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ORDINANCE NO. 322 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH PRESCRIB- <br />ING`CERTAIN RULES FOR THE <br />PARKING OF VEHICLES IN <br />THE CITY OP NEWPORT <br />BEACH, PRESCRIBING A PEN. <br />ALTY FOR ALL VIOLATIONS <br />OF THIS ORDINANCE, AND RE. <br />PEALING THAT PORTION OF <br />ANY ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH WHICH <br />IS IN CONFLICT WITH THIS <br />ORDINANCE. <br />The Board of Trustees of the city; <br />of Newpca Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />SECTION 1.� <br />The word "vehicle" as used in <br />this ordinance shall be construed <br />to mean any automobile. motor' <br />cycle. truck. or any horse cr mule <br />drawn vehicle. but shall not in- <br />clude any vehicle operated upon <br />fixed rails. <br />The word "parking ". "park ". or <br />"parked ". shall be construed to <br />mean the leaving of a vehicle <br />standing and not in operation upon <br />any street, highway. alley or ,public <br />place in the city of Newport Beach. <br />The words "angle narking' shall, <br />be construed to mean the parking' <br />of a vehicle with the right front <br />Wheel thereof against the curb or <br />eurb line of the street or highway <br />and the side of the vehicle nearest <br />the curb or curb line forming an <br />angle with the curb or curb line of <br />approximately 45 degrees. <br />The words "parallel parking' <br />shall be co:strued to mean the <br />parking of a vehicle along and <br />parallel to the curb or curb line <br />.._ ..... <br />of the street or highway. <br />SECTION 2. <br />In all ecscs provided for angle <br />parking..if lines are delineated up- <br />on the surface of the street or <br />highway. the vehicle shall be park - <br />cd between live of such lines, and <br />the right front wheel of the vehicle <br />shall touch the curb or the curb <br />line. <br />SECTION' 3. <br />In all cases of parallel parking <br />the wheels of the vehicle nearest <br />to the curb or curb line shall be <br />within four inches thereof. <br />SECTION 4. <br />Angle parking shall be lawful, <br />on the west side of Main Street <br />from the southerly lire of the side -! <br />walk reservation on Central Ave- <br />nue. <br />Angle parking shall be lawful on <br />the east side of -Main Street from <br />the southerly line of Bay Avenue <br />to the north line of the first alley <br />southerly of Bay Avenue. <br />No vehicle shall be parked at any <br />other place or in any other man- <br />ner upon Main Sleet. and no ve- <br />hicle shall remain parked upon! <br />'Main Street more than one hour. <br />SECTION 5. <br />Parallel parking shall be lawful <br />on the north side of Central Avenue <br />from the west line of the sidewalk <br />reservation on "A" Street to the <br />easterly line of the sidewalk res- <br />ervaticn on Palm Street. excepting <br />In street intersections or in front <br />of the sidewalk reservations on in- <br />tersecting streets. <br />No vehicle sball remain parked <br />on the north side of Central Ave- <br />nue between "A" Street and Pa;m <br />Street longer than one hour. <br />Parallel parking shall -be lawful <br />on the south side of Central Avenue <br />from the east line of the sidewalk <br />reservation on Main Street to the <br />westerly line of the sidewalk res- <br />ervation o "A" St t <br />Of the -: " -- gar ®fig= '{n0tweaa the <br />bcurs of four o'clock A. _ M. and <br />six o'clock A. M. of the same day. <br />SECTION 15. <br />This ordinance sball never be <br />construed as .permitting or intend- <br />ing to permit vehicles to be parked <br />in front of garage entrances. drive - <br />ways, -or other places prohibited by <br />the stale law. <br />n ree . <br />No vehicle sball remain parked <br />It is hereby. made lie duty of <br />the city marshal to <br />y paint or cause <br />on the south side of Central Avenue <br />to be painted in red color the curb <br />between Main Street and "A" <br />Street longer than one hour. <br />upon all portions of the streets <br />SECTION 7. <br />designated in this ordinance, the <br />spaces wherein vehicles are not <br />Parallel parking shall be Is <br />permitted to be parked. <br />ful on the south side of Central <br />Any person who shall paint or <br />Avenue between the easterly line <br />cause to be painted or colored red <br />of the sidewalk reservation on <br />any curb in the city of Newport <br />Washington Street and the wester- <br />Beach unless duly authorized there-1 <br />iY line of the building located at <br />Unto by law in order to prevent any <br />The southwesterly corner of Main <br />person from parking at said place <br />Street and Central Avenue. which <br />shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. <br />building is known as and designat- <br />-ed <br />SECTION 16. <br />"The Rendezvous`. excepting in <br />The owner, operator, or person <br />street intersections or in front of <br />?in charge of any vehicle in the <br />sidewalk reservations on inter - <br />lefty of Newport Beach who shall <br />seeding - streets. <br />park said automobile or vehicle <br />No vehicle shall be ,parked on the <br />'southerly <br />: upon the Portions of the streets <br />side of Central Avenue <br />and highwayys s m <br />mentioned this <br />between Washington Street and the <br />ordinance at any place in <br />westerly end of the Rendezvous <br />or a <br />manner different or for a time <br />for a longer period than fifteen <br />longer than in this <br />consecutive minutes. <br />ordinance <br />prescribed and established, shall <br />SECTION 2. <br />it be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. <br />Parallel parking shall be lawful <br />and upon conviction thereof shall <br />on the north and south sides of <br />be punished by a fine not exceeding <br />Bay Avenue from the westerly line <br />$25.00 or by im,prisonn not ex- <br />of the sidewalk reservation on Main <br />ceeding ten days in the ' <br />public jail; <br />Street to the easterly line of the <br />of the city of Newport Ecach . or by i <br />sidewalk reservation on Palm <br />both such fine and imprisonment <br />Street. provided that no vehicle <br />in the discretion of the court, and' <br />shall be parked on either side of <br />any person who shall be convicted. <br />Bay Avenuc between the easterly <br />of any other misdemeanor estab -' <br />line of the sidewalk reservation on <br />lislied by this ordinance shall be <br />Washington Street and a point 113 <br />punished in a like manner. <br />feet easterly of said line. <br />i <br />SECTION 17. <br />No vehicle shall be parked on <br />: That portion of any ordinance of <br />Bay Avenue between Main Street <br />the city of Newport Beach which <br />and Palm Street for a longer period <br />permits the parking of - vehicles <br />than one hour. <br />upon the portions of any street or <br />SECTION 9. <br />highway in said city that is describ- <br />All parking of vehicles on Bay <br />;led in this ordinance in any <br />Avenue between Main Street and <br />other <br />manner or without a time limit. <br />"A" Street is prohibited. <br />or! <br />at a time when parking this <br />SECTION 10. <br />� ordinance Prohibited thereon is <br />Parallel parking shall be lawful <br />hereby repealed. <br />on the north and south sides of <br />SECTION 18. <br />Park Avenue on Balboa Island ex- <br />This ordinance shall lake <br />cepting at street intersections and <br />effect <br />i and be In force from and after its <br />In front of the sidewalk reserva- <br />passage and sball be printed and <br />lions at street intersections. <br />I published once in the NEWPORT <br />SECTION 11. <br />i NEWS, a newspaper printed, pub - <br />All parking is prohibited on <br />I lished. and circulated in the city of. <br />Agate Avenue. Balboa Island. <br />Newport Beach. <br />scutherly of 'the alley intersecting <br />The above and foregoing ordin- <br />Agate Avenue. <br />. ance was passed at a regular meel- <br />1 <br />SECTION 12. <br />ing of the Board of Trustees held <br />All parking is prohibited be-. <br />the 31st day of May. 1927, by the <br />tween the Speedway and the <br />water front on all streets on Bal -1 <br />affirmative vote of the following <br />named <br />boa Island. <br />members thereof: <br />SECTION 13. <br />Ayes. Trustees —L. S. WILI {IN- <br />All parking of vehicles across <br />SON. FELIX B. MODJESKA. FRED <br />W. <br />or <br />at the end of streets. highways. or <br />YOUNG. HARRY H. WILLIAM - <br />SON, CONRAD <br />alleys in the city of Newport Beach <br />RICHTER. <br />Noes. <br />is prohibited. <br />Trustees —NONE. <br />Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />SECTION 14. <br />On that portion <br />The above and foregoing rdin -1 <br />g <br />of any at reet <br />mentioned in this ordinance <br />lance Is hereby approved me <br />where' <br />either angle or parallel parking is <br />this 31st day o <br />of May. . <br />CONRAD RICHTER. <br />permitted and a time limit is pro- <br />President. Board of Trustees <br />vide d Por the parking of vehicles <br />City of Newport Beach.1 <br />the time limit shall be between the <br />i Attest: ALFRED <br />SMITH. <br />hours of eight o'clock in the fore -1 <br />Clerk. City of Newport Beach. <br />neon and the hour of eight o'clock <br />Pub. —June 2. 1927. <br />in the evening of that day. pro -. <br />vided, that no vehicle shall bs <br />parked in the designated po tiond <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 322 is a true and correct copy <br />of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting <br />held on the 31st day of May# 1927, and that same was printed and <br />published according to law. <br />City°Clerk of Newport Beach. <br />