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I, dlf <br />hcreb-; certify t <br />correct copy of <br />regular r..ceting <br />ssma was printed <br />ORDINANCE NO. 309. <br />SECTION 8. � <br />This Ordinance calling and <br />otherwise relating to an election, <br />shall take effect and be in force <br />. from and after its passage. <br />The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />ance was passed at a regular <br />meeting of the Board of Trustees <br />of the city of Newport Beach held <br />`an the 27th day of September, 1926, <br />.by the vote of the following named <br />members thereof. to -wit: <br />Ayes, Trustees, L. S. WILKIN- <br />SON, F. B. MODJESKA, F. W. <br />YOUNG, H. H. WILLIAMSON, <br />1 CONRAD RICHTER. . <br />Noes, Trustees, NONE. <br />i Absent, Trustees, NONE. <br />The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />ance No. 308 having been passed, <br />is this 27th day of September, 1926, <br />approved and signed by me. <br />CONRAD RICHTER, <br />President, Board of Trustees, <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />Clerk, City of Newport Beach. <br />a <br />red Smith, Clerk of the Cit <br />hat the foregoing Ordinance <br />an Ordinance passed by the <br />held on the 27th day of Sep <br />and published according to <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />`.. OF NEWPORT BEACH SUB - <br />ffiTTING TO THE ELECTORS <br />THEREOF THE QUESTION <br />WHETHER NEW AND UN N. <br />HABITED 'TERRITORY SHALL <br />BE ANNEXED TO, INCORPOR- <br />ATED IN, AND MADE A PART <br />OF SAID CITY, DESCRIBING <br />SUCH TERRITORY, CALLING <br />A SPECIAL ELECTION FOR <br />THAT PURPOSE, FIXING THE <br />DATE ON WHICH THE ELEC. <br />TION WILL BE HELD, ESTAB. <br />LISHING TOTING PRECINCTS <br />AND THE PLACES AT WHICN <br />THE POLLS WILL BE OPENED„ <br />APPOINTING. OFFICERS OF <br />SUCH ELECTION, AND DI. <br />RECTING THE GIVING OF NOJ <br />TICE OF THE ELECTION. <br />The Board of Trustees of the <br />f`city of Newport Beach do ordain <br />ss follows:— i <br />t SECTION 1. <br />r A special election is hereby <br />called and will be held at and in <br />the city of Newport Beach on the <br />`28th day of December, 1926, for <br />the purpose of submitting and <br />there is hereby submitted to the. <br />qualified electors of the city of <br />Newport Beach at the said special <br />election the question whether that': <br />new uninhabited territory particu- <br />larly described as: <br />Located in the County of Orange.' <br />State of California and beginning <br />at an angle point in the present <br />northeasterly boundary line of the <br />city of Newport Beach, California, <br />Enid point being .South 68 degrees, <br />W- Balpptes 40 seconds -East 222.55 <br />"lbot fro"7 United States Bulkhead i <br />Statlau No 104 in the BalBDead <br />iMe at;, said. Bulkhead in and <br />Bul"ead AtatAma are -laid out and <br />ahowm. ilr% :::t a map o[ Neci�iort <br />lines, approved by the War Depart- <br />ment January 18, 1917; thence <br />Bay. California, showing harbor <br />from said point of beginning south <br />45 degrees 45 minutes East 990 <br />. feet; thence south 29 degrees <br />00 minutes east 330 feet; thence <br />south 64 degrees 30 minutes east <br />to an intersection with the south- <br />westerly extension of the north- <br />westerly line of Avocado Avenue, <br />ias shown on a map of Tract No. <br />682, recorded in Book 20 page 19, <br />of Miscellaneous Maps, records of <br />Orange County. Californfa; thence <br />southwesterly along the south- <br />westerly extension of the north- <br />'Westerly line of said Avocado Ave- <br />nue to an angle point in the pres- <br />ent northeasterly boundary line of <br />said City of Newport-Beach; thence <br />northwesterly along said present <br />northeasterly boundary line of said <br />city to,a point south 17 degrees 30 <br />Iminutes East 200 feet distant from <br />the southeasterly corner of Balboa' <br />Island, said point being the same <br />point so designated in the descrip- <br />tion of the tract of land annexed <br />to said city contained in the order <br />of the Board of Trustees of said <br />;City, dated July 3rd, 1916: thence <br />in a straight line to the point of <br />beginning. <br />—shall be annexed to the city of <br />Newport Beach, incorporated in I <br />and made a part of said city. <br />The described new territory is <br />contiguous to the city of Newport <br />Beach. is uninhabited and at the <br />time of the filing of the petition <br />did not and does not now form any <br />part of any incorporated City or <br />town. <br />SECTION 2. <br />For the purpose of holding tbell <br />special election beret", called thell <br />City of Newport Beach cgnstitutes <br />and is hereby subdivided into five <br />ooting precincts, a "d _said flue <br />voting. precincts shal};het:fhe same <br />Y of Newport Bea <br />No. 308 is a tr <br />Board of Trustees <br />tember, 1926, and <br />lava. <br />ch, do <br />ue and <br />at a <br />that <br />tY C erk o Newport Beach. <br />voting precincts and each thereof <br />shall embrace the same portions of <br />the city of Newport Beach as the <br />voting precincts established by the <br />Board of Supervisors of the county <br />of Orange and now existing for <br />holding general elections and shall <br />be numbered voting precincts Nos. <br />For each of said voting pre- <br />cincts a polling place is hereby <br />established and election .officers <br />appointed as follows: <br />Voting Precinct No. 1. <br />Polling Place: John Roelie's <br />Garage, 30th St. and Coast Blvd. <br />Inspector: Mrs. Minnie E. <br />Briggs. ' <br />Judge: airs. Emma B. Smith. <br />Judge: Mrs. Belle R. Larrabee. <br />Voting Precinct No. 2.. <br />Polling Place: City Hall. New- <br />port Beach. <br />Inspector: Mrs. Bertha A. Ed- <br />wards. <br />Judge: Mrs. Anna H. Lane. <br />Judge: Mrs. Arline E. Jasper. <br />Voting Precinct No. 3. <br />Polling Place: East Newport <br />Garage, East Newport. <br />Inspector: Mrs. Minnie Jay. <br />Judge: Mrs. Pauline D. Higbey. <br />Judge: Nelle E. Danielson. <br />Voting Precinct No. 4. <br />Polling Place: Fire Hall, Bal- <br />boa. <br />Inspector: Mrs. Viola M. Rodger. <br />Judge: Leola Noble Zeese. <br />Judge: Marguerite Way. <br />Voting Precinct No. 5. <br />Polling Place: Woolard's Real <br />Estate Office, 112 Agate Ave., Bal- <br />boa Island. <br />Inspector: Evalyn Rider. <br />Judge: Dora E. Rodger. <br />Judge: Margaret A. Digges. <br />The election officers appointed <br />shall immediately upon closing of <br />the polls count, the ballots, make <br />up and certify the returns of the <br />allots cast at their respective <br />