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zip <br />ORDINANCE NO. 332. <br />easterly line of the Southern <br />returns of said special election on <br />Pacific Railway Company's <br />the sate hereinbefore in this Or- <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF' <br />right -of -way to its intersection <br />dinance set forth and each mem- <br />NEWPORT REACH BY ITS <br />with the ,present northerly 1 <br />her . f said Board of Election ap- <br />CITY COUNCIL AS THE LEGIS. <br />boundary line of the City of <br />u:,'nted shall receive as remunera- <br />L A T I V E BODY THEREOF, <br />Newport Beach; thence north- <br />ti, n for his or her services as an <br />CALLING A SPECIAL ELEC+ <br />easterly, northwesterly and <br />election officer the sum of five dol- <br />TION IN CERTAIN INHABITED <br />northerly along the present <br />tars ($5.00). <br />TERRITORY CONTIGUOUS TO <br />boundary line of the City of <br />SECTION IV: The polls at the <br />SAID CITY FOR THE PURPOSE <br />Newport Beach, to the place of <br />polling place, hereinbefore desig- <br />OF SUBMITTING T 0 T H R <br />beginning. <br />nated and established in said elec- <br />ELECTORS OF SAID TERRI. <br />and, <br />tion precinct No. I, must be opened <br />TORY THE QUESTION OF <br />Whereas, said petition has been <br />at six o'clock A. M. (6 A. M.) of <br />WHETHER OR NOT THAT CER. <br />duly certified by the proper offs- <br />the day of election and must be <br />TAIN INHABITED TERRITORY <br />cial which certificate shows that <br />kept open until seven o'clock P. M. <br />DESCRIBED SHALL BE AN. <br />the signatures appearing on said <br />(7 P. M.) of the same day when <br />NEXED TO, INCORPORATED IN <br />Petition constitute more than one- <br />the Polls shall be closed except as <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE <br />fourth (14) of the qualified electors <br />Provided for in Section No. 1164 <br />I, <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH- <br />residing in said territory as shown <br />of the Political Code of the State of <br />DESIGNATING THE SAID TER -1 <br />by the registration of voters of the' <br />California. <br />RITORY AS THE 14BOULEVARD, <br />County of Orange, State of Cali- <br />SECTION SECTION V: In all particu- <br />ADDITION TO NEWPORT <br />fornia, and, <br />lars not set forth in this Ordinance <br />HEIGHTS" AND FIXING A <br />Whereas, by virtue of the provo-1 <br />said special election shall be held <br />DATE ON WI[YCH SUCH ELEC. <br />,sion of the said law pertaining tot <br />and conducted as provided by law <br />!, TION SHALL BE HELD, DE. <br />the annexation of inhabited terri -I <br />for the holding of municipal elec- <br />TERMINING THE MANNER OF <br />"tory when such petition is in due <br />tions in Section 1044 of the Politi- <br />HOLDING SUCH ELECTION9,form <br />and bearing sufficient signa- <br />cal Code of the State of California <br />DESIGNATING A SPECIAL <br />I lures as required by law said Board <br />governing special elections. <br />ELECTION PRECINCT I N - <br />� <br />must; without delay, call a special <br />SECTION VI: Each and all <br />CLUDING ALL OF SAID TERRI -,I <br />election and submit to the electors, <br />qualified electors residing within <br />TORY, NAMING ELECTION OF -' <br />residing in the territory ,proposed <br />by to <br />the territory hereinbefore described <br />FICERS THEREFOR AND FIX -1 <br />such petition be annexed to <br />are hereby invited to vote at said <br />ING THEIR COMPENSATION,' <br />such City, the question whether <br />special election upon the proposi- <br />DIRECTING NOTICE TO BE <br />such territory shall be annexed to, <br />tion of altering the boundaries of <br />I GIVEN AS REQUIRED BY 1,tW <br />incorporated in and mad e a part <br />said City of Newport Beach and <br />AND PROVIDING THAT IN ALL <br />of such municipal corporation. <br />annexing said new and inhabited <br />P A R T FC C L A R S NOT SET <br />Now, Therefore, the City Council <br />territory to the City of Newport <br />FORTH IN THIS ORDINANCEi <br />of the City of Newport Beach as <br />Beach and incorporating the said <br />SUCH ELECTION SHALL BE <br />the Legislative Body thereof, does <br />territory therein and making it a <br />HELD IN THE MANNER PRO- <br />ordain as follows: <br />part of said City of Newport Beach <br />VIDED BY LAW FOR HOLDING <br />SECTION I: That a special <br />by marking their ballots for an- <br />MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS IN <br />)election is hereby called and order- <br />nexation or against annexation and <br />THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />1 ed to be held at and within the in- <br />said proposition shall be submitted <br />BEACH. <br />habited territory herein described <br />by printed ballot. <br />on the fourth day of April, 1928 for <br />That Whereas, heretofore and onI <br />the Purpose of submitting to the <br />SECTION VII: The Clerk of the <br />the 31st day of January, 1928 there) <br />electors residing within said in- <br />City of Newport Beach shall give <br />was filed with the Clerk of this <br />habited territory and at which <br />notice of said special election by <br />'Board the verified Petition of more.: <br />special election there shall be and <br />Publishing said notice in the Santa __- <br />than one - fourth elee in number of <br />is hereby submitted the <br />Ana Register, a daily newspaper, <br />the qualified electors residing <br />of said territory the question of <br />a Lion of <br />printed and published in the City <br />Y <br />j within certain inhabited territory <br />whether or