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- ORDLN,LNCE No. 32s. �I <br />(1N ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH BY THE �. <br />CITY COUNCIL, AS THE LEG. <br />ISLATIVE BODY THEREOF DE. <br />FIN'ING AN" ESTABLISHINGI' <br />THE BOVNDARIES OF A MU. <br />NICIPAL DITROVEIIENT DIS -fIII <br />TRICT IN SAID CITY, DESIG -I <br />NATING THE NAME BY WHICH <br />IT SHALL BE KNOWN AND <br />CALLING AN ELECTION TO BE <br />HELD WITHIN THE DISTRICT, <br />AND PROVIDING FOR THE <br />SUBMISSION TO THE QUALI- <br />FIED VOTERS THEREOF THE <br />PROPOSITION OF INCURRING <br />A DEBT BY THE ISSUANCE OF <br />THE BONDS OF SUCH DIS -I <br />TRICT FOR THE PURPOSES <br />SET FORTH IN ORDINANCE OF <br />INTENTION NO. 327 RECITING <br />THE OBJECTS AND PURPOSES <br />{ FOR WHICH THE PROPOSED <br />'• INDEBTEDNESS IS TO BE IN- <br />CURRED, THE NATURE OF <br />THE UHPROVE3IENTS TO BE <br />1[ ACQUIRED AND CONSTRUCT. <br />t ED, THE ESTIMATED COST) <br />THEREOF, THE AMOUNT OFI <br />THE PRINCIPAL OF THE I\.•, <br />DERTEDNESS TO BE INCFRR -I <br />ED THEREFOR AND THE <br />RATE OF INTEREST TO BE <br />PAID ON SAID INDEBTED. <br />NESS, FIXING THE DATE ON <br />WHICH SUCH ELECTION <br />SHALL BE HELD, THE MAN - <br />NER OF HOLDING THE SAME <br />AND THE MANNER OF VOTING <br />FOR OR AGAINST SAID PROP. <br />OSITION. I <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol -i <br />(lows: <br />SECTION I. That portion of the <br />City of Newport Beach the exterior <br />,boundaries of which are in this <br />Ordinance described is hereby de- <br />clared to be and is formed into and <br />shall constitute a municipal im- <br />provement district for the purpose- <br />of creating an indebtedness to be <br />represented by bonds of such dis- <br />trict for the objects and purposes <br />hereinafter set forth, the said dis- <br />trict to be known as and called <br />Municipal Improvement District <br />Number Six of the City of Newport <br />Beach. <br />SECTION II. The exterior boun- <br />daries of Municipal Improvement <br />District Number Six of the City of <br />Newport Beach are hereby describ- <br />ed, defined and established as fol- <br />lows: <br />Located in the City of New- <br />port Beach, County of Orange, <br />State of California, and begin- <br />ning at the southeast corner <br />of Lot 28, Block 14, of the Bal- <br />boa Tract, as per map thereof <br />r e c o r d e d in Miscellaneous <br />Maps, Book 4. Page 11, Records <br />of Orange County, California; <br />thence Northerly in a direct <br />line to the northeast corner of <br />Lot 14. Block 13, of the afore- <br />said Balboa Tract; thence <br />northwesterly in a direct line <br />to the northwesterly corner of <br />Lot 1, of the last mentioned <br />Block 13; thence northwesterly <br />in a direct line to the north- <br />easterly corner of Lot 7, Block <br />11, of the aforesaid Balboa <br />Tract; thence northwesterly in <br />a direct line to the northwest- <br />erly corner of Lot 1, of the last <br />mentioned Block 11; thence <br />northwesterly in a direct line <br />to the northeast corner of Lot <br />5, of a Map of Resubdivision of <br />7� Block 9, Balboa, as per map <br />1 thereof recorded in Miscellane- <br />ous Maps, Book 8, Page 37, <br />Records of Orange County. <br />California; thence northwest- <br />erly nn a dtrecT -amine to the <br />I election there shall be and is here - <br />northwesterly corner of Lot 1, <br />by submitted to the qualified voters <br />of the aforesaid Map of Re- <br />I of the district the proposition of <br />subdivision of Block 9, Balboa; <br />incurring an indebtedness by they <br />thence northwesterly in a di- <br />issuance of bonds of Municipal Im -1 <br />rect line to the northeast cor- <br />provement District Number Six of <br />ner of Lot 6, Block B, of Bay- <br />the City of Newport Beach for the <br />side, as pet Map thereof re- <br />purposes set forth in Ordinance of <br />corded in Miscellaneous Maps, <br />Intention No. 327; the nature of thel <br />Book 3, Page 38, Records of <br />improvement to be acquired and <br />Orange County, California; <br />constructed and the estimated <br />thence northwesterly in a di- <br />. <br />costs thereof are as follows: <br />rect line to the northwesterly <br />(A) The acquisition of a right - <br />corner of Lot 1, of the afore- <br />I of -way for public street purposes <br />said Block B, of Bayside; <br />including all that portion of the[ <br />thence northwesterly_ in- asli =__ <br />Pacific Electric Railway Company's <br />recn line to a point in the <br />right -of -way commonly referred to <br />northwesterly line of Palm <br />as Central Avenue described as fol- <br />Street, which point is 135.10 <br />lows; to -wit: <br />feet northeasterly of the north- <br />(a) All that portion of said <br />easterly line of Bay Avenue, <br />Pacific Electric Railway Com- <br />measured along the northwest- <br />pany's right -of -way lying <br />erly line of said Palm Street; <br />southerly of and adjacent to <br />thence northwesterly a di- <br />Central Avenue (North Drive) <br />corn line to the most northerly <br />i, extending from a line one hun- <br />of Lot 1, Block 1, a <br />dred (100) feet westerly of and <br />map of Balboa Bacorner <br />Tract, ct, <br />f <br />as per map thereof of recorded <br />Parallel with the westerly line <br />of Alvarado