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- - -- -- - -- —� <br />trc,ets, alleys, highways or ,parks <br />1`Ta-..' Cc1�or of the City <br />ORDINANI'F. N0, 3,i9 <br />-]te <br />0 <br />Beach a valid license fora <br />of said. [ ity, or upon the private <br />.Newport <br />Property of others, without having <br />-- <br />any dog and has paid the license, <br />,aid clog on leash or muzzled. and <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE PITY <br />fee thereon, which license does not' <br />sueh vicious dogs, when running <br />OF NEi1 "PORT BEACH, BY THE <br />expire until the 1st day of July., <br />CITY CIIUN CIL AS THE LEGIS• <br />1929, shall upon procurement of, <br />a[ large, are hereby declared to be <br />LATIVE BODY THEREOF, IM. <br />the license herein provided for, be, <br />;t nuisance and dangerous to pub- <br />POSING AN 9. NN FA TAX <br />credited with the amount which' <br />lie health and safety, and it shall <br />IiPON- PCGS NEPT OR ILAR. <br />he has paid for said old license.) <br />be the duty of any officer of said <br />City <br />BORED WITHIN THE CORPOR. <br />based proportionately on the time <br />of Newport Beach to forth - <br />ATE LIMITS OF SAID CITY, <br />for which it is to run after the <br />with abate such nuisance by kill - <br />PRESCRIBING RULES FOR <br />said first dry of July, 1929, <br />I ing such dog or dogs. <br />L Section 6. Any person violating <br />THE COLLECTION OF SAID <br />Section 3. It shall be the duty <br />TAX, FORBIDDING THE KEEP <br />of the City Clerk to <br />any of the provisions of the fore - <br />ING OR HARBORING OF VI,C• <br />procure, at <br />the expense of the City, and de- <br />going sections of this ordinance. <br />IOUS DOGS AND PROVIDING <br />liver to the officer charged with <br />resisting or obstructing their en- <br />FOR THE IMPOUNDING AND <br />the collection of the dog license <br />forcement. releasing or inciting <br />KILLING OF STRAY AND UN. <br />I tax, such number of suitable tags <br />another to release any impounded <br />LICENSED DOGS AND LMPOS- <br />as may be required for the en- <br />,clog without the payment of the <br />ING A PENALTY FOR THE l <br />forcement of this Ordinance, said <br />license tax and Penalties, counter - <br />KEEPING OR HARBORING OF <br />tags shall be numbered consecu- <br />felting any tax tags provided for <br />UNLICENSED OR VICIOUS <br />tively so as to correspond with <br />in this Ordinance, or who commits <br />DOGS. <br />the stub of the receipt of the li- <br />any of the acts therein declared <br />to be unlawful and prohibited, or <br />The City Council of the City <br />cense collected from each person <br />who neglects or refuses to do and <br />of <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />paying the same, and the officer <br />charged with the collection of such <br />perform the duties therein re- <br />lows: <br />quired of him, is guilty of a mis- <br />license tax shall give to each <br />demeanor and Upon the conviction <br />Section 1. An annual license <br />Person from whom such tax is <br />thereof by a court of competent <br />tax of $2.00 is hereby imposed <br />collected, a receipt therefor, also <br />- iurisdiction shall be punished by <br />upon each male dog and $4.00 upon <br />to deliver to the owner or the per- <br />a fine not exceeding $50.00 or by <br />each female clog kept owned or <br />son paying the same. a tag bear- <br />imprisonment in tine City Jail for <br />harbored in the City of Newport <br />ing the same number as appears <br />a tern not exceeding fifty (50) <br />Beach, and all licenses issued <br />upon such receipt and stub, and <br />days, or by both such fine and im- <br />pursuant to this ordinance shall <br />such to or late shall be good <br />P <br />ment in the discretion of the <br />j <br />be paid in advance and shall be <br />- <br />only for the year for which it is <br />Court. <br />'Court. <br />as of date of the issuance by the <br />issued, and it will be unlawful to <br />Section 7. This Ordinance shall <br />City Clerk and Treasurer and shall . <br />continue the use of such tags be- <br />be Printed and published in <br />be countersigned by the City Clerk I <br />Yond such time without renewal of <br />once <br />Newport News, a newspaper <br />and TreaCurer. I <br />the license, <br />print - <br />Section 2. No dogs shall be kept <br />Section 4. Each dog kept, own- <br />ed. published and circulated In the <br />City of *Newport Beach, <br />or harbored within the corporate lied <br />or harbored contrary to the <br />and shall <br />take effect and -be in force thirty <br />limits of the City of Newport, <br />provisions of this Ordinance, and <br />(30) daytl after its Passage. <br />Beach after the 1st day of July, <br />every stray dog, shall be deemed <br />Section S. All ordinances or <br />1.929, that