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'L <br />I, Alfred Smith,, Clcrk_ of the City of rewport Beach, do <br />hereby- certifv that the f o-,­167oin g 0rIi,7;tnce °To. 505 is a true and <br />correct copy of an Ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a <br />rr'Lular meeting held on the 23d day of riu6u3t, 1926, and that same <br />v!as printed and published accordinj, to iatc. <br />City/,Clerk of Fer.por �-eac 1. <br />ORDINANCE NUMBER SO4 <br />[firm or corporation and which <br />�TION 7 <br />--- <br />said advertising structure or <br />It shall be unlawful for any <br />� <br />AN ORDINANCE LICENSING AND, <br />electric sign advertises the goods,: <br />person, firm or corporation, to <br />REGULATING THE CON - <br />wares, merchandise or business of. <br />erect, construct or maintain, or to <br />STRUCTION AND MAINTEN -I <br />said person, firm or corporation <br />cause or permit to be erected, con - <br />ANCE OF OUTDOOR ADVER- <br />only. <br />strutted or maintained within the <br />TIEING STRUCTURES IN THE <br />i Upon the 1)aymeat of the li- <br />city of Newport Beach, any adver- <br />CITY OF NEWPORT REACH. <br />tense fee, the City Clerk shall is- <br />tising structure unless the same <br />sue to the person, firm or torpor- <br />be safely and securely built and <br />The Board of Trustees of the <br />ation paying the license fee, a <br />constructed, and erected upon red - <br />City of Newport Beach do ordain <br />certificate to be known as the <br />wood posts or standards sank at <br />as follows: <br />Outdoor Advertising License, and <br />least three (3) feet below the <br />SECTION 1 <br />such payment shall entitle the <br />natural surface of the ground and <br />For the purpose of this pr- <br />holder to engage in and carry on <br />unless the same be braced by <br />dinance, certain terms used herein <br />the business or occupation of <br />timbers or metal rode in the rear <br />are defined as follows: <br />Outdoor Advertising in accordance <br />thereof, extending from the lop <br />ADVERTISING STRUCTURE. <br />with the provisions of this ordi- <br />of said advertising structure to a <br />The term "advertising structure" <br />- <br />ounce. ) <br />point in the ground equal to at <br />as used in this ordinance is here- <br />SECTION 4 N. <br />least one -third (1 -3) of the height <br />by defined to be any board, fence, <br />It shall be unlawful for any pe .. <br />of said advertising structure, <br />j sign or structure erected for ad- <br />son, firm or corporation to erect, <br />measured along the ground from <br />vertising purposes upon the sur- <br />construct or maintain, <br />the posts or standards <br />face of the ground upon which <br />or to cause <br />or permit to be erected, <br />upon which <br />said advertising structure is <br />any poster, bill, printing, painting, <br />construct-1 <br />sit, or maintained any advertising <br />erec- <br />ted, except when fastened to or <br />device or other advertisement of <br />structure upon any lot or <br />the vertical supports of which are <br />any kind whatsoever may be <br />placed, stack, tacked, posted, <br />pre -. <br />mises within the city of Newport <br />Beach in such a manner that any <br />Placed against a wail of a build- <br />lag. <br />printed, Painted or fastened, but portion of said advertising struc- <br />this definition shall not be held to tore is nearer to the line of any <br />' include any board, sign or surface public Side -walk, street, alley or <br />used to display official notices is- other public place, than the front <br />isued by any court or public of -' line or face of the nearest build - <br />fice, or posted by any public of- ing in the same block, which faces <br />ficer in performance of a public I on any such public side -walk, <br />duty, nor shall it be held to in- street, alley or other public place; <br />Iclods any real estate sign silver-_ provided, however, that in the <br />1 tising "for sale or rent" the pro- - event there are no buildings in the <br />fi perty upon which it stands, pro block in which said advertising <br />vided such real estate sign has, structure Is to be erected, then <br />not a surface area greater than ;aid advertising structure shall <br />mine (9) square feet. not be erected closer than teu(10) <br />j - OUTDOOR ADVERTISING. The feet to the line of any public side - <br />tenu "outdoor advertising" as <br />used in this ordinance is hereby [walk, street, alley or otter public <br />defined to be advertising on any, Place. 