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I I <br />ORDINANCE N0. 306. <br />thereof and supplementary thereto.! <br />imprbVemeat[of the municipal her- <br />" <br />and with the general incorporation) <br />boi- by deepening and dredging the <br />AN ORDINAN OF THE CITY <br />CE <br />tate <br />act of the S of California for <br />channel at the entrance thereof. <br />cities of the sixth class. fQr the <br />and by the acquisition and con - <br />COUNCII. AND . BOARD OF <br />object and purpose of the caul -, <br />strnetion of various groins for the <br />TRUSTEES OF THE. CITY OF <br />Batton and construction b^ aaidl purpose <br />of controlling the tide ands <br />NEWPORT BEACH CALLING A <br />City of Newport Beach of a eer- <br />-protecting the existing jetties and <br />SPECIAL MUNICIPAL ELEC- <br />taili municipal improvement. to -'- -shore <br />lands. and including for <br />THIN TO BE HELD IN SAID <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH ON <br />wit: The Improvement of the mu -' <br />said purpose the acquisition of <br />TF•ESDAV, OCTOBER 22, 19°_9, <br />,nicipal harbor b deepening and <br />lands and rights of way ?" <br />A \D SIBMITTING TO THE <br />.dredging the channel at the en- <br />Opposite said proposition. and to <br />(11 %TAF'IED NOTERS OF SAID <br />trance thereof. and by the acqui- <br />the right thereof on said ballot, then <br />"Yes" "No" <br />CITY A CERTAIN PROPOSI. <br />sition and construction of various <br />words and shall be <br />THIS FOR THE I99U•1NCF. AND <br />groins for the purpose of contrail- <br />printed on separate lines, with vot- <br />SALE (If' BONDS OF SAID CITY' <br />ing the tide and protecting the ex- <br />Ing squares. and said ballot shall <br />01' SEAPORT BEACH IN THE <br />isting jetties and shore lands. and <br />br, so ranted a.s to give a ch voter <br />AMOUNT AND FOR THE PUR- <br />Including for said purpose, the <br />a clear opportunity to ate by <br />POSES IN SAID ORDINANCE. <br />acquisition of lands and rights of <br />stamping a cross (X) in the blank' <br />AND FIXING Tftfi <br />enclosed space, on the right of. And <br />PRECINCTS AN D POLLING <br />)way <br />That if the proposition of i <br />after each of said words "Yes" and' <br />PLACES FOR THE IfOhDING <br />cutting the indebtedness for said <br />"No ". his wish or choice upon said; <br />OF SAID ELECTION, AND AP- <br />purpose so submitted at such elect- <br />proposition, and said ballot shall, <br />POUMNC THE OFFICERS OF <br />tion recivs th requisite number of <br />be printed substantially in the fol -'. <br />SAID ELECTION AND FI %ING <br />votes. to -wit, two - thirds (2/3) of <br />lowing form; <br />Murk <br />THEIR COMPENSATION. <br />the votes of the qualified voters of <br />Cross (Y) on Ballot Only <br />said City voting at said election.) <br />With Rubber Stamp, Never <br />_ <br />WHEREAS. the City Council an d <br />bonds of said City of Newport <br />With Pen or Pencil <br />1 Board of Trustees of the City of <br />Beach in the aRm of Two Hundred <br />This number to be torn off by <br />Newport Beach. at a regular meet- <br />Thousand Dollars ($200.000.00) <br />Inspector. <br />ing of said City Council and Board <br />shall be issued and sold for the <br />Fold ballot to this perforated line. <br />of Trustees held on the 16th day <br />purpose of acquiring and construct- <br />leaving top margin exposed. <br />of September. 1929, by the unani- <br />ing said municipal improvement. <br />° - -- .....••°••_••••••-•^• •••- •......•........•• ...•••• °•• <br />INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS <br />noes (Your - fifths) vote of its mem- <br />Said bonds shall bear interest at <br />bets, duly passed and adopted a <br />a rate not to exceed six per centl <br />To vote on the proposition off <br />Resolution declaring that the pub+ <br />(6`70) per annum, payable somi -I <br />incurring a bonded debt for the) <br />[lac interest and necessity demand'annually. <br />and the principal and�i <br />purpose specified in such propo -; <br />!the acquisition. construction and <br />interest thereof shall be payable in', <br />sition, stamp a cross (X) in the), <br />completion by said City of New. <br />lawful money of the United States <br />voting square alter the word "Yes' <br />I <br />port Beach of a certain municipal <br />of America. <br />or after the word "No ". <br />improvement, to -wit, the lmprove -.� <br />Section 3. That for the purpose) <br />All marks except the cross (X) <br />ment of the municipal harbor bylof <br />paying the principal slid inter- <br />are •forbidden. All (list in guishingI <br />deepening and dredging the ehan� <br />est of such bonds. the City Council) <br />marks or erasures are forbidden! <br />net at the entrance thereof, and by <br />and Board of Trustees of said City <br />and make the ballot void. <br />the acquisition and construction of <br />i shall, at the time of fixing thel <br />tax levy in the manner�� <br />If you wrongly stamp. tear or <br />deface this ballot. return it to the <br />various groins for the purpose of <br />tide <br />: general and <br />I for such general tax levy provided,' <br />Inspector of Election and obtain <br />controlling the and protecting <br />existing jetties and shore lands. <br />levy and collect annually each year <br />another. <br />slid including for said purpose the <br />until said bonds are paid. or until <br />! Shall bonds of the City <br />! —� <br />! <br />acquisition of lauds and rights of <br />there shall be a, sum in the treas -� <br />City set apart for that <br />I o4 Newport Beach in <br />I <br />way: and <br />Resolution <br />ury of said <br />to sums coming[ <br />the sum of Two Hun - <br />WHEREAS. said was <br />l <br />purpose meet all <br />interest <br />dred Thousand Dollars <br />I <br />spprovurl by the Mayor of and <br />due for principal and oni <br />+President of the City Council and <br />such bonds. a tax sufficient to pay'', <br />$200.000.00) be issued <br />Board of Trustees of said City of <br />the annual interest on Bald bonds. <br />[ for the acquisition and <br />Yes <br />! <br />Newport Beach on said 16th day of <br />i and also such of the <br />construction by said <br />September. 