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�r <br />chored -li the water o7-the Paciflc <br />Ocean within the exterior bonndar -' <br />punished by a fine not exceeding <br />_ <br />grin ed,-pu shed "and circulated in <br />Ties of the City of Newport Beach;Ithe <br />sum of $250.00 or by imprison- <br />Iment <br />the City of Newport Beach and it <br />for the purpose of enabling any <br />in the City Jail not exceeding <br />I <br />shall take effect and be in force <br />such person from said barge <br />thirty (30) days or by both such <br />thirty (30) days after its passage. <br />from m <br />shall obtain from the City o[ New - <br />fine and imprisonment in the dis- <br />The above and foregoing <br />g B <br />Port Beach before commencing the <br />the Court. <br />tcrSEC <br />nance Was passed at a regular <br />regular <br />operation of any such boat or <br />SECTION Or- <br />- SECTION IX: Section 65 of Or- <br />meeting of the City Council of the <br />boats a license and shall pay an- <br />disance No. 321 of the City of New - <br />City of Newport Beach held the <br />nually to the City of Newport Beach <br />port Beach and Ordinance No. 329 <br />second day of April, 1928, by the <br />the sum of $25.00 for each boat so <br />of the City of Newport Beach are <br />following vote: <br />operated by way of license. <br />hereby repealed and all Ordinances . <br />AYES — Trusteea L. S. Wilkinson, <br />SECTION VIII: Any person, <br />or parts of Ordinances in conflict <br />F. B. Modjeski, Fred W. Young, <br />firm or corporation who either as <br />: with or inconsistent with the ,pro- <br />Harry H. Williamson, Conrad Rich - <br />owner, operator or as the agent, <br />visions of this Ordinance are here- <br />ter. <br />servant or employee of another <br />by repealed except that this repeal <br />NOES— Trustees —None. <br />shall operate or commence the op- <br />shall not affect nor prevent the ; <br />ABSENT— Trustees —None. <br />eration of any business for which <br />prosecution or punishment of any I <br />The above and foregoing Ordi- <br />a license by this Ordinance is re- <br />person for any act done or com- <br />nance No. 340 is signed and ap- <br />quired, without having first ob- <br />imitted in violation of any Ordi- <br />proved by me this second day of <br />tained and paid for said license the <br />i nance hereby repealed prior to the <br />April, 1928. <br />respective sums herein required <br />taking effect of this Ordinance. <br />CONRAD RICHTER, - <br />for such license, shall be deemed <br />SECTION X: The above and <br />Mayor, City of Newport Beach <br />guilty of a misdemeanor and upon <br />foregoing Ordinance shall be pub- <br />Attest:_ ALFRED SMITH, <br />conviction thereof in a Court of <br />lished once in Newport News, a <br />Clerk, City of Newport Beach <br />competent jurisdiction shall be, <br />newspaper of general circulation,!. <br />Pub. April 5, <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 340 is a true and correct copy <br />of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting <br />held on the 2d day of April, 1928, and that same was printed and <br />published according to law. <br />01ty,olerk of Newport Beach. <br />ORDINANCE NO. 341. Texpiration of the time oP publica - - SECTION II. <br />Lion of said notice having elapsed That the public work herein pro -! <br />'%N ORDINANCE OF THE CITY and no objections to the said im- ! vided for is the closing -up of the <br />COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF !.Provement have been deilivered to istreet herein described in Section I, <br />NEWPORT BEACH DECLARING Ithe City Clerk of the City of New- and it appearing to the City Coun -� <br />YACANT FOR PUBLIC STREET Port Beach, and the said City Coun- cil that there are no costs, damages <br />PURPOSES A CERTAIN ALLEY cil having acquired jurisdiction to, or expense occasioned by or aria- � <br />IN BLOCK 435 AND BLOCK G order the vacation of said street lug out of said work, and that no <br />OF TRACT NO. 323, CORONA las hereinafter described; assessment is necessary to Pay the <br />DEL MAR, WITHIN SAID CITY. I THEREFORE, the City Council costs, damages or expenses of said <br />11 of the City of Newport Beach does work, and that therefore no cum - <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of ordain as follows: !missioners shall be appointed to <br />the City of Newport Beach, on the �� SECTION I. . €assess benefits and damages. <br />20th day of February, 1928, at a That that portion of