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sk. <br />a newspape o[ general eirculaliour SECTION IX: TThe above des- Ayes, Trustees —L. S. WILKIN- <br />r <br />printed. Published and circulated cribed territory sought to be au- N, FELIX B. MODJESKI, FRED <br />in the City of Newport Beach less) nexed shall be designated for pur- W. YOUNG, HARRY Hj WILLIAM - <br />than six (6) days a week. to -wit, poses of convenience as "Boule- SON, CONRAD RICHTER. <br />once a week, there being no daily vard Addition to Newport Heights Noes, Trustees —NONE. <br />newspaper Published therein and I Area ". Absent, Trustees —NONE. <br />one (1) insertion each week for two. SECTION X: This Ordinance, The above and foregoing Ordiu- <br />(2) succeeding weeks shall be a being an Ordinance calling and ance Number 332, was signed and <br />sufficient publication. otherwise relating to an election ,. approved by me this fifth day of <br />The foregoing Ordinance Number the some shall go into effect and March, 1928. <br />332, was Passed at a regular meet- be in force from and after its pass- CONRAD RICHTER, <br />ing of the City Council of the City age, approval and publication. Mayor City of Newport Beach. <br />of Newport Beach as the legisla- SECTION XI: This Ordinance Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />,live body thereof held on the fifth shall be published once a week for Clerk City of Newport Beach. <br />lday of March. 1928 by the follow- two (2) weeks in Newport News, F•:b_— %rch 8, 15, 22, 1924 _ <br />ing votes, to -wit: <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 332 is a tfue and correct copy <br />of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting <br />held on the 5th day of March, 1928, and that same was printed and <br />published according to law. � V = <br />City erk of Newport Beach. <br />ORDINANCE N0. 433, Portion of the City of Newport Lot 1, of the Iasi mentioned <br />_ Beach, a municipal corporation, in- Block 13; thence northwesterly I <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY 0 ' corporated under the laws of the in a direct line to the north - <br />NEWPORT BEACH BY THE Stale of California, asking that easterly corner of Lot 7, Block <br />CITY COUNCIL AS THE LEGIS. said territory be formed into a 11 of the aforesaid Balboa <br />LATIVE BODY THEREOF, DE. Municipal Improvement District for i Tract: thence northwesterly in <br />CLARING ITS INTENTION TO the purpose of creating an iudebt a direct line to the northwest - <br />CALI, A.N ELECTION WITHIN eduess to be represented by bonds erly corner of Lot 1 of the last <br />A PROPOSED MUNICIPAL IM. of said district, the proceeds from mentioned Block 11; thence <br />PROVEMENT DISTRICT IN the sale of which shall be used northwesterly in a direct line <br />SAID CITY, AS DESCRIBED IN for the acquisition and construe- to the northeast corner of Lot <br />A PETITION FILED FOR THAT tiou of public improvements which 5, of a Map of Resubdivision of <br />PURPOSE, OR AS SAID DIS. the City of Newport Beach is auth- Block 9, Balboa, as Per map <br />TRIC'T MAY BE— HEREAFTER orized by law to construct. and thereof recorded in Miscellane- <br />MODIFIED, FOR THE PURPOSE Whereas, said Petition is signed il ous Maps, Book 8, Page 37, <br />OF SUBMITTING TO THE by more than ten percent (10 %) Records of Orange County. <br />QUALIFIED ELECT ORS OF of the qualified electors residing 'I California; thence northwest - <br />SAID DISTRICT THE PROPOSI. to the territory which is proposed erly in a direct line to the <br />770N OF AUTHORIZING. THE to be formed into a Municipal Im- I northwesterly corner of Lot 1, <br />ISSUANCE A N D SALE O F I provement District and sets forth of the aforesaid Map of Resub- <br />BONDS OF SUCH DISTRICT IN a general description of the im- division of Block 9, Balboa; <br />THE MANNER AND FOR THE Provement to be acquired and cou- thence northwesterly, in a di- <br />PURPOSES SET FORTH IN structed and a general description I rect line to the northeast cor- <br />THIS OIfDIN,INCE OF INTEN. of the exterior boundaries of such ner of Lot 6, Block B of Bay - <br />CRIS ACCURATELY F INTEB. proposed district, and side, as per Map thereof record - <br />ING THE EXTERIOR SCRIB. Whereas, the genuiness of the ed in Miscellaneous Maps, Book <br />ARIES OF THE PROPOSED MU. signatures thereto has been certi- 3 Page 38, Records of Orange <br />NICIPAL IMPROVEMENT DIS- fled to by the City Clerk of the County, California; thence <br />City of Newport Beach, northwesterly in a direct line <br />TRICT, SETTING FORTH A' to the northwesterly corner of <br />GENERAL DESCRIPTION. OF1 Now. therefore. the City Council Lot 1, of the aforesaid Block B <br />THE PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS, <br />of the City of Newport Beach, as of Bayside; thence northwest- <br />ordain TO BE AC UIRED I the legislative body thereof, does <br />Q erly in a direct line to a point <br />AND CONSTRUCTED THEREIN �ordaiu as follows: <br />In the northwesterly line of <br />THE ESTIMATED COST OF SECTION I: The City Council palm Street, which point is <br />THE PROPOSED PUBLIC IM -I of the City of Newport Beach here- 135.10 feet northeasterly of <br />PROVEMENTS, AND OF THE by declares its intention to call an the northeasterly line of Bay <br />INCIDENTAL EXPENSES IN - election to that portion of the City Avenue, measured along <br />CONVECTION T H E R EWITH, of Newport Beach proposed to be the northwesterly line of said <br />FIXING A DATE, HOUR AND formed into a Municipal Improve - I m Street; thence norlhwesl- <br />PLACE FOR THE HEARING OF ment District, or as the same may Palm <br />in t t direct line to the most <br />PROTESTS, AND THE DATE ON be modified, for the purpose of 1 northerly corner of Lot 1, <br />WHICH THE ELECTION WILL submitting to the qualified electors Block 1 of a map of Balboa <br />BE CALLED AND HELD IN of said district the proposition of Bayside Tract, as per map <br />SAID DISTRICT, REFERRING authorizing the issuance and sale thereof recorded in Miscellaue- <br />TO A MAP SHOWING THE EX. of bonds of such district in the ous Maps, Book 4, Page 78, <br />TERIOR BOUNDARIES OF SAID manner set and for the purposes here - Records of Orange County. Cal- <br />1 DISTRICT, WITH RELATION Cal- <br />in forth in this Ordinance ifornia: thence southerly in a <br />TO THE TERRITORY IMMED. of Intention. direct line to the northeasterly <br />IATELY CONTIGUOUS THERE- SECTION II: The exterior corner of Lot 17 of a map of <br />TO. AND A GENERAL DES -, boundaries of the proposed Muni- Subdivision of Block C, New - <br />CRIPTION OF THE PROPOSED -! cipal Improvement District are ac- ,port Bay Tract, as per map <br />PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT ON curately described as follows: thereof recorded in Miscellane- <br />FILE IN THE OFFICE OF THE I Located in the City of New- I ous Maps, Book 5, Page 25, <br />CLERK OF THE CITY OF NEW- i port Beach, County of Orange, Records of Orange County, Cal - <br />PORT BEACH, WHICH MAP State of California, and begin- I ifornia: thence northwesterly <br />SHALL GOVERN FOR ALI, DE.I niug at the southeast corner of i in a direct line to the most <br />TAILS AS TO THE EXTENT OF Lot 28, Block 14 of the Balboa l� northerly corner of Lot 1 of <br />SAID DISTRICT. Tract, as per map thereof re- the aforesaid Map of Subdivi- <br />corded in Miscellaneous Slaps, siou of Block C, Newport Bay <br />That, Whereas, on the 21st day Book 4, Page 11, Records of Tract; thence southwesterly in <br />of November, 1927, there was filed Orange County, California; a direct line to the southwest - <br />iu the office of the Clerk of the City thence northerly in a direct erly corner of Lot 69 of the <br />of Newport Beach, as Clerk of the line to the northeast corner of aforesaid map of Subdivision of <br />City Council thereof a verified Pell- Lot 14, Block 13, of the afore- Block C, Newport Bay Tract; <br />tiou in writing signed by qualified said Balboa Tract; thence thence southwesterly in a di- <br />1 electors residing within territory a northwesterly in a direct line rect line to the northeast cor- <br />which is within and constitutes a to the northwesterly corner of nor of Lot 23, Block 1 of East <br />