1929: and <br />part principal <br />I thereof as shall become due before <br />! City of Newport Beach <br />I <br />WHEREAS, tine estimated coat of <br />the time for fixing the next gen- <br />Of R certain municipal <br />l <br />such municipal improvemeM is' <br />era] tax levy. Said tax shall be in <br />I improvement. [o-wlq <br />i <br />Two Hundred Thousand Dollars I <br />addition to all other taxes levied <br />I the improvement of the <br />l <br />($200.000.00), and such cost is and <br />for municipal purposes. and shall <br />I municipal harbor by <br />- -- <br />will be too great to be paid out I <br />be collected at the same time and <br />I deepening and dredg- <br />I <br />I <br />`of the ordinary annual income and <br />in the same manner as other mu- <br />I ing the Channel at the <br />I <br />- revenue of said City of Newport <br />nicipal taxes are collected. and to <br />I entrance thereof, and <br />! <br />I <br />Beach: <br />be used for no other purpose than <br />I by the acquisition and <br />NOW, THEREFORE. THE CITY <br />the payment of said bonds and ac- <br />I construction of various <br />l <br />COUNCIL AND BOARD OF TRUS- <br />truing interest. <br />l groins for the purpose <br />TEES OF SAID CITY OF NEW- <br />Section 1 That the polls ton <br />I of controlling the tide <br />I No <br />PORT BEACH Do ORDAIN AS <br />said election must open at six (6)'. <br />I and protecting the ex- <br />I <br />I( <br />,FOLLOWS: <br />o'clock A. M. of the day- of said <br />isting jetties and shore <br />I <br />1 <br />Section 1. That a special mu- <br />election, and must be kept open <br />l lands. and including <br />I <br />l <br />nicipal election be held, and the <br />:until seven (7) o'clock P. M. of <br />for said purpose the <br />same is hereby called to be held, <br />the same day. when the polls shall <br />I acquisition of lands <br />In said City of Newport Beach on <br />bC Closed, provided. however. that <br />j and rights of way? <br />Tuesday. October 22. 19.2 for the <br />1f at the hour of closing there are <br />- - <br />purpose of submitting thereat to'' <br />any other voters in the polling <br />Section 6. That the five (5))) <br />the qualified voters of said City, <br />place or in line at tine door, whop' <br />olect :Oii precincts last established <br />tine proposition of Incurring on <br />are qualified to vote and have not j <br />and designated within said City by <br />the part of said City of Newport <br />been able to do so since a I' <br />appear- <br />the Board of Supervisors of the <br />Beach Of a certain bonded indebt- <br />(County <br />ing. the polls shall be kept open <br />of Orange. &fate of Call- <br />edneae for the purposes Bet forth <br />a. sufficient <br />fficient time to enable them tO. <br />ords, for the holding of general <br />In said Resolution hereinafter, <br />vote. but no one who shall arrive. <br />elections. and which said county <br />stated. <br />at tine polling place after seven) <br />precincts so established were and <br />Section 2. That said proposition <br />(7) o'clock P. M. shall be entitled <br />are designated as Newport Beach <br />to be voted on at said election so <br />to vote, although the polls may <br />Precincts Nos, 1. 2. 3. 4. and 5. <br />to be held as aforesaid is as fal- <br />be open when he arrives. <br />respectively, shall, for the purpose <br />Iowa: <br />Section 5. That the ballots to <br />of said municipal election hereto - <br />The issuing of bonds of the City <br />be used at said election shall con -. <br />fore referred to in this ordinance. <br />. of Newport Beach in the sum of <br />Lain the following to be <br />he and are the election precincts <br />Two Hundred Thousand Dollars <br />proposition <br />voted upon b the <br />p y qualified voters <br />for such municipal election, and <br />($200.000.00) in accordance with <br />of said City of Newport Beach at <br />shall embrace the same terri[o rY as <br />' tine provisions of an act of the <br />such election so Called to bell <br />such county precincts. <br />I <br />Legislature of the State of Cali - <br />fornia entitled "An Act authorizing i <br />and <br />field on Tuesday. October 22. 1929,1 <br />Section 7. That the respectiveii <br />polling places for the holding of <br />in said City, to -wit. <br />the incurring of indebtedness by <br />"Shall bonds of tine City of New- <br />said special election, and the <br />cities, towns and municipal cor- <br />port Beach in the sum of Two <br />respective officers of said election, <br />porations for municipal improve- <br />Hundred Thousand Dollars g <br />($ 99: <br />are hereby designated and named <br />mints. slid regulating the acqui- <br />000.00) be issued for the acquisi- <br />as follows, to -wit: <br />sition, construction or completion <br />tion and construction by said My I <br />NEWPORT BEACH PRECINCT <br />thereof." becoming a law Febrnary <br />of Newport Beach of a certain mu- <br />NO, 1 <br />25. 1901, and all acts amendatory j <br />nlclpa] improvement. [o -wit, the <br />POLLING PLACE <br />Roehe Garage, 30th Street and <br />