shall have attained the <br />and is hereby declared to be a <br />parts of ordinances in conflict with <br />age of six (6) weeks or more, un- <br />Public nuisance and the Chief of <br />the provisions of this Ordinance. <br />less the owner or person keeping, <br />olice acting in person or by an- <br />are hereby repealed. <br />owning or harboring the same <br />other appointed to perform the <br />The above and foregoing Ord in- <br />shall have paid an annual tax of <br />duty, shall take up such dog and <br />lance was introduced at a regular <br />$2.00 .upon each male dog and <br />keep the same in some safe place <br />meeting of the City Council of tine <br />$4.00 open each female dog kept, <br />for forty -eight (48) hours and if <br />City of Newport Beach, <br />owned or harbored by him within <br />by the end of that time no per- <br />held on the <br />! 1st day of April. 1929, <br />the City of Newport Beach. At the <br />son shall appear and claim such <br />and was fill- <br />ally passed and adopted <br />time of payment of said license <br />dog, and pay the Chief of Police for <br />on the Sth <br />day of April. 1929, by <br />tax the person owning, harboring <br />the use of the city, the smm� of <br />said City <br />Council at a regular meeting there - <br />or keeping said dog Shall provide <br />$1.00 to cover the expense of im- <br />of, by the folldwing vote, to -wit: <br />a collar of some durable material <br />Pounding and keeping such dog, <br />AYES. Councilmen: Claire. Ells - <br />to which a tag furnished by the <br />Land also pay any license to n <br />worth, Williamson, Johnson, <br />City of Newport Beach shall be at- <br />due on such dog, it shall then be <br />NOES. Councilmen: None. <br />tached, containing the number <br />the duty of the Chief of Police to <br />ABSENT, Councilmen: Hilmer. <br />assigned to such dog, provided,' <br />cause such dog to be killed and <br />The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />however, that nothing in this Or- <br />buried and thereby abate such <br />ance is signed and approved by <br />dinance shall be construed as <br />I <br />nuisance" <br />me this 8th day of April. 1929. <br />authorizing any person to harbor <br />tieCtioll 5. It is hereby declarel <br />MARCUS J. JOHNSON. <br />a vicious dog in said city. Any l'nnlawful <br />for any Person or per- <br />Mayor, City of Newport Beach. <br />iperson who has procured fromi <br />' <br />sous owning, harboring or keeping <br />Attest: ALFRED SMITH. <br />a vicious deg to Permit such dog <br />Clerk City of Newport Beach. <br />L. run at_lange upon the gublic iPub.—April <br />11. 1929. <br />I, Alfred Smi th, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 359 is a true and correct copy <br />of an ordinance passed by the City Council at a regular adjourned <br />meeting held on the 8th daj of April, 1929, and that same was printed <br />and published according to law. 17 <br />1 ° <br />Y f_. <br />City Jerk of Newport Beach. <br />ORDINANCE 30. 360 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH BY THE <br />CITY COUNCIII AS THE LEGIS. <br />LATIVE BODY THEREOF, DE- <br />CLAMG ITS INTENTION TO <br />CALL AN ELECTION WITHIN <br />A PROPOSED MUNICIPAL III. <br />PROVEMENT " ".. DISTRICT ..IN <br />SAID CITY, AS DESCRIBED IN <br />A PETITION FILED FOR THAT <br />PURPOSE, OR AS SAID DIS. <br />TRICT MAY BE HEREAFTER <br />MODIFIED, FOR THE PUR. -. <br />POSE OF SUBMITTING TO THE <br />QUALIFIED ELECTORS 0 F <br />SAID DISTRICT THE PROPO- <br />SITION OF AUTHORIZING THE <br />ISSUANCE AND SALE OF <br />_BONDS OF SUCH DINSTBSC,Tj <br />IN THE 3(ANNER AND FOR <br />THE PURPOSES SET FORTH <br />IN THIS ORDINANCE OF IN- <br />TENTION; ACCURATELY IDES <br />- <br />C R I B I N G THE EXTERIOR <br />BOUNDARIES OF THE PRO. <br />POSED MUNICIPAL IMPROVE. <br />M E N T DISTRICT, SETTING <br />FORTH A. GENERAL DESCRIP. <br />TION OF THE PUBLIC P -1I- <br />PROVEMENTS PROPOSED T. <br />BE ACQUIRED AND CON., <br />STRUCTED THEREIN, THE ES. <br />TIMATED COST OF THE PRO. <br />POSED PUBLIC UIPROVE. <br />-IIENTS, AND OF THE INCI. <br />DENTAL EXPENSES IN CON. <br />NECTION THEREWITH, FIX. <br />LNG A. DATE, HOUR AND <br />PLACE F42; THE HEARING OP <br />PROTESTS, AND THE DATE_ <br />ON WHICH THE - ELECTION <br />WILL BE CALLED AND HELD <br />IN SAID DISTRICT, REFERR- <br />ING TO A MAP SHOWING THE <br />EXTERIOR BOUNDARIES OF <br />SAID DISTRICT, WITH RELA. <br />TION TO THE TERRITORY IM. <br />,lI E D I A T E L Y CONTIGUOUS <br />THERETO, AND A GENERAL <br />DESCRIPTION OF THE PRO- <br />POSED PUBLIC, IMPROVE- <br />MENT ON FILE IN THE OF- <br />FICE OF THE CLERK. OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH, <br />WHICH MAY SHALL GOVERN <br />FOR ALL DETAILS AS TO THE <br />EXTENT OF SAID DISTRICT. <br />That, WHEREAS. on the 29tb <br />day of April, 1929, there was filed <br />LJL <br />