br />duced at a meeting of the Board of <br />Trustees of the city of Newport! <br />Beach held the 15th day of Feb -' <br />ruary. 1926. and passed at a regu- <br />lar meeting held the 22nd day of <br />February. 1026. by the vole of the <br />following named members thereof:' <br />AYES. Trustees. Wilson. Sloan, <br />Young. Richter. Wilkinson. <br />NOES. Trustees, ;lone. <br />ABSENT. Trustees. None. <br />The above and foregoing Ordn- <br />ance No. 292 is signed and approv -1 <br />ed by me this 22nd day of Feb.' <br />ruary, 1926. <br />GEO. P. WILSON. <br />President Board of Trustees. <br />Attest: V. A. SEBRING. <br />Clerk City of Newport Beach.' <br />