the alley!! SECTION III. <br />regular meeting of said City Coun- hereinafter described within the._! The City Clerk shall certify to <br />cii held on that date, duly passed said City be closed -up, vacated and Ithe passage of this Ordinance and <br />and adopted a Resolution, being ! abandoned for public street Putt-I shall cause the same to be Resolution No. No. 451, entitled, "A Poses, and said portion of said ad by one insertion in the Newport <br />Resolution of the City Council of I alley is described as follows: News, a weekly newspaper printed, <br />the City of Newport Beach declar- �! All that portion of that certain f published and circulated in said <br />ing its intention to vacate, close -up p alley in Block 435, Corona del Mar, I City, and which is hereby designat <br />as per map thereof recorded in -ed for (list ur ose, <br />and abandon for public street cur -1 purpose, <br />poses a certain ails in Block 435 Book 31 pages 41 and 42, of Mis- Passed and approved this 10th <br />p y 1 cellaneous Records of Orange <br />and Block G, of Tract No. 32.'„ -day of April, 1928. <br />Corona del Mar, within said City,' ,County, California, and also o. CONRAD RICHTER, <br />shown in Block G, of Tract No. <br />and 323, as Per map thereof recorded Mayor. <br />WHEREAS, the Street SuPerin- Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />in Book 14, pages 40 and 41, of <br />'� Beach t of the City of Newport City Clerk.' <br />� Beach after the passage of said I Maps, Records of Orange County, STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />Resolution caused to be conspicu -! California, described as beginning' COUNTY OF ORANGE ) as. <br />I at the most westerly corner of Lot' <br />ously Posted along the line of said CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH ) <br />�12, Block G, of the aforesaid Tractf <br />! contemplated improvement at not I I, Alfred Smith, City Clerk of the <br />more than three hundred (3001 feet ,.No. 323; thence southeasterly City of Newport Beach, do hereby <br />-in distance apart, noon said street ,. along the northeasterly line of said kcertify that the foregoing Or_din- <br />, and not less than three (3) in all alley a distance of 117.62 feet, to l ante, being Ordinance No. 341, <br />upon said street, notices of the a Point; thence southwesterly along was passed by the City Council of <br />passage of said resolution, said the southeasterly line of said alley, I the City of Newport Beach, signed <br />a distance of 30 feet, to a point; <br />notice being headed, "Notice of by the Mayor and attested by the <br />Public Rork ", in letters not less thence northwesterly along a line, City Clerk, all at a regular meeting <br />which line is 14 feet northeasterly <br />than one inch in length and staid thereof held the 10th day of <br />ping the fact of the passage of said, of and parallel with the southeast - ; April, 1923, and d that the same was <br />Resolution, its date, and briefly the erly prolongation of the southwest - passed by the following vote, to <br />- <br />Resolution, line of Lot 22, of the aforesaid <br />work of improvement proposed. <br />being that of vacating the above; Block 435, Corona del Mar, a dis - AYES, Councilmen —L. S. Wilk - <br />,named street, as hereinafter des- lance of 14 feet, to a point in the- inson, Fred `W. Young, H. II. Wil- <br />I,cribed, and the said notice herein I northwesterly line of said alley; liamson, Conrad Richter. <br />(mentioned referred to said Resolu -; thence northeasterly along the NOES, Councilmen —None. <br />�tion for further Particulars; said i northwesterly line of said alley, a' ABSENT, Councilmen — F. B. <br />!Street Superintendent having also l. distance of.16 feet, to a ,point, wkich Modjeski. <br />caused a notice similar to that Point is the most easterly corner ALFRED SMITH, <br />hereinbefore referred to to be pub- of the lost mentioned Lot 22; City Clerk of the City thence northwesterly along the <br />lished by four (4) successive in- of Newport Beach. <br />sertiona in the Newport News, a southwesterly line_ of said alley, pub. —April 12, 1928. <br />weekly newspaper printed, publish- which line is also the northeasterly <br />ad and circulated in said City of line of the last mentioned Lot 22 <br />Newport Beach (there being no a distance of 103.63 feet, to a <br />daily newspaper so printed, pub- pint; thence northeasterly, a dis- i <br />I lished and circulated in said City)" lance of 14 feet, to. -the place of I <br />land more than ten days after the- begun.nig. <br />