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,any part of the city of Newport; <br />Every building moved in the city] <br />SECTION <br />(Beach out of paper or cloth, <br />of Newport Beach or attempted fo- <br />The above and foregoing ordin- <br />whether said paper or cloth <br />moved into any fire district,{ <br />ante shall he published once in the <br />treated or untreated, or out of any <br />cnleas such building shall in, <br />NEWPORT ,NEWS, a newspaper of <br />combination of Paper or cloth,1;1every <br />way conform to the require -' <br />general circulation, prlhted, pub. <br />i i <br />:treated or untreated. <br />' nents of this ordinance governing <br />lisbed and circulated in the city of <br />Prcvided, further, that tents and lithe <br />fire district into which the <br />Newport Beach, and it shall lake <br />cloth structures may he erected 1 <br />same is to he moved, shall consti- <br />effect and be in force from and <br />that pprtion of the city of Newport <br />a public- nuisance if moved <br />after Its passage. <br />Beach commonly known and desig- <br />Itute <br />into any such fire district. <br />The above and foregoing ordin- <br />nated as The City Camping Grounds <br />- SECTION 10. <br />once was passed at a regular <br />SECTION 9. <br />Every act declared by this or- <br />meeting of the Board of Trustees <br />Every building erected or com -1 <br />dinance to he unlawful shall be and <br />of the city of Newport Beach held, <br />menced to he erected, altered, add- <br />constitute a misdemeanor and any <br />the 23rd day of dlay, 1927,.by the' <br />ed �to, or repaired in the city of <br />Person found guilty of any such <br />following vote: <br />.Newport Beach, the erection, after-I <br />act shall he punished by a fine not <br />Ayes, Trustees —L. S. WILKIN- <br />ation. addition, or repair of which <br />{1 exceeding $250.00, or by imprison- <br />SON, F. B. MODJESKA, FRED W. <br />would he in violaticn of this or -; <br />ment in the city jail not exceeding <br />YOUNG, HARRY H. WILLIAM -; <br />dinance, shall he and constitute a; <br />sixty days, or by both such fine and <br />SON, CONRAD RICHTER. <br />public nuisance and shall he treat- <br />imprisonment in the discretion of y <br />Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />ed_and considered as a public an <br />the court. <br />Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />sance and may he wholly ahated, <br />Every day that any act declared <br />The above and foregoing ordin- <br />destroyed and removed. <br />by this ordinance to he unlawful <br />ance is hereby approved by me <br />No officer of the city of Newport' <br />is permitted to exist shall he a new <br />this 23rd day of May, 1927. <br />Beach shall receive or file any ap - <br />land distinct offense. ` <br />- CONRAD RICHTER, <br />plication for a permit to erect, SECTION 11. <br />President, Board of Trustees <br />add to, or repair any build- All ordinances or parts of ordiu- <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />ing in the city of Newport Beach antes of the city of Newport Beach <br />Attest: ALFRED SMITH. <br />lalter, <br />which shall not conform to this' that are in conflict with this ordin -, <br />Cerk, CIO e: Newport Beacb. <br />ordinance, and no permit shall he, ance are herehy repealed. <br />granted to any person for any such <br />17 <br />purpose. I� <br />/.[w. �, <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 310 is a true and correct copy <br />of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting <br />held on the 23d day of May, 1927, and"that the same was printed and <br />published according to law. <br />CityvClerk of Newport Beach. <br />ORDINANCE N0. 