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e <br />-�" Map of the CanalBectton; - etice, "-- <br />ORDINANCE NO. .30G I ,. - T `anon, f will e. I <br />``westerly toy direct line to the; The election' wlfl De a special <br />imost westerly corner o- Lot 15,; _ <br />AN ORDLNANCE OF THE BOARDI Block 441 of the .aforesaid Ma,p. of <br />and for the ptlrpoae of <br />OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY': the Canal Section; thence north- holding the election the proposed <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, AS THE i� westerly in a direct line to: the municipal Improvement district <br />LEGISLATIVE BODY THERE- most easterly Corner of Lot 1, will be and constitute one voting <br />OF, DECLARING ITS INTEN•1 Block 244 of the aforesaid Map of Precinct, and the City Hall, within <br />TION TO CALL AN ELECTION! the Canal Section; thence north -.the Proposed district, will be des -i <br />IN A PROPOSED DISTRICT, AS. westerly along the northeasterly. ignated as the polling place. <br />DESCRIBED IN THE PETITION and northerly lines of the last A Board of Election sill be ap- <br />THEREFOR, OR AS THE SAMEfinentioned Block 244 to. the north- Pointed to consist of one inspector, <br />.MAY BE HEREAFTER MODI• westerly Corner of Lnt 7, of the one judge, and one clerk. <br />FIED, FOR THE PURPOSE OF wee mentioned Block 244; thence SECTION 7. <br />SIIBHITTING TO THE QII:1LI -' westerly in a direct line to. the The pro post ion to be submitted <br />FIED ELECTORS OF SAID DIS. most westerly corner of Lat 8 of to the qualified voters will be the. <br />TRICT THE PROPOSITION OF'BloCk 145 of the aforesaid Map of incurring of an indebtedness bye <br />AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE the Canal Section; thence westerly the issuance of bonds of said dim., <br />AND SALE OF BONDS OF SUCH along the westerly prolongation o£�trict in the sum of $175,000.00 toy <br />DISTRICT, IN THE bMANNERI the northerly line of the last men - pay the cost of the construction of <br />AND FOR THE PURPOSES SET[tioned Block 145 to its intersection; the proposed improvement. It at <br />FORTH IN THIS ORDINANCE! with the center line of 46th Street, the election two- tbirds or more of <br />OF LftENTION. thence southwesterly along the [ all the voters voting thereat shall <br />center line of 46th Street and vote in favor of incurring such <br />Whereas, on the 27th day of July, along the southwesterly prolonga-I bonded indebtedness in the sum of <br />!1926, a duly verified petition in tion of the center line of said 46th[ $175,000.00 for said purpose, then <br />writing was filed in the office o Street to its intersection with the]. the Board of Trustees of the city <br />the Clerk of the city of Newport southerly boundary line of the City I of Newport Beach shall be author - <br />Beach, as Clerk of the Board o of Newport Beach; thence south -� ized and empowered to issue and <br />i Trustees thereof, signed by quali easterly and easterly along thel will issue and sell the bonds of <br />! tied electors of the city of Newpord southerly boundary line of the city; the municipal Improvement district <br />j Beach, residing in the territory,! of Newport Beach to its intersec -- in the sum of $175,000.00 for the <br />1 which is proposed to be formed! tion with the southwesterly pro - payment of the cost of the con- <br />: into a municipal Improvement dis- longatiou of the center line of struction of the described improve - <br />, triet, and being signed by more' Tenth Street; thence northeasterly meat. <br />! than ten per cent. of all the quail- along the southwesterly prolongs SECTION 8. <br />tied electors residing in said terri- Lion of the center line of Tenth A part of said bonds not less, <br />�tory, and setting forth a general Street, and along the center line of - however, than one - fortieth .part of <br />description of the improvement to-rentli Street to the Point of be -'the whole amount of the indebted- <br />lie inning. <br />e constructed, and a general des- ness of $175,000.00 shall be payable <br />crigtion of the exterior boundaries SECTION 2. every year on a day and date and <br />of said Proposed district; The improvement to be con- at a place to be fixed by the <br />Whereas, the improvement to - ,rutted is described as follows: Board of Trustees of the city of <br />i constructed is an improvement The acquisition of the necessary Newport Beach, and designated in <br />;which the city of Newport Beach ly7.d upon which to erect and main- such bonds. <br />is authorized by law to acquire; twat and the construction thereon The rate of Interest to be paid <br />The Board of Trustees of the city sf a building for municipal uses, on such bonded indebtedness is <br />!of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- .to -wit: a pub] le bath house. hereby fixed at six per cent. (6 %) <br />lows: SECTION 3. per annum and. Shall_ <br />SECTION 1. The cost of the proposed im- semi - annually. - - <br />The Board of Trustees of the provement is estimated to be SECTION 9. <br />city of Newport Beach, as the le is -, - The municipal Improvement di9- <br />lative body thereof, hereby