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f;QT: <br />t�the proposition vocee upon his or Vtees, ay and date, and at a place SECTION 15. i <br />her ballot shall be• counted against ixed by said Board of Trus- This Ordinance being an ordln <br />ssuance of the bonds metier nd desiguated in the bonds a nte calling and otherwise relat- <br />tioned in the proposition. r with interest at a rate not ing to an election, the same shalt. <br />SECTION 11. ng the maximum rate in go into effect and be in force from. <br />If at said special election two- I this Ordinance fixed and recited, and after its final passage. <br />thirds or more of all the voters I and which interest shall be pay -, SECTION 16. <br />voting thereat shall have voted :able semi - annually. This Ordinance shall be pub- - <br />"Yes" and in favor of the proposi- The bonds shall be issued in. lished once a week for two weeks <br />tiou submitted then the issuance of • such denominations as the Board in NEWPORT NEWS, a newspaper' <br />the bonds mentioned in such prop - of Trustees may determine, except , of general circulation printed, pub - <br />osition shall be deemed to be that no bond shall be of less de- lished and circulated in the city of <br />authorized and shall be issued and I nomination than $100.00 nor of a Newport Beach less than six days <br />sold by the city of Newport Beach I greater denomination than $1000.00, a week, to -wit: once a week, there. <br />Ifor the objects and purposes and ,and shall be payable on the day being no dally newspaper pub - <br />I in the amount of the principal of and at the place so fixed and lished therein, and one insertion <br />'the indebtedness to be incurred designated in the bonds. each week for two succeeding <br />therefor, as set forth in Resolution All of the bonds shall be signed weeks shall be a sufficient publi- <br />No. 407, cited in this Ordinance.,. by the President of the Board of cation. <br />and stated on said ballot. :Trustees of the city of Newport This Ordinance and the publica <br />SECTION 12. Beach, as the executive thereof,. tion thereof shall constitute a no- <br />" <br />The bonds for the purpose tor, also signed by the Treasurer lice of said election and no other, <br />which the indebtedness may be thereof, and countersigned by the notice thereof need be given. I <br />authorized to be incurred at the Clerk. Interest coupons shall be The foregoing Ordinance No. 3111 <br />special election herein called and attached to the bonds and num- was passed at a regular meeting' <br />ordered to be held, shall be issued bered consecutively, and which, of the Board of Trustees of the <br />and sold by the Board of Trustees shall be signed by the Treasurer,: city of Newport Beach, as the legis <br />of the city of Newport Beach as provided, that the signature of the lative branch thereof held on the <br />they may determine but for not Treasurer may be placed on said 24th day of January, 1927, by the. <br />less than their par value and ac- interest coupons by a printed or vote of two - thirds and more of all <br />trued interest on the date of their . lithographed facsimile of said' the members of said Board of <br />delivery. The proceeds of such Tr'easurer's signature. Trustees and on said day was <br />bonds shall be placed in the mu -I SECTION 14. 'signed and approved by the Pros -i' <br />.i¢ipal treasury of the city of New- All proceedings had under this ideal of the Board of Trustees of` <br />port Beach to the credit of the Ordinance and the issuance and said city, the said Ordinance being <br />Jetty Construction fund, and shall sale of the bonds therein proposed. passed by the affirmative vote of <br />be applied exclusively to the ob. to be issued shall be had in ac -' the following named trustees: <br />jects and purposes mentioned in cordance with an act of the Legia -• Ayes, Trustees —L. Z. WILKIN -( <br />this Ordinance, and for which the lature of the State of California. SON, FELIX B. MODJESKA,i- <br />same was voted. entitled: "An act authorizing the FRED W. YOUNG, HARRY H.� <br />SECTION 13. incurring of indebtedness by cities,JWILLIAMSON, CONRAD RICH <br />The bonds issued for the ob -- towns, and municipal corporations,.iTER. <br />jects and ,purposes for which the for municipal improvement, and . Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />indebtedness is proposed to be in- regulating the acquisition, con Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />curred shall be payable substan struction or completion thereof^ The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />tially in the following manner: . (became a law under constitutional ante No. 311 is signed and approv- <br />A part to be determined by the provision without Governor's ap- ed by me this 24th day of January, <br />Board of Trustees of the city of proval February 25, 1901) and any 1927' <br />Newport Beach which shall be not and all acts and parts of acts that CONRAD RICHTER, <br />less than one - fortieth part of the are amendatory thereof. President, Board of Trustees, <br />whole amount of such indebtedness City of Newport Beach.. <br />shall be paid each End every year Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />Clerk, City of Newport Beach,. <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 311 is <br />of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees <br />held on the 24th day of January, 1927, and that <br />published according to law. <br />Q1tyvQ1erk of Newport Beach. <br />Newport Beach do hereby <br />a true and correct copy <br />at a regular meeting <br />same was printed and <br />ORDINANCE N0. 312 <br />Section One o[.. this Ordinance' <br />.1N ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />shall be deemed guilty of a mis- <br />demeanor , and upon conviction <br />CERNING, <br />THE AIDING;DF``RI• <br />thereof io a court of competent. <br />CYCLES `. T;'1, �?,, TH£ piJg,L; . <br />jurisdiction shall be punished by <br />SIDEl1"ALHS``�;Ai,.3�1IH C?r" ' <br />a fine not exceeding $25.00 or by <br />- <br />imprisonment in the City Jail not <br />The BnhF$: of Trustees she <br />exceeding ten days, or by both such <br />Ctty of Newport Beach dp rdaln <br />fine and imprisonment in the dis- <br />' 'as follows:' <br />_ cretin. of the court. <br />The above and foregoing Ordin -! <br />SECTION 1.'.' <br />ante shall be published once in the <br />It is ; hereby declared law Ind. <br />Newport Newa, a newspaper of <br />any pepsou'to ride a bicyol 3f'- <br />general circulation, printed, pub - <br />the ,public sidewalks of the r- <br />lished and circulated in the city of <br />Newport 6etweon the h <br />Newport Beach, and it shall take <br />V of five 'clock in. and �Fght <br />f <br />effect and be in force thirty days <br />. in. he <br />:o'clock a. m. of the same day.'-. <br />after its final passage. <br />,- SECTION 2.' <br />The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />Any person who shall ride a bi- <br />ante No. 312 was passed at a regu- <br />-cycle upon any public sidewalk in <br />lar meeting of the Board of Trus- <br />the citX,:af AN. p4port Beach at any <br />Ices of the city of Newport Beach <br />other time 7 than as' specified in, <br />�hcld' the 28t11 day ar February, <br />1927, by the following vote: <br />Ayes, Trustees —L. S. WILKIN- <br />SON, FELIX B. MODJESKA, FRED <br />W. YOUNG, HARRY H. WILLIAM. <br />SON, CONRAD RICHTER, <br />Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />The rbove and foregoing Ordin- <br />ance No. 312 having been duly <br />passed, is approved by me this 28th <br />day of February, 1927: <br />CONRAD RICHTER, <br />President of the Board of TrusCces <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />Clerk of the city of Newport Beach. <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 312 is <br />of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees <br />held on the 28th day of February, 1927, and tha <br />published according to law. <br />Newport Beach do hereby <br />a true and correct copy <br />at a regular meeting <br />t same was printed and <br />CityAlerk of Newport Beach. <br />