311. Port Beach determining that the_: the waves, tides , end; <br />Public interest and also the public currents of the Pacific Ocean pre -1 <br />necessity demands the construction vailin at the entrance to Newport' <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY of a municipal improvement des- g <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, BY ITS' top of nd, when constructed, the <br />No. 40' and set forth in Resolution top of each of said jetties to Ue <br />BOARD OF TRUSTEES, AS THE � No. 407, and which Is necessary to approximately ten (SO) feet above <br />LEGISLATIVE BRANCH OF; carry out the objects, purposes and,l the line of ordinary high this of: <br />SAID CITY, ORDERING THEi powers of' the city of Newport I the Pacific Occur. <br />SUBMISSION TO THE QrALI-i Beach, the cost of which will bey <br />FIED VOTERS OF THE CITY it too great to be paid out of the or -I The jetty to be constructed on <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH THE j! Binary annual income and ieve:me, the easterly side of the entrance lo; <br />PROPOSITION OF INCURRLNG of the city of Newport Beach: Newport Ray to be approximately' <br />I Parallel to and nine hundred o b) <br />PURPOSES SET FORTH INIquent meeting of said Board of feet easterly of the jetty to be; <br />RESOLUTION NO. 407 OF SAIDt — - constructed on the westerly side; <br />CITY, CALLOG AN ELECTION! Resolution after the passage of of said entrance. <br />Resolution No. 407— The use hereafter in this Ordiu- <br />FOR THAT PURPOSE, RECIT- I The Board of Trustees of the city ance of the word e <br />ING <br />lf <br />POSES E OBJECIS THE U,NR' -Iof Newport Beach do ordain as and shall at all times and places <br />!follows:— :be held and construed to mea <br />DEBTEDNESS IS PROPOSED glhe <br />SECTION 1 ' <br />TO BE INCURRED, THE ESTI -I . municipal improvement set forth in <br />MATED COST OF THE PRA - It having been determined by - Resolu tion No. 407 and in this see- <br />11 <br />PUBLIC IMPROVE- Resolution No. 407 of the city of ;lion described. <br />VENT, THE AMOUNT OF THE (Newport Beach, passed by the vote : SECTION 2. <br />PRINCIPAL OF THE INDEBT - ;of two- thirds and more of all the, It is hereby further determined <br />EDNESS TO BE INCURRED, members of the Board of Trustees and declared that the Board of <br />- of said city, as the legislative <br />THEREFOR, AND THE 1fAXI., Trustees of the city of Newport <br />branch thereof, that the public in- <br />BE RATE OF INTEREST TO terest and also the public neces- Beach proposes to incur a bonded <br />BE Y.UD ON SUCH INDEBTED. ((. sity demands the construction by debt and to issue and sell the bonds <br />NESS, FIXING THE DATE ON;the city of Newport Beach of a oP the city of Newport Beach to <br />WHICH SUCH ELECTION 1VILLmunicipal Improvement, gamely— pay the cost of said municipal <br />BE HELD, THE MANNER OF j , improvement, to -wit: the con - <br />the establishment, improvement, <br />HOLDING SUCH ELECTION gnd maintenance of a harbor in R struction of said jetties. <br />AND THE VOTING FOR OR F ° <br />AGAINST INCURRING SUCH Newport Bay, and to consist of the, SECTION 3. <br />INDEBTEDNESS, AND PRO- 'construction of jetties, one jetty The estimated cost of the pro - <br />VIDING THAT IN ALL PAR -,to commence on the shore of tbe'pesed public improvement to-wit: <br />i TICULARS NOT RECITED IN' Pacific Ocean on the westerly ( the construction of said jetties, is <br />THIS ORDINANCE SUCH ELEC.( side of the entrance to Newport - the sum of $500,000.00 and the <br />TION SHALL BE HELD ASE Bay, and extending southerly into ' principal of the indebtedness to <br />PROVIDED BY LAW FOR the waters of the Pacific Ocean a be. incurred therefor 1s the sum of <br />HOLDING MUNICIPAL ELEC distance of approximately two $500,000.00, which sum is and will <br />TIONS IN THE CITY OF NEW. thousand one hundred (2100) feet, be too great to he paid out of the'. <br />PORT BEACH. and one jetty to commence-on the ordinary annual income and rnv-' <br />shore of the Pacific Ocean on the enua of the city of Newport Beach <br />Whereas, the Board of Trustees !easterly side of the entrance to SECTION 4. <br />of the city of Newport Beach, as ;Newport Bay, and extending south- The ohjecle find purposes for: <br />thereof erly into the waters of the Pacific whicb the indebtedness I s proposed <br />the legislative branch said city, ( Ocean a distance of approximately to be incurred is to pay the cost of <br />at a regular meeting thereof held <br />'on the 10th day of January, 1927 one thousand five hundred (1500) - the construction of said jetties, in <br />, <br />feel; both of said jetties to be con - •order to establish, improve, and <br />by the vote of two-thirds and more t <br />l struoted of stone and to be of a +;maintain Newport Bay as a harbor, <br />of all its members, passed Resolu- permanent -and substantial char -land to make the entrance to New <br />don No. 407 of the city of New-, and,.oq, -guch a nadtb as to port Bay safe and adequate fort <br />;commerce and navigation. <br />