Street to a line <br />in Miscellaneous Maps, Book 4, <br />Page 78, Records of Orange <br />one hundred sixty -five (165) <br />feet westerly of and parallel <br />County, California; thence <br />I <br />southerly in a direct line to the <br />with the westerly line of Coro - <br />nado Street and varying from <br />northeasterly corner of Lot 17 <br />I a width of 0 feet to fifteen (15) <br />of a map of Subdivision of <br />feet; and also extending from <br />Block C, Newport Bay Tract, <br />as per map thereof recorded in <br />a line one hundred sixty -five <br />Miscellaneous Maps, Book 5, <br />(165) feet westerly of and <br />Page 26, Records cf Orange <br />I Parallel with the westerly line <br />County, California; thence <br />of Coronado Street to the cen- <br />�• ter line of Washington Street, <br />northwesterly in a direct line <br />having a width feet; and <br />to the most northerly corner of <br />yl <br />ls r m <br />t ao extending from the center <br />Lot 1, of the aforesaid Map of <br />line of Washington Street to <br />Subdivision of Block C, New- <br />the center line of Main Street, <br />port Bay Tract; thence south- <br />t having a width of 7.50 feet, <br />westerly in a direct line to the <br />and also extending from the <br />southwesterly corner of Lot 69, <br />center line of Main Street to <br />of the aforesaid map of Subdi- <br />the center line of A Street, <br />vision of Block C, Newport Bay <br />having a width varying from <br />Tract; thence southwesterly in <br />9.75 feet to 12 feet; and also <br />a direct line to the northeast <br />extending from the center line <br />corner of Lot 23, Block 1, o€ <br />c <br />of A Street to the Westerly line <br />East Newport, as per map <br />of B Street having a width <br />thereof recorded in Miscellane- <br />varying from 4 feet to 9.75 feet. <br />ous Maps, Book 3, Page 3T, <br />(b) All that portion of the <br />Records of Orange County, Cal- <br />Pacific Electric Railway Com- <br />ifornia; thence westerly in a <br />,pony's right -of - way lying i <br />direct line to the northwest <br />northerly and adjacent to <br />corner of Lot 21, of the last <br />Central Avenue (South Drive) 1 <br />mentioned Block 1; thence <br />extending from a line one hun- <br />southerly in a direct Iine to the <br />dred (100) feet westerly of and f <br />southwest corner of the last <br />I parallel with the westerly line <br />mentioned Lot 21; thence <br />of Alvarado Street to a line one_j <br />southwesterly in a direct line <br />-- - <br />hmidred sixty -five (165) feet <br />to the northwest corner Lot <br />i westerly of and Parallel with <br />r <br />3, Block 11, of the aforesaid <br />the westerly line of Coronado <br />Map of East Newport; thence <br />Street, vanTiug in width from <br />southerly in a direct line to the <br />0 feet to 9.75 feet: and also <br />southwest corner of the last <br /><xtending from a tine one hut- <br />mentioned .Lot 3, thence east- <br />dred sixty -five (165) feet west - <br />_ orly in a direct line to the <br />erly of and parallel with the <br />southeast corner of Lot 1 of <br />• westerly line of Coronado <br />the last mentioned Block 11; <br />Street the center line of <br />thence Southerly in a direct <br />1Cashingt on Street, having a <br />I line to the southwest tiorner of <br />I <br />width of 9.75 feet; and extend - <br />Lot 1, Block 1, of a Map of <br />ing from the center line of <br />Newport Bay Tract, as per ma,p <br />Washington Street to the een- <br />thereof recorded in Miscellane- <br />per line of Main Street, having <br />ous Maps, Book 4, page 16, <br />a width of 7.50 feet; and also <br />Records of Orange County, <br />California; thence southeaster- <br />I extending from the center line <br />[ of Main Street to the center <br />ly in a direct line to the south- <br />line of A Street, varying in <br />west corner of Lot 11, Block <br />width from 7.50 feet to 9.75 <br />4, of the aforesaid Map of Bal- <br />_. <br />feet, and,also extending from <br />boa Tract; thence southeaster- <br />the center line of A Street to <br />ly along the northeasterly line <br />the westerly line of B Street, <br />of Surf Avenue, to the place of <br />i varying in width from four (4) <br />beginning; <br />to 9.75 fret. <br />"The use hereafter in this Ordin <br />-� <br />The estimated cost of the ac- <br />ante of the words "The District" <br />of the above described <br />means and shall at all times <br />be'onnisinimn <br />night -of -way is Twenty One Thetis- <br />held and construed to mean Munic <br />-I <br />laud and Sixty ($21,060.00) Dollars <br />District Improvement Number <br />and of the Incidental expenses in <br />Six of the City of Newport Beach <br />connection therewith is Nine Hun- <br />. as above described. <br />dred and Forty ($940.00) Dollars. <br />SECTION III. An election <br />is <br />(b) The work of improvement <br />hereby called and ordered to <br />be <br />to be constructed is the paving <br />held in Municipal Improvement <br />of the hereinbefore described por- <br />District Number Six of the City <br />of <br />tions of the Pacific Electric Rail - <br />Newport Beach on Tuesday, the <br />way Company's right -of -way with <br />14th day of February, 1928 for the <br />cement concrete construction of <br />11 purpose of submitting and at said cement concrete curbs and other -! <br />