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r <br />ORDINANCE NO. 367 ' S_WFCIFIED _ TRADES OB CA.LL-j <br />AN ORDINA.N('E OF THE CITY INCS: The term "specified Trades <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH RE•„ °r callings" shall mean and ins' <br />BUSINESS, COM•III elude all ocenpatians and prO- <br />STRIC CE. N BII INESS pNDtl fessions of every natnre, descrip- <br />TRADER TO CERTAIN Z(1NE3 lion or kind, which may be i en. <br />TRADES <br />A DESIGNATED POR., gaged In as a business m• calling <br />TION OF SAID CITY AND PRE.' for profit. <br />i Section 2. No building. s[ruc -i <br />RC3t161NI* THE PENALTY. FOR, lure or improvement shall bet <br />THE VIOLATION OF THE PRO. '.. erected, constructed, eslablishe <br />VISION'S HEREOF. altered m• enlarged nor shall t <br />same be used in that certain dis- <br />The City Courcii of the. City of <br />Newport Beach dr, ordain as fol -' <br />lows: trict in the City of Newport Beac <br />Section 1. Definitions: For the hereinafter described, which Ise <br />Purpose of this ordinance certain designed, arranged or intended to <br />terms used 'herein are defined as be occupied or used for a store or <br />follows: shop for the conduct of a whole - -' <br />BUSINESS OR COMMERCE: sale or retail business, nor shall, <br />The word "business" or the any building, structure or improve.] <br />word "commerce" shall to e a R meat be erected, constructed, estah -11 <br />and include the purchase, sale or lished, altered or enlarged in they <br />other transaetiml involving the district hereinafter described which <br />handling or disposition of any ar - is designed, arranged or intended <br />Uc1G, substance or commodity for to be used, nor shall the same be <br />profit or livelihood, or the own -! used for any of the trades or call <br />ership or management Of office ings or for commercial or indus. <br />huildings, of 'ices, recreational or trial purposes, nor shall any build - <br />amosement enterprlaes. ing, structure or improvement be <br />USE: The word "use" means the erected, constructed, used, estab. <br />purpose for which premises or a lished, altered or enlarged In the] <br />building or structure thereon is district hereinafter described for <br />designed, arranged or intended, or any purpose except for residential <br />for which It is or may be Occupied use. <br />or maintained. The district herein mentioned it, <br />INDUSTRY: The word "industry" this section is described as all that <br />shall mean and inchide, the stor- certain district. lying within the <br />age, repair, manufacture, prepara- corporate limits of the City of New - <br />tion or treatment of any article, I port Beach, and more particularly <br />substance or commodity whatever, described as follows- to -wit <br />;and Include the operation of All that certain real property <br />r1ahles. r situate In the County of Orange,. <br />INDUSTRIAL BUILDING. The State of California, and more par - <br />term "industrial building" means] ticularly described as follows, to- <br />a building devoted to the storage, wit: <br />repair, manufacture, preparation ori'- Beginning at U. S. Station <br />treatment of any article, substance No. 107 as shown upon a map <br />or commodity whatsoever and In- of Newport Bay showing Har. <br />eludes buildings used as stables. bor lines, approved by the <br />STORE OR SHOP: The term) War Department on Janu -, <br />"store" or "shop" shall mean and ary 18, 1917, and on file in the r <br />Include all businesses of every na -'� District Engineer's office in i -- <br />ture, .description ar .kind w$ere� Los Angeles; thence south 15' <br />goods, wares or merchandise noel east 180 feet; thence south 76° <br />sDld, traded or exchanged, bar�!� west to on intersection with <br />iered or dealt in, either at retails, i,•.. of <br />iPr. p�aleaale. , 1 <br />