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ORDINANCE NO. 338 <br />NOT ADOPTED <br />Councilman L. S. Wilkinson introduced an ordinance entitled: <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH BY ITS CITY <br />COUNCIL AS THE LEGISLATIVE BODY THEREOF, CREATING THE OFFICE <br />OF FIRE MARSHAL AND PRESCRIBING HIS POWERS AND DUTIES; <br />ESTABLISHING A BUREAU OF FIRE PREVENTION AND PUBLIC SAFETY; <br />PROVIDING FOR FIRST AID FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT IN ALL <br />PLACES OF PUBLIC HIRE AND SERVICE AND THE PROPER'MAINTENANCE <br />THEREOF; AND REGULATING THE HANDLING AND STORAGE OF ALL <br />HYDRO - CARBON FLUIDS, PAINTS, OILS, EXPLOSIVES AND INFLAMMABLE <br />ARTICLES; THEREBY•PROVIDING FOR GREATER SAFETY TO LIFE AND <br />PROPERTY. <br />The Ordinance was read, considered, designated Ordinance No- 338 <br />and on motion of Councilman Wilkinson seconded by Councilman Young and <br />carried, the ordinance was passed to the second reading and referred to <br />the City Attorney. <br />Ordinance No. 338 was introduced on March 5, 1928; but <br />never had its second reading. <br />