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T-shown or delineated upon any re- SECTION 2. — -- <br />ORDINANCE N0. 314. . corded may or maps of land within The above and foregoing'Ordin- <br />the city of Newport Beach, and by ;ance No. 314 shall be published <br />AN ORDINANCE ACCEPTING BY the name designated upon such once in the NEWPORT NEWS, a <br />AND ON BERT B A THE OF map or maps, brovlded, that in al weekly newspaper printed, pub - <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH ALL OF and instances and wherever lished and circulated In the city of. <br />THE STREETS, HIGHWAYS,( the whole or any part of any such (Newport Beach, and shall take. ,e( -:1 <br />CANALS, ALLEYS, AND OTHER) streets, highways, canals, alleys, or feet and be In force from and after, <br />PUBLIC PLACES NOW OR�� other public places have by pro- thirty days from Its passage.`. <br />HERETOFORE OFFERED FORA ceedings, or by any authority or The above and foregoing �orditi =' <br />DEDICATION, AND SHOWY ORj consent of the Board of Trustees, fiance war, passed at. a,'. regular <br />DELINEATED UPON ANY RE -i been or are abandoned, closed up, (meeting of the Board of Tr'nittees. <br />CORDED MAP OR MAPS OF straightened, widened, or narrow- of the city of Newport Beach lield <br />LAND WITHIN THE CITY OF ed this Ordinance Is not Intended the 14th day of March, 1927, by'ihe <br />NEWPORT BEACH, AND BY and shall never be held or con - following vote: <br />THE NAMES DESIGNATED(: strued as re- opening, re- establish Ayes, Trustees —L. S. WILKIN <br />UPON SUCH MAP OR MAPS, Ing, or in any manner effecting SON. FELIX B. MODJESKA, FRED <br />WITH CERTAIN EXCEPTIONS.. status of any such abandoned, W. YOUNG, HARRY H. WILLIAM- <br />[straightened, widened, or as rrowed SON, CONRAD RICHTER. <br />The Board of Trustees of the city I street, highway, canal, alley or Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />,of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- other public place, but the same' Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />tows: shall be and remain abandoned, The above and foregoirig:'Ordin- <br />SECTION 1. closed up, straightened, widened ance No. 314 Is hereby 'approved. <br />There is hereby accepted by the or.narrowed;'and provided further by me this 14th day of, , March,. <br />city of Newport Beach and by the that wherever the name of any 1927. <br />Board of Trustees thereof, and de- i such street, highway, canal, any CONRAD RICHTER, <br />clared to be public ways of said or other public place shall have President of the Board of Trustees <br />city., all of the streets, highways, been changed, then the name to <br />canals, alleys, and other public City of Newport Beach. <br />which the same is changed shall be I Attest: ALFRED SMITH, .. <br />I places In said city now or hereto- and remain the name thereof. Cl.rk, City of Newport Beach. <br />fore offe- ed:for dedleatlon by and . <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 314 is a true and correct <br />copy of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular <br />meeting held on the 14th day of March, 1927, and that same was printed <br />and published according to law. - <br />City//Clerk of Newport Beach. <br />--� SECTION 4. of other officers of said city Is <br />ORDINANCE NO. g1G The secretary shall be the cleri- paid; both the fire chief and the, <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />cal officer of said department, and engine man shall serve only during, <br />shall keep all books and records the pleasure of the board of trus <br />NEWPORT BEACH 1lZATHYGI thereof and attend to the corres- tees, and they may or may not be. <br />FOR THE ORGANIZATION, pondence and discharge such other i members of the fire companies. <br />CONTROL AND GOVERNMENT ( duties as shall now or may hers- 11 SECTION S. <br />OF A VOLUNTEER FIRE DE. !after be required by law or the It shall at alt times be the duty$ <br />PARTMENT IN AND FOR THE j rules and regulations of said de- I of the fire department of the city' <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH, psrtment or that may be required of Newport Beach, the officers and <br />DETERMINING THE NUMBER of him by the fire chief. members thereof, to use and ewer -. <br />THEREOF, DESIGNATING AND • SECTION 6. else their best endeavors to pre-, <br />PRESCRIBING THE DUTIES OF The fire chief shall be charged vent damage or loss of property,: <br />ITS OFFICERS, PROVIDING I with the discipline and efficiency' both public and private, by fire inl <br />FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF of the whole department and the the city of Newport Beach, and to <br />CERTAIN OFFICERS BY THE enforcement of all laws, rules and that end may use any and all <br />BOARD OF TRUSTEES AND regulations now or hereafter creat- property, machinery, and appa -V <br />THE COMPENSATION TO BE ed for the regulation, government ratus provided by the city of New- <br />PAID SUCH OFFICERS. or control of the fire department of port Beach for the prevention and <br />1 the city of Newport Beach, and he extinguishment of fire. <br />The Boa,d of Trustees of the shall have the custody of all public • SECTION 9. <br />city of Newport Beach do ordain property belonging to the city of The members of the fire depart- <br />as follows: : Newport Beach used for the pre- ment may, with the advice and ap <br />SECTION 1. vention or extinguishment of fire, proval of the Board of Trustees of <br />There is hereby created In and $ and shall be responsible for the the city of Newport Beach, make'. <br />for the city of Newport Beach a safe keeping and proper use of and adopt for their government <br />j fire department to consist of said property. and control, and not inconsistent' <br />i twenty -four members, all of whom' SECTION 6. with the laws of the State of Cali -� <br />shall be residents of the city of The engine man shall have the i fornia, rules and regulations, and <br />j Newport Beach. immediate charge of all fire appa- when so adopted by them and ap- <br />' SECTION 2. ratus, including the pumper, and proved by the Board of Trustees, <br />The officers of the fire depart- he shall be directly responsible to shalt be the governing authority, <br />ment of the city of Newport Beach the fire chief for its upkeep and of said department and the officers; <br />shall consist of the flee chief, one <br />care, and for its prompt and effl- and members thereof. <br />engine man, and one secretary; I cient operation at all times, and SECTION 30. <br />the fire chief and the engine man in the performance thereof he shall The Fire Chief shall enforce <br />to be appointed by the Board of Immediately and promptly obey �� obedience to the rules and regula- <br />Trustees, and the Secretary to be every lawful order and require- I; tions of the fire department and <br />elected by the members of said ment made known to him by the. all rules and regulations lawfully <br />department. fire chief. adopted thereby and for any con - <br />SECTION 3. I SECTION 7. $ duct on the part of a member <br />The chief of the fire department The fire chief and the engine 1 which Is prejudicial to the good <br />may divide the membe ;a of the de- i man shall monthly receive such I order and discipline of the depart-, <br />partment Into compar(tes, and des - compensation for their services as' went may expell a member, pro- <br />Ignate a foreman to have charge may from time to time be fixed by vided. that any member expelled <br />of each company, ,, ho shall 'be re- the Board of Trustees of the city � shall have the right to appeal to <br />sponsible to t1ro fire chief for the of Newport Beach by resolution, the board of trustees and any order <br />discipline and efficiency of his! thereof, and which compensation expelling a member shall not Be- <br />shall be paid at the same time and . come effective for a period of five <br />company. <br />j in the same manner as, the salaries days after the entry of such order j <br />