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r^y`� <br />ORDINANCE NO. 3I& ;essary -Uansportation of pers ons, )oyment or possession of said fran <, <br />— — — <br />express matter. and freight, Includ- <br />IAN ORDLYANCV .GRANTING TO, Ing vehicles. to and from the main- chills. <br />J. A. BEEK A FRANCHISE FOR land and Balboa Island In. said - - . RF.f'.T70N 6 <br />CERTAIN PURPOSES WITRLY The above and foregoing. ...ordin <br />SAID CITY. OF NEWPORTvclty. ante published once'hi.the! <br />BEACR. The. holder of this franchise shall NEWPORT NEW5, a newspaper of <br />not adopt or enforce in the oper - +general circulation, printed. pub <br />ation of the franchise any rate of Bailed and circulated In the city of <br />Whereas, application was duly charges or regulations which shallIN <wport Beach. and shall take of -I <br />filed with the Board of Trustees or does discriminate In favor of one <br />feet and be in force thirty days <br />of the city of Newport Beach for ) <br />a franchise; and Patron over another patron using from and after its passage. <br />the ferry boat or boats. The above and foregoing Ordin -I <br />Whereas. the Board of Trustees SECTION 3. <br />of said city propose to grant the. ance No. 313 was passed at a regu -j <br />In the event that any owner of tar meeting of the Board of Trus- <br />'same: the franchise. during the existence) <br />Whereas. notice of the .sale of thereof. shall have an opportunity of the city of day of Beach <br />said franchise was dui PPortunit- held on the llth day of March„ <br />y published c sell and desires to sell said nee- 1 1927, by [lie following vote: <br />in the manner -and for the time chills, such owner shall Inuned- <br />provided by law: lately submit to the Board of Trus- Ayes. Trustees —L. S. WILKIN- <br />Whereas, at the time in said no SON, FELIX B.IMODJESKA. FRED <br />tees of the city s Newport Beach M, YOUNG. HARRY H. WILLIAM -! <br />tics specified one J. A. Beek was or to its successors, a notice of <br />the sole. only, and bighest bidder the intended sale. setting forth the SON. CONRAD RICHTER. <br />for said franchise: i name of the purchaser and all of Noes. Trustees —NONE. <br />Whereas, the said franchise for the terms, provisions and condl- Absent. Trustees —NONE. <br />the price bid was duly struck off tions of the Intended sale. and said The above and foregoing Ordio-; <br />and awarded to J. A. Beek and city shall have the first right, ance No. 313 is hereby approved by! <br />within the time provided by law �; within ten days after service of me this 14th day of March. 1927. <br />the said J. A. Beek duly caused to 'said . notice, to Purchase and ac- CONRAD RICHTER. <br />be"ezeeuted and filed with the quire said franchise on exactly the President Board of Trustees. <br />Clerk of the Board of Trustees of same terms. and any sale to a per_ Attest: ALFRED SMITH. <br />the city of Newport Beach the ,son other than the city of Newport; Clerk. City of Newport Beach.) <br />bond provided by law and In the Beach prior to the - expiration of <br />sum specified by the Board of said ten days shall be void. <br />Trustees, and which bond has been The holder of the franchise shall <br />,,and fa approved: annually file with the Board of <br />The Board of Trustees of the Trustees of the city of Newport <br />clty.,of Newport -Beach do ordain Beach a verified statement showing <br />as follows: ,. the name and address of the own - <br />SECTION 1. er thereof. and the name and ad- <br />There Is hereby granted to J. A- dress of every Person interested <br />Beek and to his successors and therein. <br />assigns. for a period of fifteen (15) SECTION 4. <br />Years. to maintain and operate a Work iu the erection and open <br />ferry boat or boats for the trans- j ation of all necessary landings. <br />Iportation of passengers. .express ferry boat or boats. under this <br />matter. and freight, Including ve- franchise shall be commenced In <br />hlcles. from the northerly end of good faith within not more than <br />Palm Street on the mainland four months from the date of the <br />across portions of Newport Bay to, passage of this ordinance, all <br />the southerly end of Agate Avenue shall be prosecuted with diligence) <br />and points on Balboa Island. all i and In good faith do as to meet and <br />within the city of Newport Beach.; fill the reasonable needs of the In -' <br />County of Orange. State of Cali - habitants of the city of Newport <br />fornia. Beach and of the general publlc; <br />SECTION 2. SECTION :i. <br />The holder of this frenchise at In the event that the holder of <br />all times during the existance this franchise shall neglect, fall' <br />thereof shall keep and maintain or refuse to comply therewith or <br />sufficient. safe. and adequate land- with the law governing the grant- - <br />ings for the operation of a ferry Ing thereof, then the board of trus- _ <br />boat or boats, and shall at all times tees of the city of Newport Beach <br />maintain and operate safe and shall declare the same forfelted and, <br />adequate ferry boats sufficient 'to shall thereafter and thereupon ex- <br />! provide all the reasonable and nee- elude all persons from the use, en- <br />- I* Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 313 is a true and correct <br />copy of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular <br />meeting held on the 14th day of March, 1927, and that same was printed <br />and published according to law. <br />C�y Clerk of Newport Beach. <br />