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/ .. Supply to said water heater, and less than 1 Inch, and where this <br />¢_. <br />I shall be provided with a vent Ptpe vent goes through a telling a' <br />- of not less than. 3. lnches in di- vent collar with air pore Stlall be <br />each horizontal Tine exceeding the ameter, and n(A less than the attached to said vent pipe sleeve, <br />(5) feet in length;_ on Sink lines.. smoke or flume outlet Prom said and be secured; with at.least two <br />as close to the fixtures AS VOseibtt heater. On all new work where screws to the ceiling. The outlet <br />regardless Of the position of the the heater vent would have to pass for the vent .through any Wood <br />waste line; on horizontal soil or 'through any room other than roof or roof constructed .of tom =: <br />waste lines or house sewers at where it,c heater is installed be- bustible material shall be at least . <br />least every fifty (50) Peet or free- fore going through the roof, there 7 inches in diameter, and all off -� <br />firm thereof, and also in other _ shall be installed An the partition seta in wont pipes shall be made; <br />places where made necessary by wall nearest to the water heater a in the room where the water heater <br />the character of construction. vent constructed of brick, terra is installed and not above the ceil- <br />All changes of direction of soil cotta or cement. The capacity of ing thereof; all wood, sheathing, <br />or waste Pipes shall be made with this vent shall exceed that of the rafters of ceiling joists shall -b' 'so <br />full "Y" branches and one - eighth outlet on the water heater. placed so as not to be closer than <br />bends, except where space will not The vent shall be firmly set upon ¢ inches to the vent Pipe at any <br />permit and then the Plumbing In a header or other secure Support, place except where it makes exit <br />specter may, at his discretion, al- and shall continue undiminished through the roof. All vents shall <br />low the use oY ofhei fittings. San- in size up through the rroY. Each � be capped with a suitable "Y° <br />Itary "T's" shall not be used ex- Isection shall be jointed with ce- head galvanized or copper Roof <br />cept in perpendicular stacks. All went or fireclay, and secured firm- Jack or Hood. <br />cleanouts shall be extended to out- ly in place with band iron or other SECTION 3. <br />side of walls or some convenient suitable material, the galvanized This ordinance shall be-publish- <br />,point satisfactory to the Plumbing vent from the water heater shall;ed once In NEWPORT NEWS a <br />Inspector. enter this partition vent through newspaper of general circulation, <br />SECTION 26. a vent collar drilled with ail' Ports, printed, published, and clrculated <br />Waste Pipes at all Places shall and at a point not nearer to the In the city of Newport Beach and <br />lbe of lead, cast iron or brass; ceiling than 12 inches. On other shall take effect and be in force <br />urinals, kitchen sinks; laundry work where the vent can be taken thirty days after its passage. <br />trays, slop hoppers, and slop sinks directly through the roof without The above and foregoing Ordin <br />not less than two inches. passing through any other room, ance was passed at a regular meet <br />If a number of separate houses except where the heater is install- ing of the Board of-Trustees Of the <br />are connected on any one lot if ed, file water heater shall be Pro- city of Newport Beach held the 9th <br />the four inch vent pipe is of soil vbled with a vent Pipe not less than day of May, 1927, by the following <br />pipe, then one 4 inch vent stack 3 inches in diameter and not less vote: <br />may be used, and a 2 inch vent than the smoke or fame Outlet`` Ayes, Trustees —L. S. WILKIN- <br />stack used on each other house. from said heater. and extending; SON, F. B. MODJESKA, FRED W. <br />SECTION 2. �' through and undiminished in sire,. YOUNG, HARRY H. WILLIAM- <br />A new section is hereby added and at least 4 inches above tl. SON, CONRAD RICHTER. <br />to Ordinance No. 106 to be known roof of the building where the: Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />as and designated Section 231/x, m <br />same is or shall have been -1 Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />as follows: 111 stalled. Around every such vent above and foregoing Ordfm- <br />SECTION 23i1i. lat all unexposed places to the out- ance No. The ab b 317 is approved by me <br />Every gas water heater now in side view where tiro same shall this 9th day of May, 1927. <br />use or hereinafter installed for use