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ORDINANCE N0. 350. dred at the first lot Southeasterly each tt 7rr y ge et t[roniage or <br />_ of the Southeasterly line of Agate fraction thereof. <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SEC" Avenue. Each lot fronting upon SECTION 13. <br />TION 4 AND ADDING NEW SEC- any street on Balboa Island in the On all streets which extend! <br />Northeast or in a Northeasterly di- <br />TIONS TO ORDINANCE N0. 148 City of Newport Beach. and which ctlon from the Northeasterly line <br />OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT lot has a width of frontage of re re last out and' <br />BEACH, thirty feet or less. shall be deaig- <br />Ocean Boulevard t <br />_ nated by and assigned one num- shown upon a map of the re -sub- <br />The Board of Trustees of the ber. All lots fronting upon any division of Corona del Mar. as re- <br />City of Newport Beach do ordain street which lot has a width oft corded in Miscellaneous Maps.' <br />more than thirty feet. shall be de -ibook 3. ,pages 41 and 42. records <br />as follows: <br />SECTION 1. signaled by. and is assigned one of Orange County, California. the <br />Section 4 Ordinance No. is <br />number for each thirty feet of, numbering shall commence with <br />hereby amended so as to read as frontage or fraction thereof. the number 200 at the first rly <br />SECTION 9. Northeasterly of the Northeasterly <br />follows: SECTION 4. On all streets which extend East line of Ocean Boulevard and the <br />On all streets which extend East or in an Easterly direction from even numbers shall be upon the <br />or in an Easterly direction from the Westerly termination of Park Southeasterly side and the odd <br />Avenue with the Westerly line of numbers on the Northwesterly side <br />the East line of First Street and <br />Island Avenue as in this Ordinance blocks 1 and 2 of the resubdivision of said streets. <br />described. the numbering shall of Section One. Balboa Island. as On all streets which extend <br />recorded in Miscellaneous Maps. Northwesterly or in a Northwest - <br />the first lot East of the East t l ine book 6. page 30. records of Orange <br />commence with the number at erly direction or Northerly direc- <br />1 <br />County. California. the numbering tion from the Northwesterly line of <br />of First Street and Island Aver shall commence with the number Glen Drive. as laid out and <br />and the even numbers shall be up- 100 at the first lot East of the, <br />e <br />shown upon a map of Tract No. 673, <br />b the North Bide and the odd num- above described line and the even as recorded in Miscellaneous Maps. <br />hers upon the South side of said on the North <br />streets. all street numbers shall be up which ex- book 20. pages 17 and 18. records' <br />tend West numbers upon or in a Westerly di- Bide and the odd lof Orange County California. the <br />the South side of said streets. numbering shall commence with <br />rection from the West line of First SECTION 10. <br />Street and Island Avenue. as in this the number 100 a the first lot <br />On all streets in Balboa Island, Northwest of the Northwesterly <br />Ordinance described. the number- in the City of Newport Beach. <br />ing shall commence with the num- line of Glen Drive and the <br />ber 500 at the first lot West of the which extend North or in a North- even numbers shall be on the <br />erly direction frDm the Northerly Northeasterly aide and the odd <br />West line of First Street and Isl- line of South Bay Front, at an <br />and Avenue and the even numbers. of said on the Southwesterly side <br />ngie therewith. the numbering of said streets. <br />shall be on the North side and shall commence with the first lot SECTION LI. <br />the odd numbers upon the South Northerly of said North line and - <br />sile of said streets. The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />SECTION 2. shall be numbered to the lermina ante No. 350. shall be published <br />Lion of the streets. All even num- <br />New Sections are hereby added hers shall be on the East side of once in the Newport News, a news - <br />to Ordinance No. 148 to be num -i the street and all odd numbers paper of general circulation. print - <br />bered Sections 7 to 10 inclusive: P shall street <br />on the West side number ed. published and circulated in <br />SECTION 7. II SECTION 1i Vthe City of Newport Beach and <br />A system by which all houses A system by which all houses Ishali take effect and be in force <br />and other buildings on Balboa Isl- - _ -- thirty days after its passage. <br />and. in the City of Newport Beach. and other buildings in