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—'— SECTION 12 <br />SECTION B <br />P visions of this ordinance shall be <br />It shall be unlawful for auy per-j <br />Any person, either as pr\ncipal, <br />deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, <br />son, firm or corporation, to ex- 1 <br />agent or otherwise desiring sue '. <br />and upon conviction thereof, shall <br />hibit, Post, or display or to cause <br />building permit shall file with the <br />be punishable by a fine of not <br />!�. <br />or permit to be, exhibited, posted;, <br />building inspector an application <br />more than Two Hundred and <br />f or displayed, any immoral or ua -" <br />therefore. Such application shall <br />Fifty Dollars ($250.00) or by im- <br />lawful act, suggestion, business <br />set forth the location on which it <br />prisonment in the city jail of not <br />purpose. <br />is proposed to erect such adver - <br />more than thirty (30) days or by <br />for <br />SECTION 13 <br />tising structures, describing the <br />both fine and imprisonment. <br />It shall be unlawful for any <br />same by lot or block or by any <br />SECTION 19 <br />„person, firm or corporation, ex- <br />other description by which the <br />All ordinances or parts of or -, <br />icept a public officer or employee <br />same may be readily located and <br />dinances in conflict with the pro- <br />! in performance of a public duty <br />identified. If Ike application shows <br />visions of this ordinance are here- - ) <br />to paste, slut, <br />p print, nail, tack <br />that the erection, construction, and <br />by repealed. <br />) <br />or otherwise fasten any card, <br />maintenance of the proposed <br />P Posed ad -; <br />SECTION._.:.,. <br />banner, hand -bill, sign, poster, or <br />vertiBing structure be in accord - <br />_ <br />The above and foregoing nr- <br />adeertisement or notice of any <br />ance with all the requirements of <br />dinance No. 304 shall be publish - <br />f kind or cause the same to be <br />this ordinance, the building in- <br />ed once in the Newport News, a <br />done on any curb - atone, lamp- <br />spector shall issue a permit upon <br />newspaper, of general circulation <br />Post, pole, h_: drant, bridge, wall <br />the payment by the applicant of <br />printed, published and circulated <br />' :or tree upon any public side -walk, <br />the permit fee, as established by <br />in the city of Newport Beach and <br />,street, or ,Public Property except <br />the Building Ordinance requiring <br />it shall take effect and be in <br />!as may bu required by ordinance (building <br />permits for construction <br />force from and after its passage. <br />or law. <br />of buildings and structures. <br />The above and foregoing ordi- <br />SECTION 14 <br />SECTION 17 <br />nance No. 304 was regularly in- <br />It shall be unlawful for any <br />It shall be the duty of the build- <br />traduced before the Board of <br />person, firm or corporation, to i <br />mg inspector and police depart- <br />Trustees of the city of Newport <br />erect or construct. or to cause or <br />ment to enforce the Provisions of <br />Beach at a regular meeting there- <br />: permit to be erected or construct- <br />this ordinance, . provided, however, <br />that anything in this erd'aanee �o <br />of held the fifth day of July, 1926, <br />.oil or maintained, any advertising <br />and passed at a regular meeting <br />structure, sign device upon any <br />the contrary notwithstanding, it <br />thereof held the 6th day of Septem- <br />pubhc side -walk, street, alley or <br />shall not be deemed a violation of <br />her, 1926, by the affirmative vote of <br />other public place except as nifty <br />this ordinance for the owner or, <br />the following named members of <br />be required' by ordinance or law. <br />lessee of any building in the city J <br />said Board of Trustees, to -wit: _ <br />.i SECTION 15 <br />of Newport Beach to display upon, <br />AYES — Trustees, Modjeska, <br />u <br />I[ shall be unlawful for any <br />the roof, front, rear, or side;Wflliamson, <br />Richter. <br />' person. firm corporation, to <br />walls of any such building adver -: <br />NOES — Trustees, Wilkinson. <br />ierect, construct or maintain any <br />tising of the business, trade, or <br />ABSENT — Trustees, Young - <br />advertising structire upon any <br />occupation carried oil by the own- <br />The above and foregoing or- <br />-the <br />property, without =_ ion- <br />or lessee of the building there -. <br />dinance No. 304 is ]Hereby approv -� <br />of the owner, holder, lessee, i. <br />in, or of any article kept for Bale <br />ed by me on this the 6th day of <br />'sent <br />agent or trustee thereof and a II <br />in said building, and no license <br />September, 1926. <br />written ,permit from the building <br />shall be required therefor. <br />CONRAD RICHTER, <br />,inspector. <br />I <br />SECTION 18 <br />President of the Board of True- <br />( <br />That any person, firm or car -! <br />poration violating any of the pro -` <br />tees. <br />Attest: ALFRED SMITH <br />- y <br />City Clerk of Newport Beach. <br />Publish September 10, 1926 <br />I. Alfred Smith, Clerk bf the Oity of Newport Beach, J3 <br />hereby certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 304 is a true and <br />correct copy of an Ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a <br />regular meeting held on the 6th day of September, 1926, and that <br />same was pi-inted and published according to lava. <br />Cl Clork or Eeavport Beach.. <br />w L <br />W a a c. m Z O ? A ° <br />e_-0 <br />p 0 D c O [ O : U <br />U <br />to O G O <br />N vi .O v q 4, O O O <br />°4 mciax 3'4 °om co off' GFrmS oq w.. <br />> W Cam, A y ° ..U. v N 4 <br />Wo-+ F u 2 U °° .° u �' e7wa .. u m w <br />W,Cv Gq a1tl <br />s o� �q 4 °m mF oU 0yC " E mo m �4 F b m � � d. p ms C <br />9a �n <br />W oi c EF UUm O F G U otm M-I o <br />O d <br />e <br />U m O <br />C a ti R tiF WC^ :*.r, yEr; .w ?�"", a W cU '�o .� 3 , .,� o �" . 'L'�oF3 a mftO''�'> ,y a a" .; m p , .^c u ? u ,c c�q 9 ,� m ❑ m m am a °O o ;R ? rn UH? c° % °ai '.'.c� v om � T m v y R �' a v . va O 3 .y rF <br />G m U; m y O .wy 4 an d s <br />UO <br />Boa smtl d �- <br />U U v fm y n <br />o F 1AU ° m nw ogG o W to <br />o _m O 0 1 O <br />o m `o v m ° ^oDmoa 6 ' ' a <br />YF3 F F : o z E P4i ccW Z Y <br />Avm C <br />I. Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beacl., do <br />hereby certify that the foregoin.- Ordinance ivo. 306 is a true and <br />correct copy of an Ordinance pussad by the Roard of T.rustze_- at a <br />regular rnectin;; held on the 6th day of September, 1926, and that <br />same ^tar, printed and published accordin> to la-.-.,. <br />(;it-o'clork or Ne�,iport Beach, <br />