pass from the room in which the CONRAD RICHTER, <br />for the purpose of heating water aforesaid water heater shall have President, Board of Trustees <br />in any building in the city of New been installed, there shall be a City of Newport Beach. <br />port Beach shall be equipped with galvanized iron sleeve extending ALFRED SMITH, <br />7a valve ,controllirtg the water 'the full length of the concealed Attest pity Clerk. <br />,portion of Said Pipe with a clear <br />air space around said vent of not <br />It Alfred Smith, Clerk of the CitOhwtrue and <br />of copy certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 317 ie a <br />of an ordinance passed bbyy 19 <br />by the of t Trustees at a printed eg rameeting <br />held on the 9th day of <br />published according to law- <br />Cit Clerk Of Newport Beach. <br />-- section, -and spaced sufficiently tto,. piers fronting on a street bond <br />ORDINANCE N0. 318. <br />_ jclose to meet the approval of the' stoue to conform with the kind <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF building inspector. Under no ell--. of stone for the trimming of the <br />NEWPORT BEACH AMEN] LNC3 Icumstances shall a foundation of: front may be used above the side <br />SECTION 20 OF ORDINANCE 'any brick or scone building be built walk level. Piers other than -. <br />NO. 182 OF SAID CITY. �!,ma filled or made ground. Founds those in the front must be capped., <br />_ 11tions shall be p"gPortioned to the, with iron or steel Plates of proper <br />The Board of Trustees of the actual Iliad they must sustain. De -i strength and size under all col -I <br />city of Newport Beach do ordain tails of fouudcAion are subject to! umns or girders. No stone post <br />as Yellows: <br />the approval of the building in- or pier for the support of pests - <br />SECTION I. - .specter and must conform with or columns shall be used in the <br />Section 20 of Ordinance No. 182: good engineering Practice. interior of any building, and of the the city of Newport Beach is ' For Class "A ", "B" and `C" ble or granite columns shall not <br />hereby amended so as to read as i� buildings, the ;:undation w:1118 be used for the support of any wall <br />follows: <br />11 shall have sufficient depth to be �I over one story high. <br />SECTION 20. approved by the building inspxtor. Basement or foundation walls i <br />All foundations of Class "D" A greater depth may be required 1 and Piers must have footing of <br />buildings must in alt cases be by the building inspector if it. is; concrete, or be built of other aP -I <br />necessary fu his judgment in order" proved masonry laid up in cement. <br />either of piling or concrete; red- 1 <br />wood mud sills ale not allowed to obtain the necessary otability. ;mortar. proportioned to the sus -� <br />except in the construction of one- Piers shall he built of concrete Staining value of the soil, and the <br />story private garages. or good well burned brick laid in',loads to be imposed tbereon. Such: <br />No beard and batten structures cement mortar, except that orna -i7 footings shall be not less than 75; <br />or construetion will be Permitted mental piers fronting on the street 1 per cent wider than the walls' <br />in the city of Newport Beach ex -1 may be built of stone. Every mas- ( which they carry, unless otherwise <br />cept a garage of one -story only 1 onry pier, buttress, or Pilaster, ex- provided for to this ordinance. <br />and located upon the _ear of a lot cording height four times its least Filler walls, light courts and <br />may be of board and batten con- dimension and' carrying two-thirds I shafts must be as specified under <br />struction. of its safe load shall be bonded I Class "A" construction. <br />Struts betweel mud sill and each 4 feet with cast iron plates 444• In Class "A" buildings shall be <br />floor girders shall in no case be of or re- inforced concrete slatia or constructed of masonry of a thick - <br />a less section than 2 inches by 4 with heavy galvanized wire mesh. noes and supported as required <br />Inches, and shall be spaced suffi- of not less that No. 16 wire and for other masonry walls, but if <br />cienfly close fogefh °r to meet tine not larger than % inch mesh. In built of skeleton construction, such1 <br />approval of the etht rut ' inpector; brick Piers where wire mesh is wails shall have a minimum thick - <br />floor girders shall'in- uo� �, aSe be used it must be laid in full size of -nose' of 6 inches for masonry and <br />i less than -3 ine. by .:d es-- 1plthe pter every seventh course and -3 inches for reinforced- "concrete, <br />heq <br />