declares: pense00.00 and the incidental ex- <br />trict proposed to be formed when <br />pauses in comtection therewith is .the same is formed, shall be <br />its intention to call an election in estimated to be $8,000.00. <br />all that certain territory within and SECTION 4. known as municipal improvement <br />of N e - <br />a part of the city of Newport The 28th day of October, 1926, district No. 5 of the city of New - <br />Beach. which is proposed to be Is hereby fixed as the date upon port Beach. <br />formed into a municipal improve- - SECTION 10. <br />which an election will be called in There being no newspaper pub- <br />said district, and which territory said district, and upon said date an g <br />! ,is accurately described as: election will be called and held Lsbed in the city of Newport <br />Located in the city of Newport therein for the purpose of submit- Beach six days a week, this ordin- <br />, County of Orange, State of ting and there will be submitted to ance shall be published once a <br />California, and the qualified voters thereof the week for two weeks in THE NEW - <br />Beginning at the intersection of PORT NEWS, a weekly newspaper <br />the center line of Tenth Street and proposition of incurring an Inds of of general circulation printed, Pub- <br />the di tr the issuance of bonds of lished, slid circulated in the city of <br />the northerly line a Central Ave- said district to pay the cost and ex- <br />oue: thence northeasterly along Newport Heath, and one insertion <br />the center line of Tenth Street and penses of the construction of the each week for two succeeding <br />the northeasterly prolongs- proposed Improvement. weeks shall be sufficient Publics- <br />along map showing the exte[ior Lion, which THE NEWPORT NEWS <br />lion of the center line of Tenth boundaries of the said district with <br />Street to a point in the bulkhead relation to the territory immediate-, 15 hereby designated for that pur- <br />line extending from L'. 5. Bulkhead ly contiguous thereto, and a gen- pose <br />The above and foregoing Ordth <br />Station No. 116 to U. S. Bulkhead I e <br />eral description of the proposed' ance was introduced before the <br />Station No. 117, as said bulkhead - - - -- - - - - - - - � - <br />line and bulkhead stations are laid <br />improvement are on file tm the Board of Trustees of the city of <br />out and shown upon a Map of New- office of the Clerk of the city of I Newport Beach at a regular meet - <br />port Bay showing harbor lines, lip- - Newport Beach, as Clerk of thel ittg thereof held the 23rd day of <br />proved by the War Department, legislative body of said city, which August, 1926, and duly passed at <br />January 18, 1917; thence north- map shall goveru for all details a regular meeting thereof held on <br />westerly in a direct line to U. S. as to the extent of the district. the 23rd day of August, 1926, by the <br />Bulkhead Station No. 124; thence SECTION 5. affirmative vole of the following <br />northwesterly in a direct line to r The hour of 7:30 o'clock p, m, named members of said Board of <br />U. S. Bulkhead Station No. 125; of Monday„ the 20th day of Septem- Trustees: <br />thence westerly in a direct line to ben,. 1926,, at the council chamber AYES — Trustees, Modjeska, Wil- <br />U. S. Bulkhead Station No. 126; of the Board of Trustees of the liamson, Young, Richter. <br />thence westerly in a direct line to city of Newport Beach, to the City NOES. — Trustees, None. <br />the most easterly corner of Lot Hall' of said city, . in the city of ABSENT— Trustees, Wilkinson. <br />12, Block 636 of a Map of the Canal Newport Beach, is hereby fixed as The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />Section, as recorded in Miscellane- the date, hour and place for the ance No. 305 is signed and ap- <br />ous Maps Book 4, page 98, Records hearing . of protests. proved by me this 23rd day of <br />of Orange County, California; Any person interested, objecting - August, 1926. <br />thence westerly fn a direct line to to the formation of said district, or CONRAD RICHTER, <br />the most northerly corner of Lot to the extent of the sald district, President, Board of Trustees <br />10 of the aforesaid Block 636; or to the proposed improvement, City of Newport Beach. <br />thence westerly in a three lot or to the inclusion of his. property Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />the most easterly corner o7-Lot 1, ut said district, may file written Clerk, City of Newport Beach. <br />Block 637, of the aforesaid Map of I pests setting forth such objet- Pab. —Aug. 27; Sept. 3, 10, 1926. <br />the Canal Section; thence westerly tion, with the Clerk of the city of <br />Newport Beach, at or before the <br />in a direct line to the northeasterly time set - for the hearing of said <br />corner of Lot 8, Block 638, of the petition, at which that and place <br />aforesaid Map of the Canal Sec- the Board of Trustees will her <br />lion; thence westerly in a direct the petition, all protests and oD -� <br />line to the northeasterly Corner -o£l, the pet filed, .and al <br />'and ap- <br />Lot 8, Block 539 of the :aforesaid. p6aring to object. <br />