not said territory <br />Y shall <br />of Santa Ana, County of Orange, ' <br />State California <br />described thereto and contiguous <br />be annexed to, incorporated in and <br />of and published <br />" <br />and adjacent the corporate limits <br />made a part of the he City of <br />of Newport <br />in the City of Santa Ana, said City <br />of the City of f Newport Beach and <br />Beach and which new and inhabit, <br />being within the County of Orange <br />praying that said territory be an- <br />ed territory is that territory here - <br />in which County said territory pro- <br />nexed to and become a part of said <br />tofore in this Ordinance describedl <br />Posed to be annexed to the City of <br />City in accordance with the provi- <br />and referred to as the "Boulevard <br />Newport Beach is located and out - <br />sions of the Annexation Act of <br />Addition to Newport Heights Area" <br />side the City of Newport Beach,. <br />1913 and Amendments thereto, <br />and is repeated in this Section by <br />once each week for a period of <br />otherwise known as Act Number <br />reference to the former descriptiou <br />Ifor <br />four (4) weeks next preceding the <br />fourth <br />5159, General Laws of 1923 and <br />all purposes as though set <br />day of April, 1928 the date <br />, <br />which said area of land for the pur- <br />I forth in full again. <br />of said Special election. <br />poses set forth in this Ordinance <br />I SECTION II: For the purpose <br />Said notice shall state distinctly <br />shall be referred to as the "Boule- <br />of this special election the afore -• <br />the date of such election and the <br />vard Addition to Newport Heights <br />said described territory is incor. <br />Proposition to be submitted, to -wit,. <br />Area" and is legally described as <br />1porated in one special election pre- <br />that it is proposed to incorporate <br />follows, to -wit: <br />cinct composed of the.entire tract <br />the territory sought to be annexed <br />Beginning a corner in the <br />of land or territory proposed to be <br />as a part of the City of Newport. <br />d <br />present boundary line of the <br />annexed which said precinct shall <br />Beach and shall specifically des- <br />City <br />City of Newport Beach, <br />]be known and desert as "S.pec- <br />tribe the boundaries of said terri- <br />which <br />f ial Election Precinct No. I". <br />Cory and shall in addition to said <br />corner is at the intersection of <br />center line of Westminster <br />That said special election shall <br />description designate the Said ter- <br />Avenue <br />Avenue and the center line of <br />Ibe held at and within said special <br />rRory by the name "Boulevard Ad- <br />15th Street, as said Westmins- <br />iclection precinct No. I at the gar - <br />dition to Newport Heights Area" <br />ter Avenue and 15th Street are <br />lage of W. H. Stockton, located on <br />and shall invite the electors resid. <br />laid out and shown upon a Map <br />11 Orange Avenue, between Bolsa and <br />ing within the said territory to vote <br />First Addition t Newport <br />1 Westminster Streets and within <br />upon said Proposition as i5 else- <br />Hof eights, <br />H <br />+ eights, as per Map thereof re- <br />seta territory proposed to be <br />where in this Ordinance provided <br />and said notice shall also designate <br />corded in Miscellaneous Maps, <br />an <br />annexed. I <br />A Board Electron is <br />the voting precinct and the place <br />Book 4, page Records o: <br />Orange <br />of h <br />;appointed in and for Said <br />and time at which the polls shall <br />County, California: ta; <br />y, <br />thence northwesterly along the <br />eciali <br />g e <br />p t of <br />e echon No. I to consist of, <br />be opened, the name and officers of <br />center line of 15th Street, as <br />judges <br />two (2) judges and one (1) ins ec- <br />the election officers hereinbefore <br />said 15th Street is laid out and <br />(or, each of whom is an actual resi- <br />appointed. <br />Shown upon a Map of Tract No. <br />cent of said special election pre- <br />SECTION VIII: The officers of <br />27, as recorded in Miscellane- <br />r <br />mnct No. I and a registered, quali- <br />said special election shall immedi- <br />Ma e, Book 9, Page 26, <br />p <br />fied elector of said special election <br />ately upon the closing of the polls <br />Re <br />Records of Orange County, <br />Precinct and said Board shall be <br />count the ballots, make up, certify <br />California, and Tract 443, <br />composed follows: <br />and seal the ballots and tally sheets" <br />as recorded to Miscellaneous <br />lla <br />Inspectorr; : Mrs. Florence E. <br />of the ballots cast at said tallying <br />Mapa, Book 17, Page 14, Rec- <br />� Chatter. <br />place, doing so as nearly as prac- <br />of Orange County, Cali- <br />Judge: Mrs. Helen C. Ensign. <br />ticable in the manner provided in <br />fora <br />orris., to its intersection with <br />Judge: W. Stockton. <br />the laws of the State of California <br />the southeasterly line of the <br />SECTION III: : The Board of <br />relating to general elections and i <br />Southern Pacific Railway Com- <br />Election, hereinbefore appointed, <br />shall thereupon deliver the ballots, <br />Pany's right -of -way; thence <br />shall in the special election pre- <br />tally sheets and returns to and <br />southwesterly and southerly <br />cc . , or which <br />int No I for they are ap- <br />deposit the same with the Clerk of <br />along the southeasterly and <br />Pointed, hold, conduct and make <br />!Newport r Council of the City of <br />Newpoort t Beach. <br />