5 <br />I advertising structure, or the past It shall be SECT IO'a' ION <br />unlawful for <br />tug, posting, printing, painting; a person, firm or corporation to <br />fling or tacking or, otherwise <br />fastening of any hand- bills, cards,' erect, construct or maintain, or <br />to cause or permit to be erected, <br />banners, signs, posters, advertise-I constructed or maintained within <br />ments or notices of any kind the city of Newport Beach, any ad- <br />whatsoever upon any fence, build- vertising structure erected on the <br />ing, property or place. surface of the ground, unless all <br />STREET LINE. The term portions of the baseline thereof <br />"street line" as used in this or -' be at least eighteen (18) inches <br />dinance is hereby defined to be above the level of the street spot <br />the boundary line between the which the advertising structure <br />street and the abbutting property, faces; provided however, that a <br />F.4CF. OR WALL OF BUILD - <br />horizontal member six inches <br />.SING, The term "face or wall of wide or ornamental lattice e work <br />j building" is hereby defined to be or ornamental <br />the general enter surface of any Pilasters may be <br />set between the baseline and the <br />main exterior wall of a building. <br />SECTION 2 i prising but the members <br />It shall be unlawful for any Prising g such lattice work shall ll be <br />be <br />of uniform widtL and shall be so <br />person, firm or corporation to en- placed that the open or clear <br />gage in and carry on the busiuesslspace between the members of <br />or occupation of Outdoor Adver - -such lattice work shall be at least <br />Using in the city of Newport Beach equal to the <br />without ,paying the License Fee greatest width of any_ <br />member thereof, <br />provided in this ordinance. SECTION 6 <br />SECTION 3 It shall be unlawful for any <br />The license fee imposed by this person, firm or corporation, to <br />ordinance shall be payable an- erect, construct or maintain, or to <br />unally in advance, and the amount cause or permit to be erected con - <br />thereof shall be Twenty Dollars; strutted or maintained within the <br />($20.00) per year. ' city of Newport Beach any silver- <br />Provided that nothing in this tising structure with an advertis- <br />section or the preceding- section ing surface of more than ten (10) <br />contained shall be construed to feet six (6) inches in height. <br />affect or apply to any person, firm Provided however, that an orna- <br />or corporation erecting and main - ;mental moulding or cornice not <br />taining any advertising structured exceeding two (2) feet in width <br />or electric sign on the premises -may be placed around the same. <br />or buildings, occupied and used <br />In tpP; ess of , <br />SECTION 8 <br />It shall be unlawful for any per <br />son, firm or corporation to erect <br />or construct or to cause or permit <br />to - be erected, constructed, or <br />maintained within fire district <br />No. 1 of the city of Newport Beach, <br />as said district is now, or may <br />be hereafter established by or- <br />dinance of said city, any advertis- <br />ing- structure unless the surface <br />Of the same be built or constructed <br />of metal or other non - combustible <br />material. <br />The posts or standards upon <br />which the structure rests, and the <br />mouldings, cornices, and lattice <br />work may be constructed of wood. <br />SECTION 9 <br />It shall be unlawful for any per- <br />;son, firm or corporation except a <br />public officer or employee in per - <br />formance of a public duty, or a <br />private person in giving a legal <br />notice, to paste, post, nail, tack or <br />otherwise fasten any cloth, paper, <br />or card -board banner, hand -bill, <br />Poster, sign or notice of any kind <br />upon any building or upon any <br />wooden faced advertising struc- <br />ture, fence, enclosure, bulkhead <br />or other frame structure except <br />where a metal surface has been <br />provided. <br />SECTION 10 <br />It shall be unlawful for any <br />Person, firm or corporation erect- <br />ing, constructing, owning or con- <br />trolling any advertising structure <br />within the city of A'.etyPOrt Beach <br />to fail, refuse or neglect to cause. <br />the name of the person, firm or [[[[ <br />corporation, erecting, constructing, [, <br />!owning or controlling such adver- <br />f <br />tising structure to be plainly' <br />marked, painted or outlined upon <br />for above such. advertising strut -I <br />iture in a conspicuous place there <br />I on, <br />SECTION 11 <br />It shall be unlawful for any per- <br />son, firm or corporation erecting, <br />constructing, owning or controll -I <br />I lug any advertising structure with -i <br />"Ili the city of Newport Beach, tot <br />'all, refuse or neglect to remove; <br />or cause to be removed any weeds,' <br />rubbish, or any inflammable waste,i <br />or material fnom the base of any l. <br />advertising structure. F <br />