Corona tie) The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />shail be designated by numbers. is Mar. in the City of New numbers is ante was passed by the City Coon -' <br />hereby established and the designs- shall be designated by oil of the City of Newport Beach at <br />tion of any house or other building hereby established and the designs- an adjourned regular meeting: <br />on said Island by number other Lion of any house or other r building thereof held on the 17th day of <br />than as is hereinafter . provided in said City by September, 1928. by the following) <br />for. is declared to be unlawful andl is hereby provided for. is declared ivote. to -wit: <br />prohibited. I to be unlawful and prohibited. AYES. TRUSTEES: H. Hilmar., <br />SECTION 8. "� SECTION 12. -p B. Ellsworth. H. H. Williamson, <br />_ There shall be and is her There shall be and is hereby � Marcus J. Johnson. <br />assigned to each block of lot. one assigned to each block of lots 100 NOES. TRUSTEES: None. <br />hundred numbers. with the excep- numbers. Each lot fronting upon ABSENT. TRUSTEES: Lloyd <br />.lion of all blocks fronting upon <br />any street in the City of Newport I Claire. <br />Park Avenue and South Bay Front Beach and which lot has a width The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />lying between Agate Avenue and of frontage thirty feet or less shall a e <br />ante is signed and approved by m <br />Collins Avenue. be designated by and is assigned this 17th day of September. y m <br />The aforesaid blocks shall be one number. All lots fronting' MARCUS J. JOHNSON. <br />assigned a total of one hundred l upon any street . which lot has a Mayor. City of Newport Beach. <br />numbers. the numbers shall com- width of frontage of more than I attest: ALFRED SMITH. <br />mence with the number five hun- thirty feet shall be designated by - Clerk. City of Newport Beach. <br />and is assigned one number for Pub. —Sept. 20. 1928. <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the --of Newport Beaca, do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 350 is a true and correct copy <br />of an ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees at an adjourned regular <br />meeting held on the 17th day of September, 1925, and that same was <br />printed and published according to law. <br />City Clerk of Newport Beach. <br />Surf Avenue and the Southerly line <br />Su <br />ORDINANCE NO. l <br />and the name of said street here- <br />of Bay Avenue. as laid out and <br />inbefore. described is hereby de- <br />shown upon a map of East New - <br />AN ORDINANCE THE CITY <br />�ciared to be Island Avenue. <br />port, us recorded in IDlap Book 3, <br />COUNCIL OF THH E CITY OF SECTION 2. That certain public <br />page 37, records of Orange County. <br />NEWPORT BEACH RENAMING <br />street known Second Street. 1Y- <br />California. shall hereafter be called <br />CERTAIN STREETS IN THE <br />between the Northerly line of <br />Seventh Street. and ill ename of <br />CITY OF NEWPORT' BEACH. jing <br />Surf Avenue and the Southerly line <br />said street hereinbefore described <br />The City Council of the Ciiy of <br />!of Bay Avenue, as laid out and <br />a hereby declared to be Seventh. <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />shown upon a map of East New. <br />Street. <br />lows: <br />port. as recorded in Map Bcok 3. <br />SECTION 4. That certain street <br />SECTION 1. That certain public <br />a a Orange County, <br />3-n records <br />known as Fourth Street. lying be- <br />street known as First Street, ly- <br />street <br />h <br />California. shall hereafter be tali- <br />twecn the northerly line of Surf <br />between the Northerly line of <br />ed Sixth Street, slid the name of <br />Avenue and the Southerly line of <br />Stirf Avenue and the Southerly line <br />said street herelnbefore described <br />Bay Avenue. as laid out and shown <br />ling <br />of Central Avenue. as said street <br />s hereby declared to be Sixth <br />upon a map of East Newport. as <br />laid out and shown upon a map <br />Street. <br />recorded, in Map Book 3. page 37, 1 <br />Iis <br />of East Newport. as recorded ill <br />I SECTION 3. That certain public <br />records of Orange County. Cali- <br />f Map Book 3. page 37, records of <br />- -- - - -- <br />street known as Thfrd Street. IY- <br />fornia. shall hereafter be called; <br />Eighth Street. <br />.Orange County. California. shall <br />°i; between the Northerly line of <br />g and the name of said <br />hereafter be tailed Island Avenue, ;1 <br />street herelnbefore described ie l <br />hereby declared to be Eighth Street. I <br />