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which shall be paid at the same <br />ORDINANCE N0. 3117 cuslotnary manne"°any - nav�g- time and in the same manner as <br />I able lake or river, bay, stream. the compensation of all other of -] <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY canal, or basin, or any public park,`ficers of said city. <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH GREAT- square, street or highway. The above and foregoing or- <br />ING THE OFFICE OF NUTS. SECTION 2 ,dinance shall be published once <br />ANCE .- INSPECTOR, _PROYID• There is hereby created the of in the NEWPORT NEWS, a news - <br />ING FOR THE APPOINTMBNT tics of nuisance inspector of th0imper of general circulation print - <br />OF SOME - PERSON TO FILL city of Newport Beach, which of -i ad, published and circulated in the <br />I SAID OFFICE, AND FIXING tics shall be filled by apointment city of Newport Beach, and shall <br />HIS COMPENSATION, by the board of trustees. It shall' take effect and be In force from <br />be the duty of the nuisance fn -' and after its passage. <br />The Board of Trustees of the Spector to investigate all nuisances I The foregoing Ordinance was <br />city of Newport Beach do ordain or conditions claimed by nuisances. Illill.; <br />p passed at a regular meeting of the <br />as follows: when ordered to do so by the-Board of Trustees of the city of <br />SECTION 1 Board of Trustees, unless such' - Newport Beach held on the 6th <br />The word "nuisance" as used In duty is by law required to be per -; day of September, 1926, by the fol- <br />�this ordinance shall at all times formed by some other officer of lowing vote: <br />,and places be held and construed the city of Newport Beach. AYES — Trustees, Wilkinson, Me- <br />'to, mean anything which is in- BE 3 djeska, Williamson, Richter. <br />'jurious to health. or is indecent, The nuisance inspector shall NOES— Trustees, none. <br />or offensive to the senses. or an hold office at the pleasure of the ABSENT — Trustees, Young. <br />;obstruction to the free use of pro - (board of trustees and shall make The above and foregoing Or- <br />perty so as to interfere with the all reports of investigations had dinance is hereby approved by me <br />comfortable enjoyment of life or by him to said Board; he shall re -, this 6th day of September, 1926. <br />property, or unlawfully obstructs) ceive as compensation for his ser -; CONRAD RICHTER. <br />the free passage or use to the vises the sum of $100.00 per month,{ <br />- - President —Board of Trustees. <br />Attest ALFRED SMITH <br />Clerk —City of Newport Beach. <br />Publish September 10, 1926 <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, do <br />hereby ce ^, J';, that the foregoinga Ordinance No. 307 is a true and <br />correct cop)! of an Ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a <br />regular meeting held on the 6th day of September, 1926, and that <br />same was printed and published according to last. <br />City/Clerk or Newpor beach. <br />ORDIN.1 NCE NO. 305. <br />SECTION 1. <br />126; thence westerly in a direct' <br />_ <br />That portion of the city of <br />Newport Beach, the exterior bomi_ <br />line to the most easterly corner of <br />Lot 12, Block 636 of a Map of the <br />1AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH DEPIN• <br />daries of which are in this Ordin- <br />Canal Section, as recorded in Mis-, <br />Book 4, 9811 <br />ING AND ESTABLISHING THE' <br />ance described, is hereby declared <br />cellaneous Maps page <br />BOUNDARIES OF A MUNICI• <br />to be and is formed into and shall <br />Records of Orange County, Cali - <br />PAL IMP1{OYEMENT DIS• <br />constitute a municipal improve - <br />tornia; thence westerly in a direct <br />C <br />i TRICT IN SAID CITY, DES1G• <br />went district for the purpose of line to the most northerly corner <br />HATING THE NAME BY <br />creating an indebtedness to be ,of Lot 10 of the aforesaid Block <br />WHICH IT SHALL BE KNOWN <br />represented by bon to of such dis -' 636; thence westerly in a direct <br />AND CALLING AN ELECTION <br />trict, for the objects and purposes; line to the most easterly corner of <br />I. <br />TO BE HELD THEREIN PRO•' <br />1 <br />hereinafter set forth, the. said Dis -: Lot 1, Block 637, of the aforesaid, <br />-be <br />TIDING I7pR THE SUB$IS• <br />tract to known as and called ' Map of the Canal Section; thence! <br />SION TO THE ELECTORS. <br />MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENT westerly in a direct line to the <br />THEREOF OF A PROPOSITION' <br />DISTRICT NO. 5 of the City of,*nor[beasterly corner of Lot 8,1 <br />- ew.port Beach. I Block 638, of the aforesaid Map oil <br />OF ISSUANCE A DEBT BY <br />'PRE ISSU.INCE OF UHF, <br />- SECTION 2. ' the Canal Section; thence westerly j' <br />BONDS OF SUCH DISTRICT <br />The exterior boundaries of Mu- in a direct line to the northeaster-( <br />FOR THE -ORDI PURPOSES SET <br />nicipal Improvement District No. ly corner of Lot 3, Block 539 of ] <br />'the <br />FORTH IN ORDINANCE OF <br />ANC <br />5 of the city of Newport Beach aforesaid Map of the Canal) <br />` ISTENTION At. "5. RECITING <br />are hereby described, defined and � Section; thence westerly in a di- <br />11 iff OBJEC "I;S AND YUR. <br />established as follows: � fact line to the most westerly cor -I <br />- I <br />POSFS FOR 1FRICH THE PRO. <br />Located in the city of Newport <br />ner of Lot 15, Block 441 of the <br />IN[I BTT:DNESS 1S TO <br />p�,ach, County of Orange, State o[�i <br />aforesaid Map of the Canal Sec. I <br />lion; <br />BE IN <br />BE INE I�;PP THE NATURE <br />California, and f <br />thence northwesters in a- <br />OF THE IMPROVEMENTS TO <br />N T <br />Beginning at the intersection of l�direct <br />line to the_ most easterly <br />i BE ACQUIRED, THE ES77MA T- <br />the center line of Tenth Street ands <br />corner of Lot 1, Block 244 of the <br />ED. COST THEREOF AND OF <br />the northerly line of Central Ave- <br />aforesaid Ma of the Canal See -. <br />THE INCIDENTAL EXPENSES <br />One; thence northeasterly along <br />tion; thence northwesterly along. <br />IN CONNECTION THEREWITH, <br />the center line of Tenth Street and <br />the northeasterly and northerly- <br />THE AMOUNT OF THE PRIM <br />along the northeaster) <br />lines of the last mentioned Block <br />CIY.1L OF THE INDEBTED•( <br />[fon of the center line of Tenth <br />a of Tenth <br />244 to the northwesterly corner of <br />Lot <br />NESS TO BE INCURRED <br />Street to a point in the bulkhead <br />7, of the last mentioned Block <br />THEREFOR, AND THE RATE' <br />line extending from U. S. Bulkhead <br />244; thence westerly in a direct <br />(IF INTEREST TO BE PAID ON J <br />Station No. 116 to U. S. Bulkhead, <br />line to the most westerly corner <br />Sall) <br />Station No. 117, as said bulkhead <br />of Lot 8 of Block 145 of the afore - <br />i THE DATF. ON 1YHICH SUl'R� <br />ATEATEDN WHICH SUCH <br />line and bulkhead stations are laid <br />said Map of the Canal Section; <br />ELECTION SHALL BE HELD, <br />out and shown upon a Map of thence westerly along the west- <br />THE MA \HER OF HOLDING( <br />Newport Bay showing harbor, erly prolongation of the northerly. <br />THE SAME, .1 ND THE 1TAN• <br />lines. approved by the War De -' line of the last mentioned Block' <br />NER OF TOTING* FOR 01{1 <br />partment. January 18. 1917; thence 145 to its intersection with the <br />AC *A1NST SAID PROPOSITION.' <br />orthwesterly in a direct line to center line o[ 46th Street; thence <br />U S Bulkhead station No. 124; southwesterly along the center <br />The Board of of the <br />�11,fine-tO <br />[hence northwesterly in a direct- line of 46th Street and along the <br />City.,ll Newport -Beach do ordain- <br />Bach d <br />line to U. S. Bulkhead Station No.] southwesterly Prolongation of the <br />as follows: <br />125; thence westerly in a direct] . center line of said 46th Street to' <br />_ .. <br />U. S. Bulkhead Station No its intersection with the southerly <br />- boundary line.of the -City <br />of New- <br />